Recent Wikileaks cables reported on, in Jamaica’s Daily Gleaner ,suggested that 84  Jamaican Nationals have been put on US terror watch list.

All over social media people are putting their two cents in , making their voices heard , interestingly, most Jamaicans seem to think that the US terror watch list, is a wide net, that scoops up  fish, crabs, as well as old boots, there is validity to such arguments, Congressmen, businessmen and even babies have been blocked from boarding airplanes because they were supposedly on a watch list of sorts, right here in the United States.

It would seem that if one does not live in the United  States , or doesn’t wish to travel there, they should not care what the Americans think. At least those are some of the sentiments on social media. The legitimacy of those arguments I will not address here today , but let’s look at what the ramifications are for Jamaica.

Two of Jamaica’s most notorious criminal Gangs the Clans man and One order Gangs are affiliated with the two major Political Parties in Jamaica .  Last May things came to a head  when members of the Security Forces stormed the Garrison of Tivoli gardens the redoubt of Christopher (dudus) Coke who was wanted by the Americans on alleged Drug and Gun running charges .

When the dust cleared over 70 people from that community lost their lives, as well as  a  members of the Security Forces . One of the Cops who  paid the ultimate price was a popular Police Sargeant Wayne, Henriques ,both the JCF and JDF were left mourning their dead colleagues who paid the ultimate price in defense of Jamaica.

Harkening back to the report of possible links of Jamaicans with terrorism, the actual reason I decided to write this blog .

Jamaicans run a great risk of not seeing the forest for the trees, irrespective of whether one like the United States is immaterial , Jamaicans fail to look at this bit of information with fear and trepidition at their peril. Trinidad a Caribbean neighbour has Radical Muslims who have demonstrated that they will use any resource at their disposal to achieve their political or religious goal.It is therefore not beyond the pale to imagine that if Jamaican Terrorists have access to explosives and other means of mass destruction they are apt to use them and with devastation consequences.

This brings us to the most recent terror tactics that gangs have employed in recent times, that of decapitating their victims, to some who follow events around the world this is a favourite method used by Taliban and Al-queda Terrorists to send a message to their enemies, this strategy is designed to drive fear and instill terror into the hearts of dissenters, ( welcome to jamrock) This heinous method  of killing has been visited on three members of  the community of Lauriston outside Spanish Town.

On July 18th a 62-year-old farmer Austin George was found dead in a pool of blood in his home ,neighbours had called the Police when they became suspicious after observing certain things that seemed out-of-place, the method of killing was reportedly the same , he was allegedly shot, and his throat slashed.

I have no information on whether these killings are related, what seem to be a common thread  however is the method of killing.!

Is it ritualistic?

Is it designed to instill terror ?

Or are the criminals running out of bullets?

As a former street cop I am inclined  to not take Jamaican criminals for granted , but I am also not going to give them too much credit either.

Law enforcement has been slightly better since Coke’s empire was toppled,this is not to suggest that he was the only leader of a criminal empire there ,far from it , in fact there are still a significant hard-core clique of criminals affiliated and supported by people in high places in Jamaica .

I am aware that Jamaican criminals are blood thirsty demented demons, but I find it interesting that they would resort to throat cutting just to make a point, I believe we are witnessing something important here , and  I think bullets are becoming scarce , hence the beheadings.

I have been shouting for years to all who will listen that what we have been seeing play out on the streets of Kingston, Spanish Town, and other killing fields ,were not simple acts of criminality, but inherently, a more sinister pattern of  Criminality called Terror.

Under Percival Patterson’s stewardship Jamaica  deteriorated to a place most Jamaicans living abroad are skeptical to visit, and certainly will never retire to.Through  systematic incompetence,and gross neglect the Island’s security forces were reduced to what they were in the 1970’s under the stewardship of  his mentor Michael Manley.The security forces were  there in name only.Criminals were allowed to run rampant , all sectors of public life became contaminated with corruption, The  Americans in the aforementioned cables ,alluded to this lack of  will on the part of Patterson to do anything about the rampant criminality and corruption that was engulfing the country.

