Jamaica’s Criminal Loving Judges:

On July 14th of this year this website was born, contrary to conventional wisdom I launched without an appreciable volume of content  as would have been the prudent thing to do, the reason I couldn’t wait for content was an issue that enraged a lot of people,  the killing of Young Khajeel Mais. I wrote my first blog then and titled it


 Khajeel Mais
Khajeel Mais

Readers may go back and read that virgin blog , but I would like to tell you about this young man whom I never met ,but whose death unearthed something inside of me.

17 years old school-boy Khajeel Mais was killed  in an apparent case of road rage gone terribly wrong .
Young Mais, an innocent victim  riding in the back of a Cab to a fete at a high School, became the victim of a terrible case of road rage, when the cab in which he was a passenger allegedly ran into the back of a BMW-x6 sport utility vehicle.
Its is alleged that the driver of the sport utility vehicle emerged from the vehicle firing at the cab, the cab driver it is reported turned his cab around and headed in the opposite direction ,with the x6 driver still firing. The cab driver later discovered  that young Khajeel was killed shot through the head.

Without rehashing the story, the killer was later identified as Patrick Powell a business-man with a lot of influence,Mister Powell had taken off to the United States after the shooting, Police, desperate for his return to the Island arrested his son on an outstanding warrant for what we were told was a felony wounding ,  the victim is reportedly now a  cripple after the assault by the junior Powell. The reason he was not arrested before is open to your speculation and as such I will not belabor that point here. Patrick Powell returned to Jamaica after a series of consultations with Jamaican powerhouse lawyer, Patrick Atkinson who represents him.

Fast forward to November 10th 2011:

Patrick Powell was offered bail by Supreme Court Justice Carole Beswick. Beswick  is a part of the Jamaican Judges hall of shame  two days ago we featured another of the criminal coddling judges that are called his/her lordship. Powell remains in custody as the prosecutor has the right to object to bail under the bail act. Beswick has granted Powell bail in the sum of 10 million dollars ,he is to surrender his travel documents and report to the police three times weekly. As a former police officerI was enthralled by this nonsense, report to the police?  All one needs is to get out of jail , if a suspect wants to run the police can wait for that first visit all they want , a suspect  could be anywhere with a new identity.

Patrick Powell
Patrick Powell

This is not a stretch of the imagination, he ran before. Beswick tried to insulate herself from the howls of condemnation that she knew was sure to emanate from her actions, brought to bear by vigilant citizens like yours truly and others, here’s what she had to say. Quote ” I am fortified by the law and cases from the judicial committee of the United Kingdom Privy Council that bail was not to be withheld as a form of punishment

Ok I am not a lawyer , but where is the punishment? The kid is dead Khajeel Mais will not get a chance to enjoy the life God gave him,what part of this does these morons that pass for judges do not get. One of the primary reason for the denial of bail is that the subject is a flight risk (will run) unlikely to turn up for trial.Patrick Powell is demonstrably a flight risk , he already ran and had to be lured back to the country. The other is that the subject may interfere,with or be a threat to potential witnesses slated to testify at trial. From all appearance Beswick has no evidence that he won’t , so why not err on the side of caution? What is it that drives Jamaican Judges to love criminals so much? We are posting a current listing of all of the Judges in Jamaica who are making these egregious decisions,decisions which  are resulting in the destruction of our country,not all of them are criminal coddlers ,you decide , everything is a matter of public record, this list was pulled from the Supreme  court website. Every Jamaican must avail themselves to these facts, these are the people who are releasing criminals back onto the streets ,as I have said some of the Judges are serious Jurists,but not enough of them ,when the Magistrates are thrown into the mix we get a picture of why crime is at those levels. Judges simply refuse to lock criminals away. We will continue to shine a light on the atrocious behavior of these malignant tumors eating away at the Jamaican nation.

Current Judges


The Hon. Miss Justice Gloria Smith         (Senior Puisne Judge)

