Information coming out of Jamaica reveals that a machine allegedly used to manufacture bullets and war-heads were seized  at the Kingston Wharves. The Jamaica Gleaner reported on the findings ,yet I am unsure what the report meant by war-heads. every projectile used in any weapon which is launched with the purpose of killing or causing harm may be characterized as a war-head. As such I found the Gleaner’s reporting infantile and woefully lacking in clarity.The reporting indicates Custom officers simply happened on the cache, they did not make the discovery as part of a systematic or concerted effort to eradicate the possibility of such contraband entering the Island. This did not stop the head of Customs from bragging about increased vigilance on the part of his officers.


Police spokes-person DSP Steve Brown.

Anyone in the know must snicker at  the notion that Jamaican customs are vigilant. I would wager they were looking to see what they could steal from unsuspecting shippers. The hapless police not to be outdone issued a statement about the find. They claimed they were asking their overseas counterparts for help with the investigations and were actively looking for one man from Manchester whom they believe may be able to aid them in their investigations. Where have we heard this form-statement before? Why would they name the person they are looking for or even where he is from, why not simply find the person tie him to the find if possible and tie up the investigations? Nah that would actually require that they show a little common sense and we know the police have consistently demonstrated they are incapable of showing common sense.


  1. The Customs Department has a Contraband Enforcement Team. This team was created in the late 1980 to detect/prevent contraband trafficking via Jamaican Ports. This team is very proactive I have worked with them for many years in my capacity of Chief Enforcement Officer for the Government of Jamaica with the responsibility of protecting exports, the postal system and the generally Jamaica’s Industry and Commerce.

  2. If police do not have common sense what does that tell you about the future of this country, as police comes from the masses of the people in this country and it also means they don’t have and show common sense in their daily routine.Every organization is on the backs of the police so they probably are trying to show transparency by giving the person the chance to come in freely and tell what he knows.

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