Given normal conditions in which crime needs to be brought under control, police officers grapple with ways to prevent crime through deterrence, through force of their presence and in situations where incidences of criminality occur nonetheless, they investigate and arrest offenders.

That is managing crime.
There are several levels of crime, most law enforcement officials, past and present will attest to the distinct fact that; left to fester crime is a cancerous tumor which never gets better without being remedied,  will not self-correct, and it never gets fixed by applying the wrong antidote.

US anti-terror police

Given time crime becomes unmanageable and will invariably need cauterization or amputation.
This is so as in an infected part of the body which is left to fester, eventually, the infection will dictate the need for drastic action as a matter of urgency or sure death will follow.
By the time it reaches that stage the body will certainly lose a limb or suffer severe trauma as a result of the negligence.

Let’s take Jamaica’s situation for example.
We have a bunch of politicians and other leaders who are as pretentious as the sun will rise tomorrow. Never mind the general population which is largely too dumb to realize the debilitating effect crime is having on their lives and that of their children and generations to come.
They glorify crime and tell you just look at the tourist arrival numbers.
If this metric wasn’t so simplistic and downright retarded it would be laughable.

Tactical Jamaican police team

That narrative will certainly disappear, real soon, we recently learned that several cruise ship operators will not be stopping at the Falmouth pier anymore.
Wow !!!
Visitors are fed up with the aggressive attitude of people when they disembark the ships.
Oh, wait, “crime deh ebery weh an dem mus expec seh people a gu try sell dem tings.”
The only problem with that theory is that they have the money Jamaicans need so they will take that money elsewhere.

The political leaders are largely criminal coddling opportunists and in some cases plain criminals themselves.
Other sectors with and without power are heavily invested in crime. From the boardrooms to the undertakers to the hardware store, from the sound system operators to the pulpit and even the hustlers’ murder is a way of life.


And now we are here a country at war with itself, a pseudo civil war some may argue. The multiple shootings and dead bodies each day tell a different story, nothing pseudo about those numbers.
Absolutely nothing pseudo about the reality of this headline in one of the daily publication.


The problem with the headline is the headline itself.
The security forces are not forming a crime buffer, they are placing their bodies between warring militias.

According to the (OBSERVER)  Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Major Basil Jarrett says that both the police and soldiers have strategically located troops in key hot spots across the country, acting as a buffer between rival gangs. “Right now, we have a tense situation in Denham Town and Tivoli Gardens as rival gangs grapple for ownership and control of turf in West Kingston,” said Jarrett in giving an example of the strategic positioning.

“These men have no reluctance to attack each other in the community and so our presence forces them to reconsider and reassess their options. As we have seen, this has by no means removed their determination to shoot at and kill each other, but with our troops on the ground, it does make it a bit more difficult for them.” The presence of the security forces in the communities has not only compromised the activities of the rival factions, but has also led to frequent contact between soldiers, police, and criminals.

“Just last night there was contact between a JDF patrol team and gunmen in the vicinity of Tulip Lane, Denham Town when gunmen opened fire on the patrol team. Fortunately, no innocent civilians were hurt in the exchange but this demonstrates the frustration of the gunmen and their willingness to engage us as a result of our interfering presence”.

South Korean special police officers descend the stairs from subway station during an anti-terror exercise as part of Ulchi Freedom Guardian or UFG in Seoul, South Korea.

Jarrett comment quote ” this demonstrates the frustration of the gunmen and their willingness to engage us as a result of our interfering presence”. 
That he would characterize the presence of the security forces from the militia’s perspective as “interfering,” should be lost on no one.
In light of that characterization, one is tempted to ask rationally who is in charge, the government or the militias?

The world will know the answer to that and other questions soon enough as the pretentious Jamaican leadership and people continue to pretend this is normal,
Nothing to see here it’s just crime/.Yah stupidly pretentious is just plain stupid the joke is on no one but the pretenders.
Other countries are doing what they must to deal with their terrorism.
Jamaica in the meantime is actively engaged in a systematic pattern of pretense.

Britain the supposed model of human rights Jamaica clamors to emulate did not hesitate to send out hundreds of well-trained robocops after terrorists struck.
And look they actually are wearing face masks.
God forbid, that Jamaican security forces were to wear face masks to protect their families from reprisals from terrorists.
The self-righteous frauds would be all indignant in vile condemnation.

Other countries send their best troops and police to eradicate Terrorists from their midst, Jamaica pretends that the merciless killers who slaughter men women and children are choir boys worthy of social intervention.
Given this stupid nonsensical attitude, it will only be a matter of time until the security forces will not have the power to stand as a buffer between these warring factions.
If events of 2010 are anything to go by this little Island is in for a rude awakening,.The question is what will remain after the shit hits the fan?