Having To Raise A Stink To Get Rid Of The Stench

Aug 12th.

Action !

20140812_130853After many telephone calls to the Mayor’s office about the putrid fecal stench coming from the grating in front of premises 530 Main street Poughkeepsie, today there was action. People passing cover their noses , the two stores nearby , the grocery store and mine keep their doors closed to avoid the stench coming inside.  I have called the Mayor’s office , the Health Department, and the mayors office again, each time they send someone yet nothing was done.

Two weeks ago I called the Mayor’s office again to complain. His secretary was polite she listened to my complaint, again. About half an hour later the City Administrator Mister Milo Bunyi called me back.  Mister Bunyi promised he would send someone out to investigate and report to him. I 20140812_130918thanked him and hung up.

Someone did show up, a week passed , nothing. August 12th the stench is still as strong and putrid as ever, so I called the mayor’s office again, this time I told the lady I would go to the internet and maybe to Court, just so I don’t have to breathe in the stench of people’s excrement . About an hour later these men showed up. The stench seemed to have dissipated if not totally gone.

We will wait to see if the problem is solved. I called the Mayors office and offered my thanks to his secretary.

Thank you Mister Bunyi.