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As the Obama Administration embarks on its 2nd term there will undoubtedly be triumphs and travails. It  appears that in every Administration there are players whom are sacrificial lambs. Oliver North under Reagan, Harriet Myers under Bush 43rd, and now Susan Rice under Obama.

It seem to me though, that Susan Rice was made to look like a fool, in order that the Obama Administration may have the nominee it really wanted  for the state department  John Kerry. I make no claim to know how Washington DC works, but  it seem to me that Obama was not prepared to fight for the woman he calls his friend. One may be cynical about the motives of Senate Republicans, understandably so, they want another shot at the Massachusetts Senate seat that  John Kerry is vacating to head the State Department.

The venom with which John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Lindsay Graham and others came out against Ambassador Rice leaves me to wonder if there is not more to it than meets the eyes. Separate and apart from the cynically obvious craven desire of Republicans to potentially pick up another Senate seat, it does seem there was a deeper and more conspiratorial plot afoot when McCain referred to Kerry as Mister secretary, while he and others were simultaneously waging a visceral war against an African-American woman, exponentially more qualified than he McCain or either of his cohorts to head the State Department, or any other job for that matter. There have also been whispers that many in the Republican Party actually believe that Rice has been promoted far enough.


Obama and Rice conferring.                                                                               John Kerry

Now that is quite understandable, the Republican Party would absolutely prefer to see blacks back on the plantation, Black woman, maybe worse. Floating Susan Rice’s name then backing away was  cowardly and cynical. Rice has been one of Obama’s staunchest supporters, even before he became President. John McCain bears the scars of Rice’s unmitigated defense of Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. Barack Obama did not take a scratch for Susan Rice, he did not reciprocate the loyalty Rice demonstrated on his behalf. What is political capital if you don’t spend it on principles?

Irrespective of what others say, Blacks are the foundation of the Democratic Party and the spine that puts and kept Barack Obama in the White House. To have only Eric Holder in the top echelon of the cabinet is inexcusable and cowardly, as I said before, a Barack Obama with backbone would shove Susan Rice down Republicans throats.The cordiality we saw extended  to Kerry on the first day of hearings, was  a love-fest, compared to how Hillary was treated the day before.


John McCain                                                                                               Kelly Ayotte

Lindsay Graham


Of course Republicans were in love with Hillary Clinton, previous to this their last attempt to bloody her nose. The Clintons were just a month ago Republicans idea of good Democrats. Of course Obama has been re-elected to a second 4 year term, so their attentions are now refocused on attacking the Clintons, just in case Hillary decides to run for president in 2016. I have no quarrel with the idea of a Secretary of State John Kerry, after all it’s only fair that Obama reward Kerry with something, it was Kerry who elevated Obama’s profile by giving him prime time keynote speaking time at his Nominating convention in 2004.

Maybe if Obama had not given that red state blue state speech at Kerry’s convention, we would not have a twice elected Barack Obama. I have no quarrel with Senator Kerry, I thought he would have been a good President, He will be a great Secretary of State, I just don’t believe Susan Rice should have been the Ram caught in the bushes and sacrificed as in the biblical story of Abraham and his son Isaac.

  • There are credible rumblings that many in the Republican Party feel strongly that Susan Rice has been promoted far enough. I am not quite sure whether it’s the black or the woman part of Susan Rice they hate more, or maybe both.
  • Susan Rice has been a loyal soldier for Obama, Obama has let Rice down.
  • The love-fest I saw between Kerry and his Senate Republican colleagues on Thursday January 24th was a stark reminder, that when it comes down to it people look out for others who look like themselves.
  • Can Barack Obama say the same?
  • As African-Americans returned from Vietnam to segregation, ridicule, and racial bigotry, so too has Susan Rice been treated even as she continues to give stellar and exemplary service to country.
  • Many who criticizes and castigate her are significantly less qualified than she is, they lack the intellect, the education, and the strength of character she has demonstrated in her service to her country.
  • Many who are now held up as heroes, actually spilled their guts under pressure.
  • Susan Rice has nothing of which to be ashamed.