Despite the outrageous and reckless statements Antonin Scalia made from the bench at the Supreme Court yesterday equating the right of minorities to vote in America with racial entitlements, not a single Republican has come out in condemnation of his statements.

Antonin Scalia
Antonin Scalia

Those Americans, and in particular African-Americans who thought that somehow this country had entered some semblance of post racial period with the election of Barack Obama to the presidency ,need to think again Conversely ,Obama’s elevation has awakened what I am convinced always existed here, a dark under-belly of sinister evil, even in the highest places of power. We as humans and in particular African-Americans must be on watch and in prayer for this president and his family, there are inherent evil arrayed against him which has nothing to do with his policies.

Whether you believe that Shelby County Alabama has a case in asking the Supreme Court to remove it from Section 5 of the law which makes it mandatory for the States named in the law (egregious previous offenders against the rights of minorities to vote) to get permission  from the Federal Government before making changes to their voting laws is one issue.

The argument of Shelby Count’s lawyers and seemingly the opinion of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, that there are other States which are bigger offenders of the law and as such they ought to removed is insulting.

If the Presidential Elections of 2012 is an appropriate harbinger of what will happen to African-Americans in America then it is indeed a serious time for introspection reflection and indeed some panic. State Rights to the right-wing in America means the ability to manipulate the laws using archaic and illegal methods to prevent black people from voting.  It means lynchings with no one held accountable, it means abuse at the hands of the very people tasked with protecting us. State Rights means relegating black people to the back of the bus, it means dogs and water hoses , it means Federal Troops in order for our children to enter schools our taxes built and maintains. That is why they are against the Federal Government, when they talk about giving States rights that is what they crave. Antonin Scalia’s ignorant and poignant comments from the Bench, equating the free and fair right of African Americans to vote as “Racial Entitlements brings to mind an important fact .Antonin Scalia was appointed to the Supreme Court with a 98 -0 vote, the last time the Federal Voting Rights Act was re-authorized Senators voted 98-0 .

Using Scalia’s own metric, it seem the time has come for his appointment to be revisited, he is tenured, that appointment is for life. Senators should get to work doing the necessary Legislative work in an effort to ensure that kind of ignorance is removed from such a loft perch.