Does anyone see the cynical ploy Andrew Holness is perpetrating on the Police department and the country or is it just me?

Jamaica is experiencing close to 7 homicides each day which places the annual murder statistics closer to 2500 murders each year.
Those numbers do not account for those who are shot or stabbed but does not die right away but does nonetheless and are not counted in the murder statistics.
The police should be training for an all out assault on the killers yet what the Prime Minister is doing is sending them in, to place their bodies between warring factions so that he can have a glossy result on paper.

If the ploy wasn’t so cynical and outright insulting  I would be prepared to give it a chance to work.
Like a bus heading toward a cliff, I do not need to wait for it to fall off the cliff to know it is heading in the wrong direction.

In 2010 under pressure from the United States of America to extradite Christopher (duddus) Coke to stand trial for trans-national crimes, the Bruce Golding led JLP Administration was forced to acquiesce to the demands of the mammoth neighbor to our north and begin the process of extraditing Coke.

After much wheeling and dealing, posturing and grandstanding Golding was forced to send Duddus to the Americans so he could face justice for his crimes.
The sequence of events which led to the military and police’s entry into Tivoli Gardens are well known and documented in this medium as a matter of historical fact.

David Simmons

Nevertheless, after annexing the community which existed outside of the Island’s laws for decades, the administration of Portia Simpson Miller for political purposes convened a kangaroo court to condemn the security forces.
Golding was long gone by then, Miller the parochial populist now in Jamaica House was not about to allow a good scandal to go unexploited.
The Kangaroo court led by David Simmons a retired Bajan Jurist commenced with a demonstrably palpable disdain for the security forces.

In the end, the report submitted by Simmons and the other two jurists was a cringe-worthy shameful and disgusting piece of garbage unworthy of the paper on which it was written.
The panelist’s lack of a basic understanding or empathy for the security forces, the risks they take and the sacrifices they make was a serious indictment of their lack of knowledge and depth than it was ever about anything untoward they may have done.
It’s lack of objectivity and it’s obvious and blatant biases reduced all three panelists to mere hustlers and pimps of the legal profession.

The back story that does not get mentioned, the story which everyone took for granted despite the dead cops and burned out police stations was the little fact that people could walk through Tivoli gardens again.
It wasn’s the security forces who fell down on the job it was the lying thieving bastards who double as politicians who did. Members of the security forces laid down their lives so that Jamaica could honor its international obligations and a dangerous criminal could meet justice.
It was the incompetent politicians which allowed that community to become a vacuum over which gangs are now fighting for control.


PM Andrew Holness

The clueless Portia is now gone, thank you God.
Unfortunately, what we have now is Bruce Golding 2.0.
I had high hopes for this guy, initially, it seemed he at least had the basic understanding of what it takes to win.
I must admit I was so intent on seeing the back of Portia, Phillips, the Burkes, and others that I may have overlooked the imperfections of his policy positions.

He said the right things of course. Oh, he wants to build prosperity.
Noble indeed, but no one bothered to press him on how he would accomplish that feat with the crime rate and lack of discipline in the country.

I was hopeful, having listened to his wife Juliet, I heard a smart woman who understood the concerns of the police and genuinely cared about their concerns.Unfortunately, Juliet Holness wasn’t running to be the Prime Minister she was merely running for a seat in rural Saint Andrew.

Andrew Holness is no Hugh Shearer he is no Edward Seaga (even with Seaga’s negatives) Andrew Holness is Bruce Golding 2.0 (baby Bruce).
Holness promised crime would come down under his leadership. In fact, he promised Jamaicans would be able to sleep with their windows open if only they elected him to Jamaica house.
Now we all know Politicians embellish and just plain lie. So we all took that promise with a grain of salt.

You see Andrew Holness never had a real anti-crime plan which would tackle crime at its root and yank it up so it withers and dies.
In fact, Holness’ choice of Security Minister is a stark reminder that he did not care about the security forces.
He was convinced that he would generate jobs for everyone and gangsters would put down their guns.
Now the Botanist Robert Montague may not know a damn thing about  crime and security  but his rhetoric has been supportive of the security forces.

Robert Montague national security minister.

