School Yard Bullies:

Once there was boy called Israel he attended middle east high school in a volatile area.  Most of the other kids teased and threatened him, he was forced to defend himself against the other kids in his school , he once took on a whole group of them and beat them squarely. This act of bravery forced some of his enemies to make friends with him, yet there were some who were vehemently opposed to Israel. Some argued that he had no right to exist, others argued he had a right to exist , just not in their school.

Because Israel went to a school where he was not liked,  a school where many argued he was placed because of his powerful friends, he was allowed to take weapons to school. Now the rules are that there should be no weapons in that school, but little Israel had big powerful friends who insisted they wanted him in that school, and they swore that no matter what they would defend him to the death.

One boy named Iran was particularly pissed at the idea that Israel was not only allowed to take weapons to school, he was given some of the most devastating weapons by his powerful friends, and school administrators never questioned it. So Iran decided to fashion his own weapons and take them to school. Now granted that Iran never fought with Israel or was even a part of that group of other guys that Israel had soundly beaten there was still palpable animus that simmered between both boys.

As a result they continually fought through proxies , in other words they both had friends who fought mini skirmishes with each other , in many cases their fingerprints were all over the skirmishes.


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Now Iran also has powerful friends, the difference with his friends was that they were not ideological friends ,they were the type who looked out for their own interests. In other words they were not the type who would defend Iran in a fight, they would cut and run. Iran recognized that if he wanted to regain respect for himself and the respect of those boys who were soundly whipped by Israel he must get comparable weapons to those Israel has. So Iran started developing his own arsenal of weapons and in an effort to get respect he kept bragging that he was a better fighter than many believe to be true. Now Israel’s powerful friends made claims that Iran was making weapons that are dangerous, with the intention of taking them to school. They argued that Iran  not only wanted to take the weapons to school he wanted to destroy their friend Israel with them.

Now in all fairness, Iran in an effort to seem important had said that he wanted to remove Israel from the map. This caused much consternation with Israel’s friends, who argued that based on those pompous boastful pronouncements alone Iran should be emasculated and not allowed to have any weapons at all. Iran attempted to walk those comments back, he argued I do not want to destroy him I just want to remove him from my school. As such the powerful friends lobbied school administrators to strip search Iran everyday he arrives at school because he cannot be trusted not to try to destroy Israel with the weapons he doesn’t have.

Israel for his part , knowing that his friends wielded immense power over the school administrators and are also financial powerhouses within the alumni, demanded that Iran not only be strip-searched  but demolished and made bare for his insolence. Now America Israel’s largest and most powerful backer , was conflicted he supported Israel and said so, but he had been in several fights, and even though he is extremely powerful he had come out of a couple of fights scarred, because he unadvisedly entered into fights without clearly defined enemies and what winning looks like. America did not want to be dragged into another fight simply put.

This did not sit well with Israel who by now had become accustomed to being treated differently, given a feeling of entitlement if you will. After all he had always done what he wanted without consequence. His powerful friends gave him carte blanch, they gave him weapons and as much money as he wanted. Even when he clearly broke school rules his powerful friends prevented administrators from punishing him. To many even some who once supported his right to be in that school he was now an out of control bully who wanted to throw his weight,…….. oh .. well the weight of his friends around.

Despite being allowed to abrogate all the rules many other kids have been suspended and even expelled for, Israel demanded that school administrators stop having discussions with Iran , he vehemently demanded that Iran should be stripped searched using force. When he did not get school administrators to do his bidding, Israel called them all kinds of derogatory names, and castigated them for being ineffectual. Mark you this is the same administration which allowed him to defy rules and turns a blind eye to his malfeasance.

Many other children have felt the overwhelming arrogance of Israel because of the weapons he had at his disposal and the powerful friends who stood by menacingly, ready to defend him with even more powerful weapons. Many wondered how his friends could even be peace makers between Israel and the other kids when they state categorically they support him, and provide him with weapons even they combined cannot match.

Ok this is no story of a school with bullying boys. This is actually a grown up situation between sovereign nations run by men who will tell you they are intelligent leaders who know best what’s good for their respective country.

What would Israel do if it had no nuclear weapons, and did not have a powerful friend like the United States as an unconditional backer?

My gut tells me Israel would do everything in its power to pursue and secure peace.

Barack Obama was elected to office on a peace platform, he campaigned against the Iraq war and promised if elected he would end it. He has , his base on the left are not particularly thrilled with him for literally escalating the Afghan conflict by throwing more troops into what many argue is an unwinnable war. Not a war unwinnable because America is weak , but unwinnable because not even the commander-in- chief can articulate what winning actually is.

