Jamaican media is reporting that the Island’s Prime minister Andrew Holness spooked by the climbing murder numbers and probably by questions from some quarters regarding the delay in implementing the Special Zones Law, is about to designate the first such zone.



According to the Observer, the Prime Minister had what was characterized as a “very robust” meeting with 20 of the most senior members of the police high command including Commissioner George Quallo.

I am interested in learning what exactly is meant by robust in that context.
According to the report, Holness cautioned the officers about how they carry out strategic searches in the declared zones and urged them not to let down the JCF with inappropriate behavior.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

That level of condescension only makes sense if you understand the level of patronizing disdain with which these shit for brains politicians view the police.
Remember my stated desire to know what constituted robust in the context of that meeting?
This is where I would have told him where to go with that condescending attitude, was I one of those senior officers.

I understand the Prime Minister cheered the meeting before a scheduled trip to the nation of Chile.
I hope Commissioner Quallo and his team cautioned him not to embarrass our country overseas.

It will be interesting to see how the announcement is made and how the security forces will begin executing that strategy.
As I said yesterday clearly the Special zones law was concocted as a farcical attempt to stifle outcry at the burgeoning murder statistics.


A serious crime plan would have been designed to effectively go into neighborhoods and do targeted intelligence based sweeps with a view to confiscating illegal weapons and ammunition, recovering stolen property and arresting wanted criminals.


This special zones law will see criminals leaving the designated zones with their weapons before the arrival of the security forces. They will take with them the tools of their illicit and nefarious trade, including whatever contraband they have to other areas.
As a consequence murders and shootings will ostensibly go down in the areas designated special zones and most importantly for Andrew Holness, that will create an illusion of success.

What they will not point to is that the migrating criminals will be polluting the areas they migrate to with their heinous brand of criminality.
It is important that people all across the Island see and understand this for what it is.
It is a law designed to fool people into thinking crime is on the decrease because certain areas are flooded with cops and soldiers.

Residents in sleepy little towns and villages must now look out for their own security.
Be on the lookout for strangers you have never seen, form large groups and ask questions of them with a view to determining whether they are in your communities for the right reasons.
It is unfortunate that as a nation we have come to this but failing to do so could be the difference between life and death for you and your families.


Understand that I am not in any way shape or form encouraging vigilante justice.
I am saying ask questions, your lives and that of your family may depend on it.
It is important that as communities you band together and work with local police officers you can trust. Report strange persons present in your neighborhoods.
Unfortunately, your Government has taken the decision to indirectly pollute your neighborhoods with criminals using a law it knows will have zero consequential effect on crime.