The Hon. Miss Justice Kay Beckford

The Hon. Mr. Justice Horace Marsh

The Hon. Mr. Justice Donald McIntosh

The Hon. Mr. Justice B. Andrew Rattray

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Carol Lawrence-Beswick

The Hon. Mr. Justice Lennox Campbell

The Hon. Mr. Justice Patrick Brooks

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Marjorie Cole-Smith

The Hon. Miss Justice Paulette Williams

The Hon. Mr. Justice Courtney Daye

The Hon. Miss Justice Ingrid Mangatal

The Hon. Mr. Justice Raymund King

The Hon. Mr. Justice Bryan Sykes

The Hon. Miss Justice Jennifer Straw

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Almarie Sinclair-Haynes

The Hon. Mr. Justice Leighton Pusey

The Hon. Miss Justice Christine McDonald

The Hon. Mr. Justice Martin Gayle

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Marva McDonald-Bishop

The Hon. Mr. Justice Bertram Morrison

The Hon. Mr. Justice Glen Brown

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Sarah Thompson-James

The Hon. Mr. Justice David Fraser

The Hon. Mr. Justice Frank Williams

The Hon. Miss Justice Carol Edwards

The Hon. Mr. Justice Kirk Anderson

Acting Judges

The Hon. Mr. Justice Evan Brown

The Hon. Miss Justice Nicole Simmons

The Hon. Miss Justice Sharon George


Mrs Audre Lindo

Mrs Sonia Bertram-Linton






JUDGE : For Yourself.

BuildingK20120214NG I had a conversation this morning with a retired Jamaican teacher, I have the greatest regard for this lady, she is very pleasant and likeable,  for me there is just something about someone who has the patience and dedication to spend their life educating others.

She was a little angry but determined that she wanted to return to Jamaica and find a way to do something about the way children, seniors and the destitute are treated, she expressed exasperation and trepidation as to whether or not she could actually make a difference. I told her truthfully, I had no way of knowing whether she would be impactful or not, but if she decided to do nothing then she definitely will have no impact. I told her Rosa Parks definitely made a huge impact  by just sitting down.

I struggled with that as a young police officer in Jamaica, was I making a difference? I ultimately concluded that yes I was making a difference, however the difference I wanted to make was not going to be accomplished if I stayed with the Department.  I  concluded  that had I stayed I would have  been  beholden and answerable to the archaic inane system to which I was repulsed and opposed. Ever since I departed I have struggled with the question of how can I make a difference in a system where even those charged with being the guardians of the rights and interest of the people are the very ones limiting and violating those rights?

Every Jamaican, at home or abroad, knows that their political  leaders are sometimes the very people who supply guns and ammunition to their neighbors to intimidate and kill them. Which allows them to stay in office, where they  perpetuate the vicious cycle that keeps them, family members and friends well off . Yet the same criminal politicians are the ones with the responsibility  to draft and enact legislation that would make it bad business for those whose business it is to commit crimes. Do you beleive criminals are going top put themselves in Jail?

Sources on the ground has confirmed  to me that the only reason Politicians are not giving guns to community activists like they are used to is simply because the activists have their own guns and do not need anything but political cover from politicians anymore. So they have not experienced an awakening as some believe,  the gangsters just have their own guns , plain and simple. Even so, some are still ensnared  and entangled with street criminals who are killing their fellow Jamaicans .

What makes this former teacher’s frustration so relevant for me is the fact that I share the same frustration about the crime situation in our country and the lack of will to take the necessary steps to once and for all establish the rule of  law as the corner-stone of our fledgling democracy. As is customary we seek to point out the facts so you can come  to your own conclusions, and as is customary we are compelled to point to the glaring disparities in the criminal justice system as it regards  how criminals are treated . This runs the length of the process from the way they are perceived when they commit heinous crimes to the way police are scrutinized when they are captured or killed, to the sentence given them on the rare occasion they are ever convicted . As such, we have written a series of blogs called Jamaica’s mad liberal judges. We do not write because we are opposed to the Judges , but because we are opposed to the kid gloves with which they treat criminals, there are numerous cases, too many to mention, where the interest of criminals and those who support them take precedence over crime victims. We feel this is an affront and is tantamount to punishing the victim. Criminals in Jamaica start off with a huge advantage, from the general population to the last court of appeals in the country , there is a stomach and an appetite of  leniency toward even those who have committed the most egregious crimes and do so over and over again.

This has bred a don’t care attitude in some police officers.  It creates a public that is more satisfied with the jungle justice dispensed by local thugs, which is usually swift and decisive, or mob justice which includes multiple members of a community taking the laws into their own hands . Generally with the sentence of death being the verdict for all infractions, offences that can range from a traffic accident where a car hits a well liked member of the community , to robbery or murder, it doesn’t matter the offender is given a death sentence and the sentence is carried out with ruthless and brutal alacrity. If we choose to ignore the fact that the criminal justice system does not work for anyone, that it erodes the trust citizens had in the rule of law and the power of the state to protect them , to the point they believe reporting crimes to the agents of the state is a waste of time , and they are better served going to the local (don) then we risk slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss of anarchy daily.