Andrew Holness’ worldview is shaped by his schooling and affiliations. He honestly believes he could tell the police “fuck you” I got this and crime would simply wither away simply because he was Prime Minister.
Then he woke up from his stupor, there are dead bodies everywhere and he cannot blame the other party.
He is the head honcho in charge.

So he devised a plan which would paper over the gaping hole in the wall. He decided on the creation of an illusion which would appease the masses, fool others while he was left to be Prime Minister.
Remember he has been running around telling everyone who would listen that police would not be kicking in doors like back in the day under his watch.
So this guy definitely has a problem with police officers. Time after time after time he has proffered the narrative that police have killed people and planted guns on them.
This from the Prime minister and Minister of National Defense.
He loves the conferences Terrence Williams convene, he doesn’t miss those. He parrots the lying narrative of the eat-a-food crowd which lives on the carcasses of dead cops, you know them. INDECOM, JFJ, PMI, FAST, IACHR, et al.

The plan was to create an illusion which gives the appearance of success but will do absolutely nothing about the actual murder statistics.
The Special Zones Act was born. here’s how it works.
The Prime Minister(Andrew Holness) retains the right to designate an area, a zone which needs special attention from the security forces.
That area is flooded with security personnel. But God forbid that members of the security forces should have to rough up a shotta who gets caught up in the dragnet. God forbid the security forces are forced to shoot a fucking murderer pointing a high powered weapon at them.
So he devised a plan to create a human rights course, which is nothing more than a facade to appease the critics who live from condemning the police.
Does Holness think we are stupid?

Commissioner of Police George Quallo

The idea is to have members of the security forces place their bodies between warring factions, armed with high powered automatic weapons.
There is only one little problem, they mustn’t make any sound and they mustn’t upset anyone.
Just fucking stay there.
Does anyone believe the killers are going to stay in an area saturated with police?
What then will happen if an area is saturated, doesn’t crime invariably trend down there?
The killers will simply move to other areas as they did in 2010.

So you do see that the new special zones law is not designed to affect crime it is merely designed to placate the human rights lobby while placing a mirror in front of the rest of the country as it plays smoke and mirrors tricks.




♦To the apologists and those bound and constrained by politics, do me a favor, think.
Any approach geared to addressing  Jamaica’s violent gangs and militias must have certain critical components.
The political leadership of the country must be resolutely behind the men and women who place their lives on the line in defense of others>
Government and Opposition must divest themselves of the relationships with criminal gangs.
Government and Opposition must issue unequivocal full-throated support for law enforcement.
Policies must be designed with the concerns of the security forces at the tip of the spear.
The government cannot continue to use the security forces to curry favor with special interest as Andrew Holness is clearly doing.

Craft legislation which makes principals and secondaries all complicit as a criminal enterprise.(See American RICO Law here)
Prosecute and punish with 25 to life in prison for violent assaults in which a gun or knife was used.
Obtain warrants to listen to the telephone conversation of gang leaders.
Identify through intelligence, the leaders of gangs, target them using various counterintelligence techniques which can be learned from other law enforcement agencies.


(1)These methods should be geared at toppling the gangs by cutting off the head of the snake destroying the tail as well.
(2)Enhance the plea bargain laws.
(3)Exponentially improve the intelligence gathering capabilities of the police.
(4)Train and equip more detectives, diversify the methods detectives use to gather intelligence.
(5)Bring the nation’s laws up to date making the commission of crimes a costly affair.
(6)Make all murders in which a gun was used punishable with life in prison without the possibility of parole.
(7)Have truth in sentencing the law of the land.
(8)Pass mandatory minimum laws for certain categories of violent crimes.
(9)Treat Rapes and sexual assaults of minors with the seriousness murders are treated under these proposals.
(10)Use JDF assets to police the Island’s ports against the gun and dope trade which is destroying the Island.
(11) Remove Terrence Williams from INDECOM, or better yet repeal the law.
(12)Demand greater accountability from police commanders through the implementation of the COMPSTAT system. This method demands commanders and ostensibly the investigators, provide specifics on how they have handled each and every report made to them.
Commands and advancements should be based on the COMPSTAT  system of accountability. Conversely, the same system should be used to identify non-performers and take the appropriate steps to retrain those offices or part company with them.

This writer will be the first to cheer the Prime Minister the minute he demonstrates support for some or all of these policy solutions.
Failing which I have to point out that this initiative under consideration is nothing more than a three card trick.