Senior Cop Escaped Death From Attackers With High Powered Weapons

We are told that a Detective Inspector of Police in charge of scenes of crime Investigations at the Spanish Tow Police sta­tion nar­row­ly escaped death at his home.
Detective Inspector Harris was attacked by gun­men who shot up his car.
In what seems to have been an attempt­ed rob­bery attempt, the men alleged­ly tailed the cop from the bank where he report­ed­ly went to trans­act busi­ness.
Several m16 shells were recov­ered from the scene of the inci­dent and the cop is report­ed to have escaped seri­ous injury.


At about 10am Detective Inspector Devon Harris, of the tech­ni­cal ser­vices divi­sion with­drew cash from the bank and drove home and parked in his dri­ve­way.
He alight­ed from the car when he noticed a grey hatch­back motor car dri­ving towards him, he became sus­pi­cious and stood in front of the car one man alight­ed from the rear seat of the car with a M16 rifle, and opened fire at him.
He took eva­sive action upon which two oth­er men with hand­guns also alight­ed from the car and they too opened fire at Inspector Harris.
Detective Inspector Harris ran into a near­by premis­es and hid him­self.

They went into the Inspector’ car and stole his lap­top- bag con­tain­ing his HP lap­top com­put­er val­ued at five hun­dred and fifty us dol­lars (US $550). The gun­men made good their escape.
Insp Harris suf­fered no gun­shot injuries but suf­fered cuts and bruis­es to his hands and knees from hav­ing fall­en dur­ing the encounter.