We now know that Patterson was too busy feathering his nest to care about what was happening. Most people in other parts of the world would laugh if they knew these men have titles of honourable and most honourable.Information from the Constabulary revealed that not a single Detective was trained for over ten  years ,under the stewardship of  Percival James Patterson and his protegé, Portia Simpson Miller.The total free pass given to small time crooks has yielded devastating consequences for Jamaica.  Other factors  impacted  what was happening on the ground in Jamaica, America was deporting people back to Jamaica as if there were no tomorrow, and continue to do so, some seasoned and dangerous criminals, as well as others who did nothing to deserve deportation. Either way they all need to eat.

One deterrent to crime, is the likelihood of getting caught. In Jamaica the likelihood of getting caught , or ever apprehended for a crime is rather slim. October 1991 I walked away from law enforcement  , at that time we had a clear up rate of over 70 % in all major crimes, in the 20 years since I left, the JCF by its own admission, only clears up about 7% percent of all major crimes . Seven,of that clear up rate the conviction rate is next to nill . Those who wring their hands and wonder how we got to what is now happening , need look no further than this paragraph for answers.

Not being held accountable for crimes emboldened  criminals who have more than enough support from all quarters .

Politicians,dance hall,human rights,clergy,non governmental Organizations, mothers girlfriends and the media to a lesser extent, the latter through either fear, or incompetence, allowed itself to become passive cheerleaders to the carnage.

The Don culture delivered votes ,the criminals in the Parliament kept the Police at bay. The Police largely started to care less ,and  many became involved in despicable forms of criminality, unimaginable to ever  associate with law enforcement officers.Outside groups like Amnesty International and their local protegé Jamaicans for justice continue to use subtle coercion to destabilize the country through a systematic campaign of attack against the members of the security forces, as the streets continue to run red with the blood of innocent adults and children.

The European Union has made funds available to Jamaicans for Justice. Under the guise of  human rights, the local groups have led a sustained and concerted crusade against the security forces , supported by some within the JLP Administration and the entire opposition party. 

One would think that the way forward would be through a systematic building up of  the capabilities of the law enforcement apparatus, and the justice system, allowing for the timely and adequate dispensation of justice. This in tandem with modernization of the country’s infrastructure and community developement, that would put people to work, expand the economy, and reduce crime, which encourages investments which in turn creates more jobs.

In a country of 2.7 million people we continue to lose almost 2’000 to homicide annually, others to migration and it seem that the innocent are stuck with nowhere to go , poverty, ignorance , illiteracy,hopelessness, and a rapacious opportunistic political class that prey on their disadvantaged state.

If we do not begin to seriously take a no-nonsense approach, that includes prison without parole,and dealing with it as a military matter,  with a military solution ,yes a military solution !!, there will be no future for our country ,there are no real victories without sacrifice, the sooner we as a people realize that the rule of law must be adhered to, and that those who defy the majority’s desire to live in a civilized way will be removed one way or another from society, the better our chances will be for a halt on the precipitous slide we are in.

The bleeding heart criminal supporting charlatans at Jamaicans for justice who show up like ambulance chasing lawyers ,sniffing around at every shooting involving police , looking for relevance, must be made to understand that we as a nation will not allow a lobby group to decide when it comes to our safety and security, Patterson and Simpson Miller offered our country up on the altar of political expediency, allowing criminal rights to take center stage over the rights of law-abiding citizens, Cops who do their jobs eradicating terrorists from the country are sideline and demonized ,so that Jamaicans for justice and Carolyn Gomes can receive foreign funds and a national award, on the blood of warriors like Wayne Henriques,and all the other cops and members of our nations military.

This week our country has come full circle we now see the trend of beheading take center stage. Out of shame , and fear of a backlash, the criminal serving group, Jamaicans for justice, has come out in condemnation against the gruesome beheadings, this is what people like myself and others have been saying for years,” when you support them they get emboldened” .

Carolyn Gomes this is now your baby, you and the talking heads on television, and the idlers who offer nothing but hot air like Perkins and others , this is your baby.

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