As I watched the images of JDF assets rolling into parts of Saint James yesterday I was filled with hope that this would not be another show of force laced with the worn out overemphasis on rights, so much so that it will become inconsequential and worthless as ZOSO turned out to be. More than any concerns I have for the effectiveness of any action to be taken by the security forces, however,  is a deep trepedition of here we go again.
As I contemplated a response to what I saw I also felt anger, an anger born out of the thought of how this ingrate nation abuses those who risk their lives for it.

JDF assets roll into St. jamaica)

Born out of that anger I wanted to write about the events which necessitated the Military and police having to enter the Garrison community of Tivoli Gardens in Western Kingston.
A community I have risked my life in, getting shot at and having to take cover as common punks fire at us with high powered weapons.

I am tempted to lash out at the fact that police stations were attacked and burned to the ground. Those police officers, soldiers, and average citizens were murdered as the entire community came out in white T-shirts extolling their loyalty and love for Christopher Coke.
That despite it all busses were provided to residents who wanted to take the opportunity to leave the community so that the security forces could go in and do their jobs with the possibility of collateral damage being drastically reduced.
That they all refused that offer.

That despite the Government of the day rolling over in the blood of those martyred members of the security forces to appease a community which operated outside the bounds of the laws, the next administration convened a Kangaroo panel to judge the security forces, demonize them, chastise them, for saving Jamaica and handing it back to them.

More infuriating the new Government went ahead and rubbed salt into the wounds of the security forces by apologizing to the community and are paying them off with taxpayers money.
Both political parties have rolled over and made concessions to terrorists who kill members of the security forces, burn Government property and thumb their noses at the nation’s laws?

Additionally, the PNP while in Opposition took the treasonous steps of refusing to sign on to an extension of the limited state of emergency which would have given the security forces the time to consolidate its gains by uprooting those terrorist killers who find safe haven in PNP garrisons.
By so doing the PNP chose to keep the private militias it has in the various garrisons under its control.
The PNP chose to keep the pillars of failed states when it had an opportunity to be great. As a consequence, neither the PNP nor the JLP has the moral authority to end the crime scourge eating away at our country.

There are many who feel as I do that the cure is not outside of our grasp but that our political leaders would rather play politics than solve the problems.
I share the sentiments of my friend whose response on the limited state of emergency is far more artful than I could ever express myself.

My only concern is for the members of the security forces whose every action in the heat of battle will be scrutinized by men and women who never ever even got involved in a verbal confrontation much less life and death situations as a matter of course.
The civil society groups are lurking to pounce. The said government is considering which of their rich retired friends they will hire to chair and preside over another witch hunt. It is strange and ironic how we chastise and treat the security forces yet they are the only ones who put lives on the line to save Jamaica time and again. The rest of us are like spectators in the arena while the gladiators battle to the death.[adapted RS]

The shitheads who sit in judgment ought to be ashamed of their hypocrisy, these charlatans  [Jesus warned about] who walk about the marketplace in their long robes.
What frauds? They no longer wear the long robes of the Pharisees they wear coats and tie nowadays, as they were when Jesus walked the earth so too do they exist today, liars, thieves, and frauds, the deceivers who benefit from the status quo but pretend they care.

I have no desire to be artful in my disdain for them, I loathe them. and As my friend said they are ready to pounce,. I will be watching to see which one of these lying scrubs will begin the verbal onslaught against the security forces their lips dripping with the vile hypocrisy befitting eternal perdition.