For all intents and purposes, the United States of America is effectively over he fiscal cliff, slope, incline , whatever you want to call it.

   The much ballyhooed fiscal cliff is nothing more than a crisis created by the American Congress for no real reason. Truth be told , if the intent of the Framers were being respected the degenerates who make up the Congress, Particularly those in the House would not be able to do the damage they are doing to the Country’s economy through their intransigence, because they would be home where they belong.

The framers never intended that Congress become a lifetime job, that is the reason Congressional Representatives are given two-year terms. They were supposed to go to Washington as stipend Legislators, get their agenda passed and go home.

Somewhere along the lines the wires got crossed, big money got involved, Congress became a cesspool of special interest influence and it’s members beholden to the holders of big money.

Every year it seem to get worse, the last 4 years which coincidentally has been the term of the first African-American President has literally been the worst with Congress having approval ratings in the single digits.

As America and the world waits for  535 men and women to come to a compromise, it has become increasingly clear  that what started out as a strategy by Republicans, to defy and deny this President any legislative accomplishment, has now metastasized into something uncontrollable.

Republican intransigence has now mutated into a T-Party dominated Party which has forced out reasonable minded members and replaced them with wild-eyed rabid lunatic ideologues who are incapable of understanding that Government needs compromise in order to work.

Tea Party members of the Republican Party did not go to Washington to make Government more efficient, they went there to stop Government from functioning.

As  the world watches, the inability of America to Govern itself is on full display. It is a shameful display of childlike tantrum throwing, by lunatics on the right in this Country who for some reason are still fighting the Civil war, or who somehow believe that the South will one day rise again.

The financial cost to the country may never be known , yet all of the members of the Republican Right will tell you they love America, they will tell you they are Patriots, you decide!

If you believe that the last-minute charade which passed the House on Tuesday night is really a compromise, think again, Obama wanted to raise the tax rate on Americans making more than a quarter million dollars annually, in the end he got an increase on those making ($450.000), the thornier issue of entitlements and spending cuts are simply kicked down the road for another knock down dragged out fight.

Republicans simply allowed the measure to go through because hey did not want to be blamed for allowing what would have been the largest tax increase in American history.

They swapped that narrative for one that made them seem to have voted for averting one.

Essentially, what was passed last night was a dishonest manipulative charade, designed to fool those who are unable to think for themselves. It was simply an attempt to be able to avoid consequence for their actions and continue to do what they have always done, only next time they will have  more leverage.