There are those who  argue that each case rest on its own merit, we agree. There are those who argue that a trial Judge knows the case and the evidence in each case and as such he or she is in the best position to make a judgement call one way or the other. We agree. There are those who argue Judges should have free rein, without proper safeguards in place, and that they should be allowed to adjudicate without oversight from any other branch of Government. We disagree.

Even though members of the judiciary may not be as corrupt as other leaders in other parts of Government, giving them carte-blanche in the dispensation of judges without no imput from the people through their representatives in parliament, does exactly what we say we do not want ,we end up with corruption, only  from different people. Those who argue for an unrestrained Judiciary say they so argue because they are afraid of political interference , fairly reasonable argument to make , but if we allow judges to operate without oversight and restraint we end up creating the very system we say we do not want, we end up creating little gods who are answerable to no one. Their lordships.

Jamaican Judges are  answerable to no one, and as such we have seen the system denigrate to where we are today as a nation, dangling precipitously close to the abyss of being a failed state. Crime and terror is rampant, there is no understanding or will to eradicate it from our country, those who lead loves it the way it is , after all a population that do not know it deserves better, probably do not deserve better.

As is customary whenever we come across a case where  we feel a judge has crossed the line and has betrayed the trust placed in him/her we highlight the case, we comment, but ultimate you are the ultimate judges, and it is you who should decide if we are reasonable in our assessment of Jamaica’s judges.

Daily Gleaner story highlighting this man.

                      Judge David Fraser

This Judge sentenced a man who brutally raped a 12-year-old girl strangled and buried her when he thought she was dead to 12 years in prison.

Twelve years, as brutal and heinous as the crime of rape is , let’s put that aside for a second , this man tried to kill this child, then buried her, which demonstrates that in his heart he felt that the deed of “murder” was committed, he then went to the next step that applies when someone kills another , disposition of the body, he did that.

Based on his actions this man raped this little girl, killed her (in his mind) then buried her, she bravely clawed  her way out of the hell he placed her in only to be raped once more and abused by Judge David Fraser, and the criminal justice system.

Jamaica’s chief Prosecutor Paula Llewelyn and members of the Police Force and most importantly the mother of the little girl felt they were once again left hanging by the all-mighty Judge Fraser.

Here’s what Llewelyn had to say.

Sentencing is the sole prerogative for His Lordship, the judge,” Llewellyn said last week Friday. She said when she got the report from the crown counsel in the case, she was somewhat surprised and saddened because “in this matter, the facts to which the accused man pleaded guilty are extremely grave”. She was, however, quick to point out that the normal protocols that obtain between Bench and Bar would prevent her from making any further comment on “this unfortunate scenario”.

Natural protocols that obtains between Bench and Bar she said.

All Prosecutors and Judges in Jamaica are lawyers, if anyone wanted a clear and unequivocal feel for where the ordinary man stands in all of this, the above statement/slip of Paula Llewelyn’s tongue is proof positive that they do not matter.

My whole feeling about this as I have always felt,  this connivance between Bench and Bar amounts to nothing more than “bull shit” for the average citizen.

Here lies ladies and gentlemen the reason why Judges must be given strict guidelines when they are dealing with serious crimes like the ones in this case.

This poor young girl  has been brutally raped and buried once again by arrogant Judges that gets refereed to as quote “his lordship”.

Judge for yourself






















Jamaica’s Mad Liberal Judges:

A third person is now being sought in the double murder of  Neville and Norma Lyn-Hall of Discovery Bay Saint Anne. Steve Sylvester Stewart,20 year-old otherwise called ‘High Top’ of Fortland Road, Discovery Bay, St Ann, is wanted for questioning in connection with the murders  of senior lecturer Norma Lyn-Hall of the Brown’s Town Community College and her husband, businessman Neville Hall, were discovered, two persons were detained. We are still not aware what kind of information St Ann Detectives have regarding this suspect. We would however venture to say that they have gleaned valuable intelligence from the other suspects in their custody. Here is something I would like readers to note, this suspect Steve Sylvester Hall was out on bail, after he was arrested and charged with shop-breaking and larceny. There are those who berate us when we talk about the liberalism that obtains in the joke of a justice system in Jamaica. We are not arguing that a judge could possible know that this suspect would have gone out and joined with others in killing this unfortunate couple. We are not arguing that a judge should keep all persons who break into shops locked away.  images (40)What we are saying is that the pervasive liberal agenda of Jamaica  judges literally give criminals carte -blanche to continue, and even  graduate to more serious crimes, because of the lack of punitive component in the penalty for crimes.Criminals know they will be back on the streets in no time. It was common fare for suspects arrested to tell me they would be back on the streets in no time, true to form their high-priced lawyers would have them out in a matter of hours.We will be watching this case, and we will as always continue to shine the spotlight on this case , problem is the police may not be able to keep them locked up as at their first entrance into a court room they will be released back onto the streets.