Not wanting to seem weak, a charge republicans use to tar and feather democratic presidents, Obama acquiesced to demands by pentagon generals and others beholden to the military industrial complex in the republican party by sending more troops to the Afghanistan theatre.  The American people are still not told why  blood and treasure is still being squandered in that country when the reason they were told our military was sent there was to topple the Taliban and kill Osama Bin Laden. Both were accomplished yet the United States military is still in Afghanistan.

But back to president Obama. This president is probably the least powerful American president ever. Simply put, he is not allowed to use presidential power in ways other presidents has.Being the first black president his hands are all but tied, his every move is questioned, his most routine order parsed and ridiculed.

On the issue of Israel the president has given more than he was comfortable giving to Netanyahu. Forced to the right by hawks in the republican party wishing to scare off Jewish voters a valuable part of Obama’s coalition. Of course republican or democratic every candidate has to swear their commitment to the state of Israel, vowing to defend her with every ounce of their being if elected president. Don’t believe me ask president Ron Paul.

Former president Jimmy Carter has been vilified mercilessly because of all American presidents past to the present he has shown the greatest sense of fairness. As a result President Carter is vilified because he recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to live as free people, free from the grinding boots of Israeli occupation and domination.

Why does Netanyahu not want peace to work ? Many in Israel want peace , even some who headed security agencies in that country have stated their opposition to war with Iran. Former Mossad head Meir Dagan said he does not think Israel should strike Iran’s nuclear industry anytime soon, an attack that would have to include “a large number of targets.” In keeping with Mossad’s reputation, he suggested going for “regime change” instead. (pressenza International press agency)

I am not sure on what basis a country or its operatives can call for regime change in another sovereign nation. A nation I might add which has a rich history and culture. Who authorises one country to demand change of leadership in another soverign nation simply because they diosagree with them politically? My naiveté’ is exposed here but what would the reaction be if the two perspective Iran has for Israel would be bomb them into oblivion or change their leadership by whatever means. This is the kind of dogmatic rhetoric we saw coming out of former president George Bush’s white house, spearheaded by Dick Chaney, which seem to be the position of Israel.

 While we are on the subject of Cheney , it has become clear to me that evil does not emanate from the heart but rather from the mind. Despite his rather undeserved good fortunes in receiving a new heart, Cheney has shown that his hatred for president Obama is just as intense when he addressed republicans in Wyoming stating quote:”“I can’t think of a time when I felt it was more important for us to defeat an incumbent president today with respect to Barack Obama. I think he has been an unmitigated disaster to the country,”

As a christian I question myself when I hear this guy make these statements, I generally wonder why decent people die daily and this man despite the goodness of God still will not stop lying and sowing hatred. Cheney is the author and architect of the debacle we refer to as  the Iraq war, he manufactured lies and propagated them accusing Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction, he sought to link Iraq to 911 when  professionals in the intelligence community debunked those lies. This warmonger who needed to get Black water into Iraq still continued his drumbeat of lies and distortions for war, which the country was eventually plunged into.

The consequences of this war will live with America for hundreds of years to come thanks to Dick Cheney. This guy has the nerve to talk about unmitigated disaster? His very temerity is an unmitigated disaster. Osama Bin Laden is dead . He couldn’t get him, General Motors is alive , they ran the country into a hole Obama restored it. The Iraq debacle is at an end and no Dick Cheney there were no weapons of mass destructions there , you have been exposed, you are the unmitigated disaster, and a pathetic liar.

It is beyond my comprehension, maybe some of you good folks may enlighten me here, what gives one country the right to tell another sovereign nation what they cannot have? Does the United States, Russia, France, England, Israel, China, India, Pakistan own the world? Does the nations that are not nuclear armed powers have the right to demand that those countries named above forthwith get rid of their weapons? Who decides in the world who gets to have arsenals of weaponry that can potentially destroy this planet a thousand times over? And while we are at it how can we argue that one nation can be trusted with nuclear weapons over others , when the United States is the only country ever to have used atomic weapons ?

No one wants to ask these questions, because of fear for the United States sensors or because of fear of being labeled anti-Semitic by supporters of Israel. As human beings the only thing we really have is our character, we must stand for something, we live in a world where if one says the wrong thing he could end up in prison just for telling the truth, but we must not be dettered by what man may do to us, rather we must stand on the principles of our convictions. Like so many who were demonized, marginalized, and victimized before us, we must ask the questions that Dr. king, Gandhi. Garvey. Marley and others have asked , because if we have no justice on this planet we call home, all of our efforts at peace are mere futile whistles in the wind.