The more I see the direction our country is heading the more I am convinced that the problem of serious crime is not getting better and for all intents and purposes will get exponentially worse until something really cataclysmic bring things to a head.

As someone who opines about crime and the harm, it does to the social fabric of societies , I do from time to time research policing protocols as well as look at best practices of police departments which have been able to deal effectively with the problem of crime.
In doing so I am mindful that Geography, population density, poverty, and other defining characteristics do play a part in crime and determines whether it metastasize or shrivels up.


I happened upon a video in which Former Commissioner of Police Carl Williams vowed to an American Journalist that the JCF would stamp out the Lotto scam scourge from the Island, “not a matter of if” William asserts, “a matter of when”.
The Journalists were on the Island as part of a greater awareness by American authorities of the tens and maybe hundreds of millions of dollars being bilked from elderly Americans through the Lotto scam.

At the time Willaims was bragging to the Journalist he wasn’t yet Commissioner of Police.
Since then, Williams has been appointed to the top cop position, done his stint and is long gone.
Needless to say, not only has the lotto scam not gone away, it has grown leaps and bounds and so has every other category of crime including violent crimes.

Entire families wiped out while the government looks at ways to further prevent law enforcement from dointg it’s job..

In fact, the lotto scam has been infamously credited with being the driver of the homicide rate particularly in the westerly parishes of St James, Westmoreland and Hanover .
In the ensuing period since that infamous interview, dozens of lotto scammers have been extradited to the United States to stand trial for their crimes.
The Americans have pledged to extradite dozens more to stand trial as well.

It’s important to recognize that despite the boasts of Jamaican authorities it has been the efforts of American law enforcement and their expertise which has largely been responsible for the extraditions and subsequent convictions in American courts where all officers of the court are focused on dealing effectively with the issue of crime.


It took the Americans to focus on the Lotto scam in order for people to begin to be held accountable for their crimes.
I am fully conversant that many Jamaicans attuned to the issue of the scam has developed a twisted and convoluted justification for scamming arguing that it is reparations of sorts.
Jailed murderer Addijah Palmeer o/c Vybes Kartel has memorialized scamming as a legitimate act unworthy of ridicule.

(feat. Gaza Slim)

[Gaza Slim:]
As long as dem
Nah buy no gun, Nah support no war
Big up di man dem star from near and far
Dem call it scam
Mi call it reparation
Every ghetto yute is a star
Yow Yow (vybz kartel)
So dem wah live like one, one

[Vybz Kartel:]
Big up every scamma
Weh mek U.S Dolla
Build up di house fi yuh mama
Western union people fi gi wi more honor
Slah, full-stop, comma
Every ghetto yute fi a live like Tony Mantana
Presidental like barruk obama
Pool inna house and plane inna hanger
Who say di scamma dem wrong
No, Hungry, poverty dat more wronger
Better dem dweet dan tek up the bomber
Memba di yute dem nah squeeze trigger
A just tru dem a nigger
You misa big mista you a di prime minister
College mi wah send mi sista
You say education a di key
Mi a beg yuh nuh tek mi ting sah…..
A twisted convoluted attempt at justifying stealing from elderly and sometimes mentally and intellectually challenged people.
Never mind that the very same Vybes Kartel was regularized at the Universit of the West Indies (Intellectual ghetto) by one Professor Caroline Cooper to give a  lecture on contemporary music.
Don’ t ask me why, this is the way things get done in Jamaica, dysfunction is celebrated and revered on the Island.
Which brings me to my point.
I recently wrote that I know of no country in which tax payers funds are used to fund other agencies which actively militates against that same country’s law enforcement agencies except Jamaica.
I asked my readers to educate me if they know of any such country. Thus far I have not heard from anyone.
It is a shocking yet telling indication that the tiny Island of 2.7 million people has no intention of dealing with the spiraling crime wave which has inundated the Island.

Andrew Holness
Seem dead set on destroying the police department with his cronies…
Instead of strengthening the institutions of law enforcement and Justice ,Administrations of both political parties have embarked on a path which specializes in securing the best interest of gangsters, rapists child molesters, and terrorists who massacre entire families.
There is an argument to be made for police oversight, though not INDECOM in its present form but I am yet to fully grasp the need for a Public Defender’s Department when we have a Justice Department and a Director of Public Prosecution?
Arlene Harrison Henry
In addition to the litany of so-called Human Rights agencies which have sprung up across the Island over the years, there are now these Government agencies which actively antagonize the police thereby offering aid and comfort to the scammers, rapist, child- molesters, and murderers.
Arlene Harrison Henry has been a vociferous and strident voice for criminals. Add Terrence Williams of INDECOM , Horace Levy of the PMI,  Cliff Hughes of  Nation wide Radio and the rule of law has no chance of success on the tiny bit of land of 4411 square miles.
It is a shame what is being done to our country and well-meaning Jamaicans must take action if ever we are to wrest back control of our country from this cavalcade of madness which has taken her over.
The methods we must employ may not always be palatable to many but what must be done has to be done because the Government cannot be trusted to do whats right for the Jamaican people.
In Rockfort St Andrew swarms of heavily armed gunmen barged into homes took what they wanted and slaughtered residents.
Don’t gasp it’s just another day in Jamaica.
In St James and Hanover, entire families are wiped out as if they never existed,
This is terrorism no question. The murder numbers exceed civil war statistics but there is no sense of urgency from the Jamaican Government
The focus of the government is not on the eradication of the terroristic scourge sweeping the country.
Its focus is on dismantling the Police Department, putting in its place a bunch of social workers while those citizens alive step over the dead bodies until it’s their turn to die.