Jamaica Vs. Barbadoes:

                                                                   Recently a Jamaican woman Shanique Myrie alleged that she was finger raped by Barbadian Customs  Officials on March 14 th of this year when she attempted to enter that country. Miss  Myrie told the Jamaica Observer that it was her first ever trip out of Jamaica, she stated that she was subjected to invasive cavity search by the officials who added insult to injury by hurling insults  about Jamaicans at her. However, Barbadian authorities counter-claimed she was lured into the island by a known human trafficker.She has lodged a formal complaint with the foreign ministry, in which she reported the inhumane treatment meted out to her at the hands of Border Services Officers at the Grantley Adams International Airport.Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Jamaican-finger-rape-victim-visiting-Barbados#ixzz1UOeCzGtT.

This is not the first allegation of sexual abuse leveled at law enforcement authorities in Barbadoes by Jamaican women.

In another incident, a Jamaican woman caught attempting to smuggle ganja, accused two Barbadian officers of raping and sexually assaulting her while she was in custody. Two cops have since been charged with sexual assault and aiding and abetting but a third cop accused of rape cannot be found and Barbadian police say they believe he may have fled the island.  As far as Authorities in Barbadoes are concerned there is a burgeoning problem with Jamaicans trafficking drugs into  that country, and entering Barbadoes for the purpose of prostitution. This has caused some friction between the Jamaican Government and Barbadian Authorities. The Jamaican Government of course always quick on the trigger with its knee jerk responses, and absolute unwillingness to appropriately deal with the vexing issue of crime in Jamaica. No one knows for sure what is the truth involved in the matter of miss Myrie except her and the officers involved in that incident, we do hope that the truth will come out and if there was wrong doing on the part of the officers , justice will be done. One can only imagine how horrifying that incident must have been for her travelling out of the Island for the first time, irrespective of  any  crimes  others may have committed previously, she certainly did not deserve to be treated with such indignity for the transgressions of others.

Just last week.

Eight Jamaicans who were among twenty people detained on suspicion of smuggling drugs into Barbados remain under police guard, as the process to retrieve the contraband from their stomach continues.Two Barbadian nationals were also held following their arrival, Wednesday, on a Caribbean Airlines flight at Grantley Adams International Airport.Public Relations Officer for the Royal Barbados Police Force, Inspector David Welch who provided an update on the investigations revealed that the number of persons detained in this week’s drug bust surpasses the number of foreigners arrested at any one time  for contraband, on arrival in the island.“We have put measures in place in order to continue to keep the surveillance of air and seaports for an activities like this” he said.The Barbados police spokesman was unable to provide details on the amount of drugs retrieved from each individual.He says at the end of the process, the Drug Squad will tabulate the amount and separate charges will be laid. Investigators are yet to determine whether those arrested were travelling as a group.

Meanwhile, two women caught importing cocaine into Jamaica were on Thursday sentenced to 18 months in prison and slapped with heavy fines. Those convicted are 30-year-old Alecia Williams of May Pen, Clarendon; and 25-year-old Babeth Bowland of Alexandria, St Ann.The two pleaded guilty when they appeared before the Half-Way-Tree Criminal Court. The narcotics police had reported that on July 27, Bowland was returning to the island on a flight from Guyana; at Norman Manley International Airport; when she was stopped and searched.Nearly three pounds of cocaine was found in a pair of sneakers in her suitcase.The following day, Williams was returning on a flight from Trinidad; when she was also stopped and searched. The cops say she was found to be in possession of nearly two pounds of cocaine.In addition to their 18-month sentences, the two were each fined 650-thousand dollars. They will serve an additional six months in prison if they fail to pay the fines. Fri. Aug.05,2011 8:00pm(courtesy RJR news)

I posted these news clips from media houses in Jamaica , there were similar reports in the Barbadian dailies. What is obvious is that the Barbadian Officials are correct in what they say about Jamaicans bringing drugs into their country, as is evidenced the Royal Barbados Police are more determined to stamp out this scourge. If those Jamaicans still under Police guard were actually suspected of having the contraband in Jamaica they  certainly would not be under Police guard.

