Mike Espy

The final elections of the 2018 season will be held today November 27th, in the southern state of Mississippi. The elections are a runoff between Republican appointed Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith a white woman who was appointed to fill the Senate seat vacated by the retiring Republican Senator Thad Cochran, and African-American Mike Espy, former Congressman and  Clinton agriculture secretary.

Neither candidate received more than 50% of the votes in the November 6th elections, by state law this means that there has to be a runoff election to decide a winner. Today is that day.
Hyde-Smith’s parents reportedly sent her to a whites-only school after school segregation was outlawed. This can hardly be laid at the feet of Cindy Hyde-Smith, but she continued the trend by sending her own daughter to one such school to avoid sending her to a school in which she would mix with black students.

The campaign is drawing a lot of attention because of comments Cindy Hyde-Smith made on the campaign trail.
Normally a Republican candidate in ruby red Mississippi would simply swat away a democratic opponent, not so much this time.
Donald Trump’s two campaign events for Hyde-Smith on November 26th seem to indicate a sense of nervousness on the part of Republicans.
The Doug Jones win in neighboring Alabama may be uppermost in the minds of Hyde-Smith’s supporters as well.

Cindy Hyde-Smith

At issue are comments made by Hyde-Smith, Referring to a local rancher, in which she joked that, “if he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” 
At another event, the senator suggested to a group of young voters that voter suppression would be “a great idea.”
There’s a lot of liberal folks in those other schools who maybe we don’t want to vote,” she said. “Maybe we want to make it just a little more difficult. And I think that’s a great idea.
Cindy Hyde-Smith has not really made a full-throated apology for her statements and is seemingly invested in running out the election clock rather than apologize for her insensitive and racist statements.
Attaching herself fully to Donald Trump’s coat-tails Cindy Hyde-Smith seem to think that is all she needs to win in Mississippi.
She may very well be right in thinking that.

Mississippi not only has the dubious distinction of being one of the most racist states in the union it had the highest number of lynchings of African-Americans during the Jim Crow era.
That Hyde-Smith thinks that sitting front and center at a public lynching tells a great deal about her humanity. 
If elected to the Senate it will speak even more clearly about those who voted for her.
That Mississippi kind of brain rot has certainly ketp that state one of the most impoverished and the most dependent on federal aid.
Which brings me to the point of this article.

Not surprising is the response of some Republicans in the state when asked about Cindy Hyde-Smith’s comments.
No…….I’m not talking about whites, they are what they are, I’m referring to some blacks in the state, who still support the Republican party.
I just choose to look at it as a possible mistake and chalk it up to that,” said John Mosley Jr., an African-American Republican who ran for mayor of Moss Point, Mississippi, in 2017. “And I haven’t given it much thought afterward.”
“I’m a Republican. I support Cindy Hyde-Smith,” said Charles Evers. “She didn’t say anything about black folks, she didn’t say anything about white folks. She just said ‘If there’s a hanging I’ll be in the front row’ or something like that. She didn’t mean nothing like that. She was just saying something. I don’t give a damn what other people think.

Makes me wonder whether these two are afraid of being strung up on the nearest tree
Please tell us how you really feel, we will not tell anyone.
According to (postbulletin.com) Evers is the 96-year-old brother of the late Medgar Evers, an NAACP leader who was assassinated on June 12, 1963, outside his home in Jackson by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the White Citizens Council. Two trials in 1964 resulted in hung juries. Beckwith was convicted of Evers’ murder on Feb. 5, 1994.

My initial instinct when I saw these comments and others was rage, just unadulterated rage at what I thought was abject stupidity of the individuals involved.
And maybe there is still some of that in these men and others like them, but there is always another perspective.
I have been writing on this subject for some time now, [the idea of black and latino Republicanism], both of which seem to operate in an Orwellian universe, divorced from the reality of their individual existence.

I am mindful that for many in the deep south the Democratic party of George Wallace and Bull O’Connor still leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of people still alive. The likes of Charles Evers who lost his brother to an assassin’s bullets.
I can only imagine how they would find it hard to support the Democratic party which was the party of segregationists.
Juxtapose that with the initial loyalty African-Americans felt for the Republican party because Lincoln the Republican president signed the Emancipation declaration and the obstinacy becomes more understandable, even though intolerable and no less infuriating.

Donald Trump

The missing nexus for African-Americans who still cling to the Republican party, is their inability to think outside the way they were programmed to think as [subhuman subjects] of a system which projected itself as superior to them.
Sure Lincoln a Republican President was forced to free the slaves, but he did so only because it suited his interest of maintaining the Union.
Lincoln had no burning desire to be rid of slavery, it was a convenience for him and his emancipation declaration was acutely tailored to fit those ends.
On the contrary, the Democratic President Lyndon Johnson presided over the signing of both the [Civil and Voting Rights Acts] which changed the way blacks are treated in this country.
The signing of both these pieces of legislation resulted in the mass exodus of whites from the Democratic Party to the Republican party.
Today the most loyal base of the Democratic party is African-Americans.

The Republican party is fully conversant of those facts. Subsequently, the party isn’t trying to recruit blacks into the party.
If you think about it, why would the Republican party which has become far too white and far too racist for even former white Republicans, want to attract blacks?
Considering that Whites left the Democratic party over that party’s support for blacks?
It is important never to forget that whites left the Democratic party for no other reason than that they believed another group of people had no right to the basic rights and dignity they enjoyed as a matter of course!
Nevertheless, insofar as the small percentage of blacks which still support the Republican party is concerned, the party will not chase them out. 
At least not yet……who knows what this far-right party of Stephen Miller, Cindy Hyde-Smith and Donald Trump will do ultimately?
The party still has a demographic problem. As it struggles with perceptions and a shrinking white base, it still needs a couple of token black stooges to fend off some of the attacks on its racism.
Sorry Mia Love, Michael Steele, et al. 
Not many expect a Mike Espy win tonight in Mississippi, certainly, not this writer but stranger things have happened.
I fully expect white Mississippians will act like white Mississippians but the negroes though………