In a refreshing yet surprising twist of national security common sense, a senior lecturer in political psychology in the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies told Jamaican media yesterday he was pessimistic about the success of the Government’s Special zones law.

Without seeking to assign motive I will simply point to the salient points Dr. Christopher Charles made, even as I wonder at the reason that the media did not go to members of the security forces for this information.

Special Zones Law A Sick Joke: We Aren’t Laughing..


Said Charles, “Nothing I have heard is about dismantling the gangs and getting the guns. In fact, during the zones of special operations, because the men know it is going to come, I suspect that they might move to communities that are poor, but where gangs are dormant”.

Hmm, It was on July 20th that I said this in this very medium.

Does anyone believe the killers are going to stay in an area saturated with police?

What then will happen if an area is saturated, doesn’t crime invariably trend down there?
The killers will simply move to other areas as they did in 2010.

Charles went on: “They are not fools. They will go into those communities and wait. They listen to the media, so they know that Rockfort, MoBay, Clarendon, and Trelawny, anywhere we have killings, they are going to come so they would have moved. They can also lock away their guns and just easy.”

At the risk of blowing my own horn, I had this to say on July 20th.

The Prime Minister(Andrew Holness) retains the right to designate an area, a zone which needs special attention from the security forces.
That area is flooded with security personnel. But God forbid that members of the security forces should have to rough up a shotta who gets caught up in the dragnet. God forbid the security forces are forced to shoot a fucking murderer pointing a high powered weapon at them.

We could go on and on but in summarizing Charles argued thus.
“No provision has been made within the legislation for the dismantling of gangs and the hunt for illegal guns, which is the island’s biggest problem”.

I summed up my response to the special zones law this way.
The plan creates an illusion which gives the appearance of success but will do absolutely nothing about the actual murder statistics.

Mark my words, it will be like putting a little water in and tieing the mouth of the balloon, squeeze one end of the balloon and the water rushes to the other end.
That is the effect this law will have. It is a facade which will placate some, fool others and give supporters something to wag their tongues at.

Notice that the Lame stream media had no problem quoting a Ph.D.  of political psychology on a matter in which he has absolutely no training.
It would be absolutely impossible for them to consult retired officers who would be able to speak freely, unshackled from the chains of government employment.
The more things change the more they remain the same.