People criticize the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) daily.  Well-intentioned Jamaicans, as well as yours truly criticize those who criticize the agency when we feel their remarks are unfounded, uninformed, or malicious. Yet I would be hypocritical if I did not acknowledge the glaring problems which continue to define the JCF. This, even as the Agency claims  it is re-inventing itself. It appears even the simplest task, is a task too great for the Agency. Let alone the expectation that it operate as a professional and productive entity.
The common misconception being promulgated is that if we can fix the JCF crime will be a thing of the past. Those of us who fought in the trenches know better. Yet the JCF continue to add fuel to that  fire of mis-information and naivete, because of its absolute incompetence. The Murder trial of Adijia Palmer o/c Vybes Kartel  is front and center in the news, yet it seem the Police are hell-bent on destroying what ought to be an open and shut case against the accused.

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Deputy Superintendent of Police Vernal Thompson shocked the court during the Vybz Kartel murder trial yesterday when he declared that he was not surprised at certain things that took place in the investigation of the matter because criminals were within the police force.Thompson made the admission, which solicited audible reaction from the jurors and others in the court, while he was being cross-examined by defence attorney Pierre Rogers in the closely watched trial in the Home Circuit Court.

This accused has already beaten one murder rap. God knows how many people he may have ordered killed, or may have killed himself. This is probably the best chance the State has of putting this guy away . Despite that the Police department appears to be doing it’s level best, to live up to its reputation as a corrupt irredeemable agency which time is past. One of the first thing a detective learns is never to volunteer information. Neither under examination nor cross-examination. It is imperative not to seek to clarify anything, it is the job of the Prosecutor to do so. If possible answer in (mono-syllables) “Yes, No”. As a detective I saw this many times. Police witnesses depart from these simple rules, jeopardizing criminal cases in the process. Generally these are cops who play secondary or peripheral roles who want to talk the most. As an investigating officer it requires steely resolve to sometime resuscitate your case.   The JCF is supposed to be staffed with more educated , intelligent officers. My question to them is what exactly are you educated in? It seem despite the criticisms and howls of condemnations, the JCF is determined to self destruct.



  1. I concur with the gentleman somewhere in the force there is a movement. To hijack. This case and free the accused

    1. It’s hard to argue with cynics when the Police department has shown such incompetence or what may be argued to be evidence of corruption and collusion sir.

  2. Now, this Deputy Superintendent of Police, should be Administratively charged, because his answer and assertions has nothing to do with the case at hand. Jamaicans on a whole know that they are a lot of people with questionable character in the police force. They have professed that the police force have more educated police officers, who can articulated themselves elegantly, by using the Queens language that most Jamaicans can’t do!

    If this is the new police force, I’d rather the old police force because the police investigators, know that as an investigator, you never volunteer information or help the defense with their case. Seems like it is a conspiracy by the police department to do everything possible to free this man, “Vybz Kartel.” Lets see how this case is going to end, his attorneys must feel good, knowing that they’re destroying the police witnesses, or is it a defense that is planned by those who are involved in this case?

    Or, is it the typical “Eat a food” thing in Jamaica? Money talk in Jamaica every time!

  3. Chris there has been so many inconsistencies in the case because of police incompetence, that even if the Jury overcome the “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt hurdle”The defense will have fertile soil for a successful appeal,in my estimation.

  4. This case should has been retried from the “juror” went to the office of the defense attorney. Who knows exactly what had happen? More or less it is one of those scenarios of a “eat a food thing!” That’s how Jamaicans operates, we’re poor and whatever we can do to make some money, even selling our souls for it, that’s of no significance. Welcome to the new Jamaica, where every and any thing goes! Even immorality, we love money so much!

    1. Great insight my friend. I’ll tell you something though Chris, the Jamaica we left is completely different now. The people are different, their values different , It’s like almost unimaginable how alienated I feel from my own people in many regards. It’s like they speak a different language, you’ve seen it on social media, it’s stunning.

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