The debate over priorities USA  Ad rages on,  the Ad  features  steel-worker Joe Soptic lamenting the loss of his wife to cancer. Mister Soptic  lost his job at a steel-plant ,when the Romney led Bain Capital closed the plant where he had worked for years.

First off that priorities Ad, does not run on television anywhere, the Ad, was made, the lame-stream media picked up  on it and it went viral, so in essence priorities gets their message out without having to spend millions doing so, brilliant.

That aside, some of the loudest voices, as per usual, are coming from lame democrats.

Former Indiana US Senator Evan Bayh who left the Senate bemoaning the lack of bi-partisanship in Washington DC, was on Fox Sunday morning August 12th acquiescing to John Roberts’ prompting that winning dirty leaves the victor no mandate to govern.

                    Evan Bayh

 John Roberts formerly of CNN is now one of the talking heads on Fox news, he furthers  FOX ‘ right-wing agenda, pretty much like everyone else who works on that organ of misinformation and lies. Democratic guests on his Sunday morning show with  will find themselves arguing their case against Roberts and the other Republicans.

Anyway back to Evan Bayh, what does Bayh mean agreeing with a right-wing hack, that in the event President Obama wins dirty he will get no help from Republicans in Governing? Is this guy for real ? Evan Bayh was a Hillary Clinton supporter, Barack Obama won Indiana not because of Evan Bayh, but despite him. Evan Bayh represents the group, republican or democrat ,which is most resistant to Obama’s presidency, white male.

This is the most nonsensical statement that could come from any person claiming to be a democrat, where was the help coming from republicans, day one of Obama’s presidency? was it in the statement of Bayh’s former colleague from Kentucky Mitch Mc Connel whose stated goal is to make Barack Obama a one term president? was it in the historic number of Republican filibusters in the Senate which makes passing the president’s agenda impossible? Or was it in the unanimity with which his republican friends have ensured that they jammed the president’s policies, policies which by the way would provide jobs and improve the lives of American’s.

Or was it in the way so-called blue-dog democrats have wrangled and argued, when they had the house and senate and did not pass the president’s agenda? Does Bayh support the president, is he pretending to support Barack Obama or is he a presidential-candidate in  waiting?

Democrats, cowards that they are, one and all, including those in the Administration with the exception of DNC chair Debbie Wassermann Schultz are all running for the exits from an Ad which is not running on paid Television, but which cuts to the heart of the truth.

If people lose their jobs because a company acquire the company which employs them , load up that company with debt, then closes down the company leaving them out in the cold without money or health insurance, guess what they die. Joe Soptic’s wife died from cancer, whether or not it had anything to do with Romney and Bain is immaterial. Romney wants to repeal the affordable care Act which precludes insurance companies from denying coverage to people with what they characterize as pre-existing conditions.

If sick people cannot get health care they die. It’s that simple, no wonder the country is in this mess in so many areas, with people like Evan Bayh who are seen as leaders. It’s little wonder the democratic party gets shoved around by republicans, bye-bye Evan Bayh you are certainly not missed.

Say what you want about the Tea Party, but they have carried out an ideological purge of the Republican party , leaving only people who support their agenda and are willing to stand and be counted as loyal foot-soldiers for their cause. Their narrative may be lying and deception but their discipline is impeccable.

DNC Chair, Florida Congress-woman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is far more effective a surrogate for the president than even David Axlerod who seem to have something stuck in his throat whenever he is on television to articulate the president’s policies, Wasserman-Shultz aptly laid it out for John Roberts Sunday, indicting the propaganda FOX news as hypocritical for lamenting priority’s Ad, when they never opened their mouths to condemn the assault against the president’s nationality, humanity, credibility, sincerity or otherwise.

                                                                                                     TROJAN HORSE

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Paul Ryan

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has demonstrated yet again that he has absolutely no conviction, or character. As was being speculated in the lame-stream media Romney caved in to the demands of the  far right-wing of his party by selecting forty-three year-old Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan to be his running-mate,. Many in the media wants you to believe that this little Trojan-horse will use his witt, charm and intelligence to add  vigor and vitality to the Romney campaign, I humbly beg to differ, in as much as Sarah Palin’s introduction of hate , vitriol , and demagoguery did not help John McCain I submit this guy Ryan will bring strong appeal to the most intransigent fringe of the party but will chase away seniors in droves.

Paul Ryan wants to make Medicare a voucher program, he wants to dismantle Medicaid as we know it, he wants to repeal Roe Vs Wade, and remove a woman’s right to choose an abortion even if she is raped. Ryan wants to give trillions in added tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and pass on the bill to the middle-class.

The Ryan budget is more of the trickle-down-economics that has continued to wreak havoc on the American economy and will have further devastating consequences if allowed to be enacted into law.

That document in Ryan’s hand is a destructive prescription for the middle and working class,  more give-aways to the very rich. How stupid do they think the electorate is? Did the trickle-down economics of the Bush years make anyone but the 1%’s life better?


The optics above are not accidental, these events are not staged out of ignorance, these are carefully staged events with the optics sending powerful messages to whom they are intended. Look for more wars, most probable with Iran, look for terrible upheaval in the Middle-East if there is a Romney presidency, if you thought the Bush years were horrible a Romney presidency will be horrific.

Here’s what Romney/Ryan have in store for those who refuse to read, or those who refuse to be objective, whether out of racial-animus, apathy or otherwise. More illegitimate wars ,more money for wealthy corporations ,like Cheney/Bush did.

This guy is a straw candidate, he has no reason for wanting to be president other than ambition. His wife Anne Romney said quote“It’s Mitt’s time, it’s our time now“. That statement presented a brief synopsis of the Romney candidacy in a nut-shell.

That optic above is a signal to Netanyahu the Israeli right-winger, we will crush Iran and do whatever you want us to do.

Voters who are mad about 3 Trillion dollars added to the debt under Obama,( money spent to stabilize the economy by the way), will have a lot more that to be worried about. If they are mad about 8.3 percent unemployment they should vote Mitt Romney. If they are angry about slow job growth, health care they never had, and an end to  America’s unfunded  wars, they should vote Romney ,they will have a lot to cheer for in short order. Romney/Ryan is Bush/Chaney 2.0.


Voters had better acquaint themselves with the issues and know what time it is , these pictured above certainly do.