Smart Devices/ Consumers Not So Much

dunkinSo I walked into my favorite coffee-shop today, the same Dunkin-Donut I visit on my way to work daily, except when my wife makes me a cup of coffee. The line was long, surprising for a Sunday afternoon.

No one seemed to be in a rush, after all it’s lazy Sunday, not exactly the Monday morning rush crowd.

As I stood in line waiting, I realized that most of the people on-line had their smart phones out, no problem of course.  Not at all, people need something to occupy their time while they wait.

What irritated me a bit, was realizing that the reason I was  in the same place without moving was that the guy giving his order at the head of the line was trying to find his order in his smart device. It got me thinking.

There is really nothing wrong with using a smart device to store your information, not at all. What is a problem, is when the device becomes your brain. Am I alone in thinking that as the devices become smarter ,many on the consumer end are becoming less so?

Okay,  you are skeptical, but when you interact with the public daily you get a feel for what I am actually talking about. People with smart Devices, unable to tell their phone number. Unable to tell their Cell and internet provider. Unable to tell how much they pay each month. That’s a problem.

Not only are people unable to memorize the most basic personal information, it seems we are less able to make simple decisions. The purchase of a single piece of Electronic device has to be photographed, a  thousand questions asked and that information beamed across hundreds ,sometimes thousands of miles of Oceans several time before a purchasing decision can be made.

I got to wondering what would happen if we go off-line for a day, make that a week ?It’s not out of the realm of what’s possible, technology depends on Satellites being in place without interference. Properly functioning Networks deliver Data to us at record speed, so much so we forget to use our Brains as a storage device. What if something happens which causes all of that free-flow of Data to come to a sudden stop, what then?

Just a thought !