Romney’s Strategy Is, Tell As Many Lies On Obama As Possible, Then Say, “elect Me I’m Not Him”.

Mitt Romney went to Reno Nevada today and spoke to veterans of Foreign Wars, the group was addressed by the president on July 23rd. Romney addressed the group as he prepared to leave for England, Poland and Israel.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I watched him strutting around the stage like a wound-up toy, with his signature short, rapid, stiff steps, then listening to his bellicose Foreign Policy speech that was given to him by the neo-cons in his party who are still on the same destructive path they have been on for decades. Their Foreign premised on America’s Military strength and Hegemony. They believe America should go around the around the world toppling governments and installing the interest of the 1%.

Obama obviously thinks what worked for him last time is going to work this time, the mister nice guy demeanor works when you are first seeking the presidency, I’m not sure this will play very well with the electorate this time around. Obama spoke yesterday in Reno without addressing Romney by name, his address before this traditional group was rather tame and lack-luster, not so with Romney.

Mitt Romney was all lathered up, froth spewing from the sides of his mouth, as he struggled to deliver the lie-laden right-wing spiel, his decibel level increased markedly as the veins in his neck bulged out , every line an attack on Obama, with nothing beyond if I’m your president I will or I will not depending on the line.



Obama for his part goes around talking as if he is still a law professor, speaking in vague terms that republicans pick apart and use against him. As I have said before if Obama feels he will win this election coming up in November by being nice he is wrong, if the president is tired or feel he has nothing to prove and as such he is willing to throw this election, he should step aside and allow a Democratic candidate like Hillary Clinton to step up and defend the party and the ideals intelligent people in this country believe in .

Romney’s plan to win the presidency is simple it seem, tell as many lies on Obama as is possible, berate him at campaign stops on those lies, then say I am not Obama, vote for me. Of course Mitt Romney’s only reason for wanting to be president is that he wants to be president.

So far it seem it is working national polls have shown him running neck and neck with Obama, and of course there are more than enough low information and illiterates who will be voting who frankly may realize Romney’s raw ambition for him. They may just make his strategy a viable one.