Romney Ryan
Romney Ryan

I am so fed up with what passes for Media that I really do not intentionally watch Television anymore. You are probably wondering what I mean by “intentionally”. Well I really don’t bother to sit around and watch, I hear some of what they are saying as I go about my business, I just don’t want to be told how to process information by a panel of people who should be told how to process information.

If you are wondering what I am ranting about these days ? I ask,”have you seen NBC’s coverage of the recent London Olympics? Do you ever turn your Television to FOX misinformation? Do you care about the fluff they present on CNN? and most of all have you seen the way the so-called media has handled the ongoing election campaign?

If you answered in the affirmative on any of these questions then you understand my disgust. The duty of an independent Media is to present information to the public, to report on events as they happen and hold the feet of leaders to the fire of accountability. Does anyone believe the Media is doing any of these things? Instead we watch as Candidates and their surrogates sit on television and repeat campaign talking points without being challenged by the questioner. In most instances the talking points are little more than distortions, segments of a conversation taken out of context or outright lies.

Yet there are seldom any instances where Journalists ever say that is an outright lie and I will not allow you to come on here and spew that kind of misinformation to the public ! guaranteed if the media started doing this people would have some respect their profession, and the liars would come prepared to answer questions truthfully or don’t come at all, a good first step in cleaning up the political system.

So Joe Biden makes a statement about  chains in a speech he gave in Virginia, the Romney campaign desperately looking for something from which to gain traction, made a big deal of what really was nothing. What did the lame stream media do ? they ran with it.Context be damned,  Does anyone believe Romney or Ryan or anyone within the Republican party or the Romney campaign care about slurring black people. Romney did it the very next day , feigning anger at the president, in a speech before his supporters Romney said quote:”take your campaign of division and anger and hate, back to Chicago let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America“.http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57494114/what-substance-campaign-attacks-get-nastier-than-ever/

A thinly veiled attepmpt, designed to paint the president as the angry black man. The only problem is, Romney ended up looking like a desperate pathetic fool  trying to paint Obam as an angry black man

The hypocrisy of Mitt Romney and the right on this issue is blindingly stunning ,where has the lame-stream media and Romney been in the shameful 4 year assault on President Obama by the incredibly low-class morons on the right who question everything and demean everything about the president, his family and his relatives?  Mitt Romney is all too willing to join in, feeding at the slop trough of ignorant racist ignominy….As this election cycle unfolds we have begun to see the effects of what overwhelmingly huge chunks of dirty money can buy. All the vermin now begin crawling out the wood-work. Billionaire Koch brothers are no longer pretending that the Tea Party is a grass Organization of the people, they are running ADs attacking the president under the banner Americans for prosperity. What they haven’t said is, prosperity for whom.

Here’s the most recent display from Charles and David Koch, two billionaires intent on paying for the presidency, as they seek to install Mitt Romney there as a puppet to do their bidding ,which will include not just tax breaks for the likes of the Kochs and Romney but utter destruction of our eco system, through fracking , destroying ground water, drilling for oil, destroying wet-lands, nature preserves, and fragile coral reefs, but also the destruction of forests for lumber and the shaving of mountain tops to mine coal. When they are done they will have gazillions in the bank but there will bo no planet left for the rest of the world’s  over 7 billion inhabitants, and you know what Charles and David Koch will be just fine with that.http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2012/08/14/in-ad-voters-break-up-with-obama/?mod=google_news_blog

The president’s campaign is not sitting idly by, they are fighting back with counter Ads seen below, showing what the president has been doing, despite republican obstructionist tacticshttp://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/18/obama-fights-back-against-koch-brothers-in-new-ad/

This will be the worse election campaign in the history of this country, it is the most desperate Republican candidates all over the country has ever been, and the presidential candidate is the worse I have ever seen in my life-time, already they have rolled out swift boat veterans lying that the president is revealing sensitive Military secrets  and endangering the lives of service-members. These are the same tactics Carl Rove and others ,in concert with Bush 43rd employed against Military veteran and purple heart recipient John Kerry. Imagine Republican putting veterans up to telling the president he did not kill Osama Bin Laden, America did, These bastards are willing to rewrite history to delegitimize this president.

This Republican party has shown that it is willing to do anything for power, they stole the elections in 2000, without consequences when the Republican stacked Supreme Court stopped the vote count in the state of Florida and gave the win to George Bush, I have never quite reconciled that in my mind, with the narrative of the world’s greatest democracy.

Voter suppression laws in most states, designed to give Romney the win in swing states like Pennsylvania as alluded to by that states republican leader in the legislature.http://http://youtu.be/EuOT1bRYdK8.

God help America,the win at all cost strategy employed by the likes of Carl Rove, the nastiness of Sarah Palin, the ignorant racist dogma of Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin and others will have serious negative resonance beyond our willingness to accept,or confront for generations to come.