The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is actively engaged in monitoring instances of alleged abuse by Jamaica’s security forces. In fact their local affiliate (JFJ) Jamaicans for Justice reports directly to the Commission in Washington DC. The Inter America Commission on Human Rights is not the only Agency with active interest in allegations of Human Rights in Jamaica. The London-based Amnesty International have large foot-prints on the Island, as they do in other impoverished countries. The countries which attract the attention of these two major watch-dog groups, are generally poorer nations which have high crime-rates and scarce resources. The American Democracy is a work in progress even though that country has basically existed for over 4 hundred years. Jamaica on the other hand has only existed as an independent nation for 50 years. Smaller countries are far more vulnerable to crime and terrorism, as such they will more likely have instances of official mis-conduct and mistakes. The reason for these possibilities are generally associated with lack of funding oversight and structural support.

Large developed nations like Canada , the US and Britain have the resources and ability to decrease if not end instances of abuse by their law-enforcement operatives. Yet they have not been able to do so. The state of California is the world’s 6th largest economy.The state is home to over 4.000 law enforcement Agencies.http://www.post.ca.gov/le-agencies.aspx, population 37 million, that’s about one agency to every 925.000 Californian. With all the resources available to these agencies across America, there are massive amounts, and ever increasing evidence of police abuse of citizens including killings . These abuses generally mean young men of color being victimized.

Yet in these instances of abuse I have never heard a word of condemnation from neither the Inter American Commission on Human Rights nor Amnesty International. Over the years cops in state after state in America have engaged in the most egregious abuse of citizens imaginable. Yet there is never a single comment from these groups. In many cases the abuse are so egregious that it is literally impossible to process that cops could be involved in those acts.

♦Justin Volpe, NYPD cop and his criminal cronies sodomized Abner Louima with a plunger in a police station rest-room.

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Abner Louima

♦ Amadou Diallo killed like a dog, NYPD renegade cops fired 41 bullets at him,(one man), killing him, he was unarmed.

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Amadou Diallo

Unarmed Groom Killed By NYPD Bullets – CBS News download

Sean Bell with his family before [file]

♦Sean Bell killed in Queens after leaving a party at a night-club, it was his bachelors party arranged for him by his friends. Bell was murdered and two of his friends received multiple gunshot wounds. Bell and his friends were all unarmed. He was to be married the same day. They fired 50 bullets at Bell.http://abcnews.go.com/topics/news/sean-bell-shooting.htm


♦Cop ‘Stops And Frisks’ African American Teen, Literally Destroying His Genitals..http://earhustle411.com/­cop-stops-frisks-african-american-teen-literally-destroying-genitals/­ With all the law enforcement Agencies the best training and laws to protect them, American cops killed almost 600 citizens in 2012.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_killings_by_law_enforcement_officers_in_the_United_States_2012

I have never heard any Human Rights Agency question even one of these killings. It does not matter how gruesome, it matters not the national outcry. Yet they find themselves deeply engaged in law enforcement encounters in developing countries like Jamaica. The notion that the system is capable of sorting through the evidence to arrive at the correct facts is bogus. Tell that to the thousands of black and Latino families who have seen police kill their loved ones and walk free. In most cases not even with a departmental charge, much less a conviction.

If we are to do justice to human rights, it cannot be selective.  We must ask why are the Human Rights Agencies silent on First world killings of people of color, yet are falling over themselves to investigate allegations of abuse in the developing world ? Unless we hear and see a change in these Agencies regarding Human Rights Abuse in America, Canada, Britain and other developed countries, we will be forced to dismiss them. In fact it is difficult to take them seriously as credible agents of change in light of their record. We must question their agenda.