I have read widely on countries across the globe in which terrorism and violent crime have been an issue.
Mexico. Guatemala. Honduras. South Africa. The Dominican Republic. Colombia. You name it even in countries in which the political directorate are less than righteous they give full autonomy and support to their security forces.
I have not seen a single country in which governing authorities spend their time chastising their brave security forces who risk their lives, about observing human rights.As for the successful Industrialized nations in which violent crimes are rare, members of their security forces, police officers and members of their military, are given the honor and respect they deserve.
Not so in Jamaica!
The political opposition in Jamaica is a rapacious vulture waiting to pick at the carcass of what is left of Jamaica when crime topples the present administration as surely it will.
For its part, the Administration of Andrew Holness is something of an Elitist Cosmopolitan party which caters to the desires of the powerful criminal rights lobby, as well as the trial lawyers who by the way are quite happy with the status quo.
And so every time the Prime Minister steps in front of a bank of microphones to speak on measures his administration is undertaking to stem the bloodshed, he leads by talking about human rights.
When the Prime Minister leads a news conference on critical crime levels by talking about human rights[though there are built-in safeguards] it sends a message to the armed gangsters that he is there supporting them not the members of the security forces.
And so he ends up with a scenario which is tantamount to finding oneself in quicksand. The more you struggle the deeper and quicker you sink.
The more Holness delivers a mealy-mouthed address the more empowered the thugs are.
The incident of the shooting up of a funeral procession in St James over the weekend, while there were security forces members all around, is a testament to that fact.
Unfortunately when you do that you unwittingly send the message to criminals that the security forces are going to be tentative.
You tacitly encourage aggression and a lack of cooperation towards the security forces.
You create a pause in the security forces, they become afraid to act, risking their freedoms as they risk their lives, a -la Tivoli Gardens.
It is going to get much worse, a lot worse.
It’s not that the security forces are incapable of handling these scumbags who are killing people indiscriminately. They absolutely can.
The issue is that both political parties have connections to the Gangs, both political parties have ganged up against the security forces and as such the security forces have stood down.
The solutions are in the hand of both political parties, it is not the remit of anyone else. They get to decide when they will put politics aside and stand up for Jamaica.
At this juncture, neither political party has indicated it is willing to place country over politics and so in the meantime, the bloodshed will continue and more and more nations will issue travel advisories until tourists stop coming.
After which the whole shit will come tumbling down.
It bears remembering that these killers have no compunction about killing even those who feed and shelter them. So to you criminal rights functionaries if you believe you are sanitized or immune from death guess again.