I recently wrote about what I perceive to be the selective way Human Rights abuses are reported and exposed by Groups Like The DC based Inter American Commission on Human Rights and Amnesty International based in London England .http://chatt-a-box.com/mywpblog/?p=6218#respond.


Whether it is unlawful Police Killings, or killings by States, The Inter American Commission on Human Rights and Amnesty International are surreptitiously silent when the killings occur in the United Sates and other Industrialized nations. Herbert Smulls a Missouri inmate was put to death before his last appeal had been decided . Smulls was allegedly on the phone with his Lawyer when he was taken away by Prison guards to the execution chamber. This happened while the Supreme Court was supposedly hearing his last ditch attempt for clemency.  Smulls was convicted  for the killing of a Jeweler during a 1991 robbery.

Whether you believe in the death penalty or not is immaterial in this instance I believe . This inmate deserved due process. How could the state of Missouri move ahead with an execution when the accused had not exhausted all his appeals? The Missouri Attorney General claims the state acted properly.  Smulls Attorney stated however, that this was the third time the state of Missouri had moved ahead with the execution of inmates who had not exhausted their appeals

This renegade Justice gives credibility and traction to those opposed to the death penalty. Even those of us who are somewhat pro-death penalty cannot in good conscience agree with a state circumventing the law. What’s the hurry he was on  death row all these years and entitled to his last appeal? What was the state of Missouri afraid of ? What was the reason the state moved to kill him while the highest arbiter in the country had not made it’s final decision.   Can we conclude then, because it was a black man the State knew the Supreme court of the United States would not intervene? You see, this is why people in certain communities do not believe that the system works for them. They have more than enough evidence the system works against them.

Yet despite these acts of obvious criminality by States, despite protestations to the contrary, no human rights agency had a single word of condemnation, not a word of criticism. This was not just about Herbert Smulls the accused in this case. This was bigger than him. This was about Justice and fairness. It was about the rule of law, it is about no one being above the law. Not even the state of Missouri.