Republican Xenophobia


Steve King Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Iowa's 4th district

Steve King
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Iowa’s 4th district

 Mid-term Elections scheduled for November is likely to see Republican gains in the House and Senate. Yup , I know it is incredible to figure out . For those of you who have an interest in what happens in and to your lives as far as Politics goes, it is almost incomprehensible.  One of the hot button issues on the table is Immigration Reform. Republicans have done nothing to work with the Administration to fix the broken system. Despite Record deportations, President  Obama still have no Partner in Republicans.  For years Republicans demanded that securing the Borders must first be addressed. The President has done that. The Southern Border of the United States now looks like the Former East , West Berlin Border, replete with vehicular checks and all. In addition the Administration has deported over 1.5 million people in 6 years . More than any other Administration. Still Republicans have refused to act, claiming that acting on Immigration Reform is Amnesty. There is much to be said about their hypocrisy , considering this is a nation of immigrants. What’s more the hero of their philosophy Ronald Reagan, understood the need to regularize the status of undocumented people and granted Amnesty to people living in the shadows during his presidency.

If there is a swing in these upcoming elections it should be to boot these intransigent racist Republican bums from office. If current predictions are true that Republicans will gain seats and likely take the Senate, it means voters would have rewarded them for bad behavior. Sabotaging the economy through lock-downs. Not acting on Immigration. Not passing a jobs Bill which would put hundreds of thousands of workers back to work. Republicans argue Amnesty reward people who break American laws by coming to the country illegally. Why  should they be rewarded for sabotaging the country?






Sean-Hannity spreading hate and lies is a way of life for these people , they are profiting big time on the ignorance of their underclass

spreading hate and lies is a way of life for these people , they are profiting big time on the ignorance of their underclass

There is a decided strategy by Fox and  Rupert Murdoch , to hire the most outlandish racist  in an effort to promote, and promulgate race baiting and race hate. In addition to the raft of far right guests they feature daily all toward spreading hate. There are these two.

Bill O’ Reilly,and  Sean Hannity, irrespective of the host, the barrage of misinformation and hatred is the same. The idea is to stir up hate in America. It is a tactical decision, they calculate, which will bring a loyal and dedicated following to the network. It is based on the fundamental understanding that to a large extent more than half of white Americans are outright, or at best, harbor closeted racial bias. It has worked thus far . The FOX radio network is also busy spreading the hate among the least educated most ignorant of the white population. This is particularly effective among those who blame everyone but themselves for their inability to crawl out of poverty despite white privileged. These are they who are still mired in poverty despite the massive expansion of the American economy in the 1990’s during the Clinton Years. The ascendancy of Barack Obama to the pinnacle of white power and minorities becoming a majority has driven them nuts. It is a poisoned well and it’s only going to get worse.

It is not unusual to see many of these people railing against Government intrusion in their lives , while many are literally living off Government largess. Incredibly many of these people were rather upset at Obama when he suggested raising the tax rates on Americans making in excess of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars annually. What makes it interesting is that among this crowd are literally no top wage earners.

FOK has found fertile soil in this Xenophobic crowd who believe their problems  whatever they are, are attributable to immigrants.