There would be howls of protest  demanding that they be released. And a deafening chorus from  Elitists,  arguing with  incredulity, that  police time could be spent in such trivial ways . It is evident that Authorities in Jamaica still do not understand that problems of  crime , violence, and terrorism must be nipped in  the bud and eradicated before they  have  a chance to take root. Just this week a prominent Jamaican Journalist Dennie Quill  wrote a column berating the Police for doing exactly what they were supposed to do, uphold the laws.

In his grandiosity this is the reasons he has a problems with the police.

‘Quote” Here are examples of what I mean.

(1)         In the first case, a motorist leaves home on a lazy Sunday to buy the newspapers a short distance away. He has the exact change for his intended purchase but has left behind his wallet with his identification. He is driving his girlfriend’s car. He is stopped by the police and cannot provide his licences. He is threatened with arrest, the car is about to be seized and an ugly scene develops. Eventually, he is accompanied to his home where his girlfriend is present and assures the police that the car belongs to her and that it had not been stolen and that the man driving it had her permission to do so.

(2)Then there is another case in which a motorist is being driven to the airport by her son, who is a duly licensed driver. They are stopped by the police and the car papers are not in the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle and mother of the driver, explains that she changed her handbag that morning and had inadvertently left the car papers behind since she would not need them for her trip overseas. This sounds like a reasonable explanation. However, the policeman is not buying it. He threatens to seize the car until proof of ownership can be established. He accompanies them to the airport and then to the nearby police station.

(3)And, finally, a mother of a five-year-old is taking her daughter to school one morning. It is the end of the month and the police are strategically placed all over the city carrying out their spot checks. She is stopped and her insurance has expired. She explained that she had been overseas and had just returned to the island overnight and would have it rectified that day. The policeman was not convinced. He was on his phone in a flash and before she could tell her name, the car was seized she was left on the sidewalk to explain to her child what had just occurred.(Jamaica Gleaner .com Aug 3: 2011)

In all three instances here the motorists are wrong, broke the law and the actions of  the police justified, except following the motorist to their homes to verify their stories . The police has absolutely no obligation to follow a motorist home to verify a story , that is a matter for the courts, the offence was committed, take the car, arrest the offender , tell it to the judge. At least that is what happens in a country of laws and people who obey laws , not in  wild west Jamaica. as if this ignorance was not enough this  journalist had more to say .

Quote: In all the above cases, I am pointing to the manner in which the law is applied by the police. It is arbitrary and situational

What I have to say to Dennie quill is this. In all of the above cases the police was right , go get a copy of the road traffic act  read it and don’t open your damn mouth untill you get a clue.

The officers must never accompany anyone anywhere to verify anything, this opens them up to all kinds of accusations of criminality and corruption , if the police are guilty of anything , it is doing too much. Arrest the offender , take the vehicle , let them tell it to the judge. The Irony inherent in that Article by Quill was the ability of one fool to make many , there was a plethora of ” yes boss yes boss” type responses to the nonsense . The usual anti police , anti rule of law comments  we have all come to expect from Jamaicans. I urge the police authorities to continue to arrest for minor infractions and do not wait for large crimes, let the village lawyers like Quill, and all the others complain, as long as they have their papers with them when they drive, they are entitled to freedom of speech.

What I want to point to  however, is the sentence meted out to the women by the Jamaican courts Alecia Williams was sentenced to 18 months for bringing almost 2 pounds of cocaine into the country and fined J$650.000 . Babeth Bowland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for bringing almost 3 pounds of cocaine into the country and fined J$650;000 , both ordered to serve an additional 6 months in jail if they do not pay the fine. Message to all Drug dealers ,Jamaica is open for business, this is absolutely the place for those who wants to deal  drugs. I mean are you kidding me what kind of lunacy is this ?  Are the brains of these Judges corroded with cobwebs? these moronic Judges have literally turned the country into a banana republic.

Mark Myrie (Buju Banton) sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison after being convicted of conspiracy to deal in narcotics, he did not deal the contraband. 10 years . In Jamaica people get caught bringing pounds of narcotics into the country and gets slapped on the wrist with feathers. Anyone wondering why Jamaica is one of the murder capitals of the world needs look no further,.

I write on this situation in these blogs under the title (Jamaica”s  mad liberal Judges) about the absolute disgrace of a justice system that obtains there. The broken system creates all kinds of backlash, police apathy, police taking bribes, escalation in serious crimes, witness killings, witness tampering, victims not reporting crimes, disrespect for the rule of law, alleged extra- judicial killings, mob killings, no confidence  in the system to dispense justice, and the list goes on and on.

