It has been well over a month and still there has been no arrest in the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, pictured above in hoodie.

Despite what appear to the average onlooker as enough to arrest, neither the Sanford Police now out of the investigations, nor the special prosecutor assigned to the case, has seen fit to do what the family and people all over this country and the world are saying , arrest George Zimmerman !!

Instead we learn that there seem to be a colossal coverup and gross acts of impropriety by Sanford Police and others, to make the killing of Trayvon martin go away.

We now know that George Zimmerman is the son of a retired Judge./ Interesting

We have learned that the lead Investigator wanted to arrest Zimmerman but was over ruled by the prosecutor who drove over 50 miles to over rule the lead investigator.

We are now told that the lead Investigator wrote an affidavit detailing exactly what his findings were.  In essence a cover your ass move.

We are told that the lead Investigator told someone close to the family of Trayvon Martin that there are some stereotyping going on here. He obviously was disgusted with the way things were being handled.

We are told that Zimmerman claimed that he suffered a broken nose and a busted head, he allegedly told police that Trayvon Martin attacked him, knocking him to the ground, broke his nose pummeled his head into the sidewalk. He also claimed Trayvon attempted to disarm him of his firearm and as such he was forced to kill Trayvon Martin.

Did Trayvon Martin know that Zimmerman have a firearm? If the answer is yes , did that not give Trayvon Martin even more right to fight like hell to defend his life?

We were formerly told that the Police stated that Zimmerman had grass stains on the back of his jacket and a bloody nose when they arrived. Yet a video recording released by the police shows George Zimmerman in the same jacket 30 minutes later , there appeared to be no blood, and Zimmerman showed no signs that he was involved in a fight.

We are left wondering who told who to say what?

Zimmerman’s father , brother, lawyer, and friend have all stated that Zimmerman told them he was beaten by Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman alleges he was forced to shoot Trayvon Martin.  Despite Judge Zimmerman’s testimony on behalf of his son, he never once mentioned an apology or empathy to the family of Trayvon Martin for the loss of their son.

Instead he sought to blame the President of the United States, the congressional black causus, the NAACP, and everyone whom have spoken out in defense of the rule of law, fairness equity and the right of Trayvon Martin to the fundamental right to life .

One wonders what kind of Justice was dispensed to black people in Orange county Florida by Judge Zimmerman?

CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE:  Circumstantial evidence is direct evidence of a fact from which a person may reasonably infer the existence or nonexistence of another fact. A person’s guilt of a charged crime may be proven by circumstantial evidence, if that evidence, while not directly establishing guilt, gives rise to an inference of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

As such, you draw your own conclusion of a coverup either way you chose. The insulting thing to people’s intelligence are the transparent attempts by the Zimmerman camp to impugn the integrity of the victim Trayvon Martin. Clearly this is an effort to distract people from the fact that a murder was committed . This is a time-honored ruse that  have been used on African Americans forever and they have gotten away with it,  demonizing the victim. Whenever a black man is murdered they trot out his criminal record , or make one up and in complicit acquiescence with the media we are made to believe that he had it coming to him because 30 years ago he was arrested for fighting whilst in middle school.

We see a supposed 53-year-old  black man trotted out as a friend of Zimmerman . We see a black man given the interim job of police chief . We see black people attesting to the fidelity and credibility of the new state prosecutor. These are smoke screen appeasement methods designed to quite dissent and nothing more. How many 53-year-old men have 28-year-old friends? How stupid and moronic do these people think we in the black commuinity are?

STAND YOUR GROUND: Stand your ground is premised on the notion that a person being attacked has no duty to retreat and may use force to defend him/herself. Hold that thought for a while.

George Zimmerman is a 28-year-old wannabe cop who has a record of three arrests one for resisting a police officer without violence. One for domestic violence, and one arrest for resisting an officer with violence, in any other place that is a felony yet all three arrests are mysteriously closed and we are told  as we ponder how this could happen, that he is the legal owner/ carrier of a semi automatic weapon.

George Zimmerman had called 911 a total of 46 times over a period of 56 days . That is a call placed to a 911 operator every 1.217 days. Essentially George Zimmerman called 911 almost every day on average. This pattern shows a man terribly disturbed or terribly obsessed with being a cop.

Zimmerman was told not to follow Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman was not appointed as watch captain , he appointed himself.

Zimmerman ought not to have a gun even if he was a legitimate watch captain.

Zimmerman had no legal authority to approach Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman had no legal authority to ask Trayvon Martin quote: “what are you doing around here“as explained by Trayvon  Martin’s girlfriend who was on the phone with him as he told her he was being followed by a man.

I asked you to hold the “stand your ground thought“.

In light of the aforementioned , who had an absolute right to stand his ground? Trayvon Martin did !

If Trayvon Martin had the right to stand his ground but ended up murdered , yet to date no one has been arrested or charged for his killing.

We must ask ourselves does laws in America apply equitably to the protection of black people?

This is a legitimate question,  whenever the rights of African-Americans are violated the strategy is to argue somehow that the aggrieved party had no expectation of protection of the very law that ought to be a shelter to protect everyone.  As we see in the Trayvon Martin case  the victim is once again the culprit.

This is nothing new, a Long Island New York Black man has been imprisoned for defending his home. The incident occured when a group of white thugs invaded his property in an attempt to kill his son. The law which gives every white home owner the right to defend his homested , by shooting first and asking questions later, when that home stead is breached did not apply to that African American home owner. All over America we see cases where the laws do not protect all Americans, just certain people. We must ask ourselves what kind of society discriminates against its own citizens? What kind of society allows law enforcement officers and average citizens the latitude to treat the life of certain segments of the society with impunity and scant regard? What goes through the mind of a police officer when he kills a 19-year-old college student , despite the fact that they did not point their weapons on any of the white students involved in a so-called mele?

What causes a police officer who pulls over a  black man then ask what’s up guy? Not “how are you sir”?

Many including the black intelligentsia nuance and parse, refusing to call a spade a spade. The fact is, it is “entrenched and systematic racism”, and it is learned behavior. We cannot fix what we fail to confront, when the President of the United States says if I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin, he was saying  I am the President of the United States and if my son was walking through that community he would have been gunned down just like Trayvon Martin was.



How many black presidents are we killing? How many black attorney generals are we killing? This has got to stop. As we speak there are protests springing up all over the country. The world is watching and waiting for justice American style. America must show the world that when it says it stands for justice and human rights it is not just for a chosen few . America purports to sow democracy around the world but it must begin at home. America’s credibility is on the line. The world is watching while minorities are killed daily in America because of the color of their skin,  it cannot continue to be just another day at the office.

There must be justice for Trayvon Martin now. We are counting the days to see how long it will take, before George Zimmerman is arrested and charged for the capital murder of Trayvon Martin.