download (11)Following on  previous blogs I  have written on this subject  I felt compelled to ask that we pray for our President , and the Country. Yesterday the  Republican Governor of Texas Rick Perry convened a Pray-off in his States. The governor invited Ministers and others to pray for our Nation. As a believer myself  I  would not be at liberty , neither would I want to question the sincerity of  the Governor’s actions,Conversely as Christians we should understand the need for prayer in our daily lives, not just when things appear not to be going the way we want them to ,but as a constant line of communication with God Almighty , our Creator.

One cannot purport to pray to God for his intervention whilst  at the same time harboring hate and resentment in their heart toward others.This we must all understand as God’s children, irrespective of what we call him , or even whether we believe or not.Even our brothers and sisters who do not believe in a God will agree that hate is a corrosive destructive force that eats at one’s ability to excel the way one  normally would. I ask that we pray for our President in light of this obvious and apparent all out assault on him, by some who pretend to be patriotic Americans. They have stated their  desire to see him fail, even if America fails.  It boggles the mind that  anyone could be so inherently evil to the  point of wanting  the president to  fail simply based on the color  of  his skin. How heavy must that  burden of hate  be?  What could cause the human mind to be that degenerative toward another, based on anything , least of all, that person’s race. Not having witnessed Slavery, not having witnessed Jim Crow ,not having experienced cross burning on my front lawn , I might have been desensitized to the deep undercurrent of racism that simmers  in  America,  barely beneath the surface. Some of what we have witnessed since the campaign heated up between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, has been some of the most vitriolic bile imaginable. Even then, all of the eye-popping  disgraceful behavior we witnessed in those primaries , pales in comparison to what we are now seeing happening in America.

I imagined it would be hard for the agents of hate to live with a black President. I was prepared, and still  am,  for more of the disgraceful, shameful,  displays in words and deeds. What I worry about is whether our President imagined it,  or is prepared for it. No President deserves to be treated with such disrespect.  God commanded us to be respectful of our leaders, personally I disagreed with 99.9% of  President Bush’s policies , yet I prayed for God’s guidance over him during his time in Office:  he was our president.

The downgrade of America’s credit rating was a cynical, diabolical, and plain evil act by Republicans, I spoke about it before it happened in previous blogs. They wanted this to be a scarlet letter to be hung  around the president’s neck, some openly called for the country to default on its debt, knowing full well that a default  meant  downgrade . The chapter on the consequences to the economy and those of us who are struggling is yet to be written. What is obvious is that the republican party, driven by  ideological  intolerance did not care whether people  lost their homes, jobs,or whether interest  rates on their mortgages would trend upward creating more downward pressure on an economy that alternatively needed a pressure valve.

President Obama,I ask that you get down on  your knees and ask God for guidance, in the  mornings  and at night  before you go to sleep, as David King of Israel did before you. Do  not worry about the enemies round about you, God will confuse them .

As it  is written in Romans:Chp.8 V 28:  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

V31 What shall we say then to these things ?  If God be for us who can be against us?

We pray for you Mr. President. We pray for those who hate you. We pray for our Country.We pray the love of God on all of our brothers  and sisters who are finding it hard to  make ends meet  in these trying times, not just here in this country but all over the world.

America has been here before, she has seen much worse and has bounced back bigger better , stronger , and she will again.

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