Sights From The Ulster County Fair:

I attended the Ulster County Fair in New Paltz  yesterday August 2nd with my family. Having visited the Duchess County Fair every year I was a little disappointed at the Ulster Fair. Truthfully the product did not live up to the billing.I couldn’t wait to get there , with camera slung around my neck, I was like a child on a field trip. unfortunately there was not much to see , no real exotic animals, not  much in the way of domestic animals either.

One great positive about the Ulster County Fair that I must mention is the price, Irrespective of the amount of patrons in a vehicle, the admission was the same $40.00, which also included admission to all the rides .This was a welcome positive for me in these trying financial times.

The truth is There was really not much for me to shoot. The pig race ended as quickly as it started,  I felt like a looser craning my neck to catch sight of a 5 second pig race ,so I did not bother waiting around.  I uploaded a few shots for your viewing ,hope you are not offended by the sight of  stuffed animals killed solely  for human ogling.

In the end the Ulster County Fair is a Duchess County Fair wannabe. Being  a country boy, I got sucked in by the hype of the Ulster Fair billing , imploring patrons to come to  a real country  Fair.

I left feeling that Fair would have been much better off  in a distant Country.

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