Simpson Miller Insultingly Cynical:

Portia sometimes defy her critics with her cunning. What she lacks in intellect she certainly has in street smarts. Of course it is insulting to suggest that the roll-out of this crash program give away, is not done to pay for votes in the upcoming local government elections. Most importantly it would certainly look badly on her and her party if all the party hacks were seen wearing party colors. Telling them not to wear the gang colors is dubious and certainly cynical.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller(gleaner photo)

PRIME MINISTER Portia Simpson Miller has issued a call for people employed on the Jamaica Emergency EmploymentProgramme (JEEP) to refrain from appearing partisan on work sites.“I want to make an appeal that nobody must wear party colours on the JEEP programme. It is Jamaica’s programme, not a political party,” the prime minister said. Simpson Miller has moved to dismiss fears that the timing of the local government election was strategic in order to coincide with the roll-out of JEEP.

I have a couple of questions for prime Minister Miller.

(1) Why would you worry about workers appearing partisan on work-sites,? are you worried that the world will see that it is a PNP pay for vote ,crash program give-away that will continue to sink Jamaica further into poverty ?

(2)Seriously madam Prime Minister how stupid do you think we are? Elections are constitutionally due by the end of March and you have announced that elections will be on the 26th of said month. Yet we are to believe there is no connection between the election date and the rollout of this partisan payout acronym JEEP.

Personally I don’t mind being taken for a fool, but I would rather be taken for a fool by someone who is actually smarter than I am. Just how stupid do you think Jamaicans are?

During the 70’s this very brand of politics was practiced in our country,bands of brigands were given pay for work they never did. All over the country ,primarily in cities and Towns, large crews of PNP red/orange clad thugs, male and female sat on walls , motorcycles, and on street corners drinking Guinness and smoking marijuana.  At the end of the week they received payment from the government.

While this drain was taking place the government proceeded to tell the middle class that if they did not like socialism they should take one of the five flights a day that were leaving to Miami.

They did.

Michael ManleyPercival James PattersonSimpson Miller

That was the class which created jobs, they all left, that exodus was the largest of its kind in the history of our nation . Our country is still suffering as a result of that brain drain. What was left was the political class the working poor and the hoodlums. That period has been the single most defining characteristic which impacted the destruction of Jamaica’s once pristine neighborhoods. People simply walked out of homes they worked hard to build. These homes ended up being captured and occupied by PNP thugs. Three decades later that party is still seen as the savior of the masses. Of course, who wouldn’t love a party which literally frightened people out of mansions so that common thugs could have them for free?

That was the beginning of the destruction of our country. Today some want to make the period of Michael Manley a positive for our country. That period was a colossal failure of social engineering that has literally set our country back 50 years. I will continue to show the world what that period has done in setting the course of destruction our country has been on ever since. After 8 years of JLP rule They followed up  with a period of 18 1/2 years which has cemented that destruction. Revisionist history will not change those facts.

The United States is now a country divided and extremely polarized between  Republicans and Democrats. There are many intervening factors that one could arguably point to why the country is so sharply divided , not  least of which is race. Prior to the last twenty years when the country was sold out to special interest, the fights waged between the two parties were battles waged for the good of the country.

Not so in Jamaica, one party struggle to set a course for progress the other wins every time on fighting  for party.

Promises, nepotism,corruption, political pay-offs, patronage,these are the cornerstones of PNP politics which has dominated the  landscape  and fooled a people, many of whom are intellectually challenged and others who feel they are so smart they will suffer the Empress to continue to believe in the fallacy of her new clothes.