Jamaican authorities have systematically failed to put criminals in jail where they belong.  Jamaica is a trial lawyers paradise, they love the systematic  corruption within the population,to include their own colleagues, and gross neglect on the part of activist judges. The population is at the mercy of doped up mindless demons who systematically rape, rob, and decapitate their helpless, hapless victims  with un-encumbered abandon. The dope that is brought in by those very mules, are  the dope that transforms the mindless killers to indulge in their ghoulish pastime. Myopic Jamaican Authorities are clueless as to how to deal with this scourge, but have the nerve to challenge Barbadian Authorities who wants a crime free country, or at least one that is free of Jamaican drug crazed decapitations, they have that right.

It becomes clearer by the day that the voices of anarchy are getting louder and louder, my father tells me there is a silent majority of Jamaicans who really want to see change in the other direction . I am a doubter, where are they?  At every level of Jamaican society there is an incomprehensible support and encouragement  for criminality, those who do not support or encourage it ,spend their time rationalizing it. Speaking out against crime in Jamaica can get you killed.

It has become increasingly hard for the Jamaican Government to open their mouths to the Barbadian Government in light of recent developments. On the same day that group was arrested , two other Jamaicans were each sentenced to 3 year terms of imprisonment in Barbadoes for smuggling drugs into that country. Those recent events have dealt  Barbadoes a public relations coup , one that will continue to reverberate around the Caribbean, while our people continue in their mindless quest of material wealth at all cost, consequences  be dammed.


I have long maintained, that most of the problems  real or perceived, inherent in the criminal justice system is centered around the liberalism of judges.

So called extra judicial killings,witnesses not appearing to testify, the killing of witnesses, citizens taking the laws into  their own hands,citizens not bothering to report crimes, all of the aforementioned ,has at their Genesis , Judges giving slap on the wrist.This police officer betrayed the trust placed in him.A trust that asked him to protect and serve the Jamaican people , he betrayed that trust in the most egregious , stomach turning manner. This Supreme court  Judge Horace Marsh had an opportunity to send a strong message and he failed. He failed the country , but his greatest failure is  to the arresting Officers, who had the character to bring one of their own to justice. He had an oppurtunity to send a strong message, saying once and for all, this will not be tolerated.

 He failed.

Sergeant Russel Robinson a middle manager within the JCF must have been aware of the image problems the force had . Over the years Police officers had dragged the name of the once proud Agency through the mud, subjecting the Agency to ridicule, primarily by  those whose character does not qualify them to criticize anyone. And others who have a vested interest in tearing down, and damagoging the agency .During my 10 year service I arrested  there cops and charged them with crimes.On each occasion the case was properly prepared,  all three were convicted  and eventually booted from the Constabulary. My position was always that we could not  be in the same agency.

Despite the foregone, neither of those officers I charged ,were involved in selling guns nor ammunition to criminals.This is one of the most egregious and reprehensible cases of police misconduct I have ever heard of ,9’540 rounds of ammunition, and 18 guns , this begs the question, how many guns and rounds of ammunition did Robinson sell? .How many people died because of those guns and ammunition, to include police officers.That is not the only issue here, the  guns  were supposed to be in the protective custody of the police. That by itself make my stomach turn. Police officers in the precinct of  the court allegedly voiced their disgust at the sentence handed down, I can imagine how they would feel from an  image stand-point , but I  assume those officers were also thinking  about all the cops that were killed over the years. Imagining that they could have fallen victim to those thousands of rounds of ammunition, and high-powered weapons Robinson put in the underworld.

Again let me be clear clear , Jamaica is not going to solve its terrorism  problem  if Judges continue to release criminals back onto the streets with  a slap on the wrists, Interest groups such as the criminal right Jamaicans for justice and trial lawyers have argued vehemently that judges must be allowed freedom to make judicial decisions based on the special circumstances of each case.They  argue that Politicians/Parliament  seeking to add guidelines is tantamount to meddling with the judiciary  an independent arm of Government.As a citizen of this planet I agree that Judges must be able to look at mitigating circumstances in each case and issue their judgement accordingly. What I disagree with is, that they should have no guidelines.  Race cars are allowed to go really fast, but they are still required to stay on the tracks, Airplanes have  wide open skies , but they have routes, Ships  traverse shipping lanes, despite the enormity of the Oceans .Judges must be given minimum guidelines.This removes the prospect of corruption.It removes the possibility of advocacy from the bench.And it puts criminals where they belong, in jail.Judges are not elected by the people, it falls on the people’s representatives, the Parliamentarians to in fact establish guidelines for them to follow. Disgusting criminal supporting  groups , and the rapacious vultures called criminal Lawyers have their own axe to grind , neither of which includes a safe peaceful, crime free society.

