We are told that a Detective Inspector of Police in charge of scenes of crime Investigations at the Spanish Tow Police station narrowly escaped death at his home.
Detective Inspector Harris was attacked by gunmen who shot up his car.
In what seems to have been an attempted robbery attempt, the men allegedly tailed the cop from the bank where he reportedly went to transact business.
Several m16 shells were recovered from the scene of the incident and the cop is reported to have escaped serious injury.


At about 10am Detective Inspector Devon Harris, of the technical services division withdrew cash from the bank and drove home and parked in his driveway.
He alighted from the car when he noticed a grey hatchback motor car driving towards him, he became suspicious and stood in front of the car one man alighted from the rear seat of the car with a M16 rifle, and opened fire at him.
He took evasive action upon which two other men with handguns also alighted from the car and they too opened fire at Inspector Harris.
Detective Inspector Harris ran into a nearby premises and hid himself.

They went into the Inspector’ car and stole his laptop- bag containing his HP laptop computer valued at five hundred and fifty us dollars (US $550). The gunmen made good their escape.
Insp Harris suffered no gunshot injuries but suffered cuts and bruises to his hands and knees from having fallen during the encounter.