Conspiracy theories abound. Unsubstantiated allegations of being  targeted. Allegations of impropriety. Bringing a former Senior Superintendent of Police, Carl Major a perennial Prosecution witness, to testify on their behalf. A murder case which has dragged on and on with seemingly no end in sight. If you ask me the Defense in the Vybz Kartel case seem to hold all the cards. Yet the salient points of the case , ie the clear and unequivocal voices on tape discussing killing Lizard Williams have not been seriously challenged in my estimation. Which leads me to conclude these are all distractions by the defense. Lets just throw some s*** against the wall and see what sticks. This may very well work. In fact the defense has created so many side-shows, it may be seen as reasonable doubt to a sympathetic, fearful or corrupted jury.

Add a liberal defense friendly judge (Lennox Campbell) to the mix and conditions are ripe for this defendant to walk . So you ask how can I make such claims in a jury trial? You may even suggest that it’s not up to the Judge to decide innocence or guilt in a jury trial. You would be wrong. An accused is presumed innocent or guilt based upon a preponderance of the evidence presented to a trier of facts. (Judge or Jury) . The defense has a duty to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant has no such burden. In fact the defendant may remain silent and say nary a word, the Prosecution must prove its case. However it is important that the Presiding Judge maintain tight control of proceedings, particularly with the types of evidence/ exhibits he/she allows into the trial. This must follow strict adherence to existing laws and precedents. Simply put, allowing all kinds of distractions into a case may create a sideshow.A side-show usually gives the appearance of reasonable doubt resulting in an acquittal for a guilty defendant. On that score the poppy-show Jamaican Criminal Justice System is living up to its own precedent.

2 thoughts on “SIDE-SHOWS MAY LEAD TO AN ACQUITTAL. Or Increases The Likely-hood Of A Successful Appeal Upon Conviction.

  1. Mike , I am taking issue with the characterization of our criminal justice system as a “poppy show ” , I think its an unfair statement but that discussion is for another time. I do agree, however , with your analysis of this case, and it really begs the question as to whether or not there was in fact a conspiratorial engagements on the part of members of the Police Force..hmmm ..have that thought ever crossed your mind ..oh wait a minute , perhaps that’s what you are alluding to in this blog , silly of me .

    1. Mac Dwl , I could really say what I want to call the system but this is a family Blog. Mac you know on a score of 1—10 Jamaica’s system is probably a 3 at best.

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