Romney Will Lose On Novemeber 6th

mittcritisizingbarackWhen Mitt Romney loses the presidential election tomorrow November 6th he will have learned a valuable lesson, I hope. That lesson ought to be :Speak the truth and speak it ever , cost it what it will, he who hides the wrong he did, does the wrong thing still.

A house built of straw will not stand the wind test . A house built on slipping sand will not stand up to the tide. A campaign built on lies will not stand the test of time.

Governor Mitt Romney probably is not a bad person in any significant way, I preface significant because if you are a liar you are indeed a bad person, though not necessarily incorrigible .

I do not know Governor Romney, I have never met him, what I have researched on him shows a man who has led a privileged life, a man who evaded the draft  by going to France   as  a Mormon Missionary, This was convenient to Romney then, as it was for most other sons of privilege during the Vietnam war era.  Poor whites and black got drafted into the war effort,  the rich and privileged got multiple deferments or went abroad .

Neither of those things made the young Romney a bad person, Romney’s years at Bain Capital , building a company , and making his clients and himself rather rich, did not make Mitt a bad person.

Mitt Romney could have run a campaign against Barack Obama on the issues, he chose not to, Romney made a  strategic decision to wage a campaign against Obama  based on absolute falsehoods. That makes Mitt Romney a bad person.

On November 6th, Mitt Romney will,  despite all the bluster on the right, go down in defeat to the truth. Romney will lose because the 47% will not elect him to disrespect them more. He will lose because Ohioans will not cast their vote for a man who lies to their face , and even when he is called out on it, continues to lie in order to influence their vote.

Romney will lose because  in the end as Rick Santorum said, Mitt Romney was the worst candidate that they could nominate to go up against Barack Obama.

The fact is that Willard Mitt Romney was a moderate Republican candidate who was Governor of, arguably the most liberal state in the Union.  Romney signed Romney-care into law in Massachusetts, it was and still is a good piece of legislation which came out of the Heritage Foundation ,a right-wing think tank,.

That bit of legislation has served the people of that state well and they like it. Yet as the Republican Party lurched dangerously to the right , hijacked by the Tea-Party, a shell movement funded by some of the most cynical monied interest deep within the recesses of this country.

Despite being that moderate Governor, Mitt Romney, through raw ambition, totally and comprehensively, reinvented himself into a severe conservative (sic), Romney did not just recreate himself into a conservative candidate, everyone have the right to change, Romney ran to the right of the most conservative slate of candidates possibly in the history of elections in this country.

That slate of candidates included Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum, these are some of the most strident and uncompromising voices on the far reaches of the republican right. Yet Mitt Romney was able to position himself to the right of them.


On Immigration Romney said all people living here illegally should self deport, he argued through an E-verify system he would cause undocumented people living here to leave because they would be unable to gain employment.

Romney went on to argue that the draconian show me your papers law in Arizona ought to be  a template for the nation, he hired the architect of that law as one of his senior advisers.

Romney was not done with immigrants, he vowed to veto the dream act if he was elected president. That sealed his fate with Latinos.

  Women’s rights

On women’ issues Romney a man who claim to love his wife, has not supported the Lily Ledbetter Act , the first piece of legislation Barack Obama signed into law.

Mitt Romney a man who claim to love his wife, does not support equal pay for women.

Mitt Romney a man who claim to love his wife , has vowed to put judges on the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe vs Wade, effectively making women criminals for having an abortion, even in the case where she is raped or impregnated incestiously.

Mitt Romney a man who claim to love his wife, has vowed to defund planned parenthood ,and organization which offers invaluable health care to needy women , far above and beyond abortion.

Mitt Romney a man who claim to love his wife, declined to stand in defense of a young woman, law school student Sandra Fluke, when a retarded bigot regaled her with a vitriolic barrage of abuse and insults, using the public air waves to do so, all because she dared to stand up for what she believed.

Mitt Romney a man who claim to love his wife , did not see it necessary to speak out against candidates for senate and the house who talk about legitimate rape, or those who argue that rape is something God intended.

The rights of all Americans

Mitt Romney has not said a single word against Republican attempts in state after state to suppress the vote, or prevent people from voting, simply because he believes it serves his purpose.

How can Mitt Romney be president of the United States when he will not stand up for the rights of the American people?

How can Romney be president of the United States when he summarily dismisses 47% of the 308 million people as moochers who refuse to take responsibility for their lives?

How would a president Romney protect the rights of Americans when he supports modern-day Bull O’Connor, wannabe tough guy Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpio, and actually sought his endorsement. Arpio has systematically violated the rights of immigrants in the state of Arizona.

Mitt Romney does not support a minimum wage for ordinary working people, he believes that those at the bottom should be left to the devises of the employer to do with them what they chose, if they chose to pay them for their work at all.

I could go on and about the disqualifiers of Romney to the presidency, but I will stop here time does not allow me , I am not writing a book , if you still believe that Romney should be president then go out and vote for him. If however you are a rational sane practitioner , go out and re-elect President Barack Obama as the next president of these United States.

And send Romney a  strong message, relegating him to the dust bin of history, make it a message not just to Mitt Romney , but to Charles and David Koch , Sheldon Adelson and other filthy rich oligarchs who believe you are disposable means, towards an end.

Send Romney the lying bastard to one of his many palaces, and hopefully we will never hear the name Romney again.