This is a perfect case for the overturn of the Judicial system. So that the Country can start afresh.

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Liberal Supreme Court Overturns Law That Keeps Criminals In Jail.



A Full Court, comprising Justice Horace Marsh, Justice Patrick Brooks and Justice Leighton Pusey held on Friday that the amendments to the Bail Act were unconstitutional and made several declarations. Amendments were made to the Bail Act as the Government struggled to deal with the high crime rate and was expected to be in place for one year. The 60-day period in custody was subject to the right of the person being held to be brought before the court after seven days, and thereafter at 14-day intervals, at which time the court reviews the question of whether the person should continue to be held in custody or bail be considered. The prosecution also had the right to appeal against the granting of bail.

FORMER JUSTICE Minister Senator A.J. Nicholson, QC, has welcomed the court’s ruling that last year’s amendments to the Bail Act were unconstitutional. The Supreme Court struck down the amendments last Friday. He explained that, as leader of Opposition business, when the proposed legislation came to be debated in the Senate he advised that the People’s National Party (PNP) would not lend support to the amendments because the Government ministers who piloted the Bill failed to convince them that the amend-ments were not in breach of certain sections of the Chapter on Fundamental Rights in the Constitution.(courtesy the jamaica gleaner) It was reported then that shortly before six anti-crime bills were passed on July 9 last year, former resident magistrate Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte had acknowledged that the Interim Bail Act to provide for a 60-day detention of persons who commit serious gun and drug-related offences was draconian.

One thing  is apparent , and that is that both sides of the political divide, play political  games with crime when they are in opposition, recent statements from Delroy Chuch     (now Justice Minister)  and  Peter Bunting from the PNP made them unqualified to hold any office that has to do with crime and national security.These  hacks should never be privy to anything that has to do with security.

Unfortunately these are the  civillian bosses of the Police force and Military, it’s a damn disgrace that these morons who disparge police and the rule of law from their perches on the opposition benches , when elected pretend that they are bastions of support for the rule of law. These guys should not even be allowed in to  clean the floors  of the people’s house of Parliament.

The Ruling of the Supreme Court in this matter shows  a couple of things, .(1) That the Architects of this piece of legislation did not take enough legal counsel to ensure that it would pass the Constitutional smell test.(2) That Jamaica’s Judges simply does not get it. Now let me hasten to say I am not a Lawyer, and I must also add that if the piece of Legislation is Unconstitutional then the learned Judges has a duty to strike it down. Clearly from their actions they believe that it was Unconstitutional as constituted. This brings us to the meat of the matter:Who were the partners with the Government in drafting this piece of Legislation? it clearly could not be the Opposition Party in Jamaica, clearly everyone knows that they will take no action against criminality or Terror , .This left the Government with no grown ups , with whom to debate, a component important in getting the best results possible.

The Jamaican public, clearly an opinionated but nonetheless largely uninformed,uneducated public must understand that this forms part of the reason the legislation was ruled Unconstitutional. On the other hand it is Interesting to take note as we crow about the fact that our Democracy works, that we must ask ourselves ” work for whom” Does this Ruling work for the almost two Thousand people whom are slaughtered each year?. Does it work for the Hundreds of children murdered.? Does it work for the hundreds of women Raped each year? Does it work for the people living in the Garrisons whose daughters are being abused by Local thugs ,who are unable to speak out because of fear of their lives and their property.? Does it work for the people who are chased out of their homes, their homes razed with fire , or taken over by thugs.? Does it work for the Police Officers and soldiers who toil to remove the terrorists from the streets only to see them released back onto the streets as soon as they are taken in.? Does it work for the silent Jamaicans who are too scared or too powerless to openly declare that yes they do support the measures of the Government ,at least in recognizing that there needs to be tough new, appropriate Legislation enacted that have commensurate penalty for the crimes being committed. When we remove all of the aforementioned from the equation , just who should be proud of the Supreme Court’s Ruling?  Is it the Elitists that reside in the Mansions above Cross Roads,or the Criminals that literally run the streets ?.

Either way this is really no great victory for  deacent  Jamaican people.!!!!


                                                                 THE MAD LIBERAL AGENDA OF JAMAICA’S COURTS.

THE SUPREME Court yesterday struck down controversial amendments to the Bail Act. The amendments allowed for persons charged with serious offences to be disqualified for bail for a maximum of 60 days.Supreme Court judges Horace March, Patrick Brooks, and Leighton Pusey heard the motion and granted declarations that the amendments were unconstitutional and void.

The foregone was the lead paragraph in a the Jamaica  Gleaner story regarding Jamaica’s Supreme Court Ruling striking down the Government’s amendment to the Bail Act.

Attorneys-at-law Norman Godfrey and Marcus Greenwood, who represented two persons who were being detained under the Bail Act, took the issue to the Supreme Court in May. They argued that the amendments were unconstitutional, inhumane, and interfered with the judge’s discretion to grant bail for certain offences, including murder. They also argued that the amendments removed a citizen’s fundamental right to bail.(gleaner quote)

The Government, in an attempt to curb the high crime rate, had amended the Bail Act in July last year for one year. The act was extended recently.(gleaner quote)

The Supreme court has a right to rule on the Constitutionality and the Un-constitutionality of any law, .
The Parliament, the people’s representatives, have a right to make new laws, alter or repeal old, useless ,or archaic ones ,and even amend the Constitution.
Those who pretend that the people’s representatives have no business interfering with laws simply do not understand how the system works , or are  disingenuous , with acts to grind (enter the trial lawyers).
If stronger measures are required to ensure good order ,then what is needed is an amendment to the outdated constitution, or throw it out all together, my vote is for the latter.
Over the years the Jamaican Courts have steadfastly refused to keep pace with the rest of the world in the way serious crimes are addressed,the Courts which takes it’s cue from England clearly has missed the boat on how to deal with criminals and terrorists.
Listed here I will show a few cases of total madness by Jamaica’s learned Judges , you be the Judge, (no pun intended)

(1) 04/21/2010Jamaica Star: Judge granted bail to 6 men who allegedly beat a married couple who were engaged in intimacy in the privacy of their own home.The scums allegedly accused the couple of freaky sex,then reportedly beat both husband and wife with bats, after which they commenced to gang rape the woman, reportedly doing the same thing the man was doing to his wife in a consensual manner,They reportedly then put a gun to her head and forced her to perform oral sex on all of them.She reportedly passed out.all six were granted bail in the sum of J$300,000.
(2) 04/21/2010 Star : Judge purportedly tells Police Officer to collect statement from inmate Oniel Fraser,The inmate, Oneil Fraser, charged with wounding with intent, told the court that he was being abused by the police officers at the Kingston Central jail and that an Inspector stabbed at him with a knife,Superintendent Cornel Messam of the Kingston Central Police Station told THE STAR that he was aware of the accusations made by the inmate. However, he mentioned that the senior officer was wrongfully accused.

“I am aware of the matter, however, the inmate is not being truthful about the matter,” said Messam.According to the senior officer, Fraser has been involved in a number of incidents at the facility since his transfer from the Half-Way Tree lock-up. Messam added that such a claim is impossible, since weapons are strictly prohibited from entering the lock-ups,
“I know that inmate, he is a troublemaker that was transferred from the Half-Way Tree lock-up … Such allegations are impossible because knives and guns are not carried into jail,” said the senior officer.

Fraser was sentenced to three months in prison last week for using a padlock to cause injury to an inmate.

The police said that the matter is being investigated.
Resident Magistrate Georgiana Fraser was very concerned about this accusation and immediately asked that a police officer take a statement from the inmate and ensure that it is reported to the Complaints Division.

(3) Friday July 16th 2010 Activist Judge Judith Pusey granted bail to a 51 yr old mother, and her 15-year-old daughter, in the sum of J$150,00, and J$50,000 respectively,the equivalent of US1’685.00, and US$561.00 , both women were charged with bludgeoning to death the 55 yr old father and boyfriend of both accused,nothing more to be said here this is unimaginable this is what life is worth in Jamaica the price of a parking ticket.

(4) corporate area Court:A judge releases two men with suspended sentences of one year , after they confessed to putting a bullet through the back of a taxi driver whom they robbed so they could have money for new sneakers and jackets to wear to the dance the night of the killing, the deceased left a wife and three children without any form of financial support.
The Judges comment on releasing them ? I don’t want you men to become more hardened criminals by sending you to prison.
My question is, how much more hardened can one become beyond being an armed robber and a murderer? .
If I was to hazard a guess I would say this is not the first criminal act  they had committed, nor the first  life they had taken.

This particular case has left me stunned beyond words.

The cases of Judaical abuse and absolutely insanity are too many to mention , but now here in this forum we will be holding their feet to the fire, we will be calling them out. and we will not be deterred,

Have your say.

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