Those Opposed To Too Much Government Also Should Be Heard:

watchful eyes

watchful eyes

Yesterday I wrote about the need for the Jamaican Government to stop pussy-footing around and recognize law-enforcement for  it’s value to the country. Even as I believe passionately in the rule of law and it’s necessity in society. I am also viscerally passionate about the right of individuals to being secure in their persons. The points raised by those opposed to cameras in public spaces are legitimate concerns that warrants serious discussion and debate.The challenge for law-enforcement particularly in large Metropolises is, how to balance a healthy respect for individual freedoms and privacy while at the same time making sure they are able to keep residents safe. Criminal terrorist have to get it right only once, Law-enforcement has to get it right a hundred percent of the time to avert disaster. Even as I extol the virtues of CCTV as one more tool in the fight against crime and terror, I also believe that we should watch those who we commission to watch the criminals. The Police state is not something any of us except those with sinister motives want. As such we must be vigilant in ensuring that even as we acquiesce to present day necessities, we  should guardedly protect the traditional freedoms we hold dear. Terrorists who exert their will through fear, does not stop trying to kill and maim simply because we cannot figure out how to balance privacy and security. As evidenced with the situation in Jamaica, Special Interest  groups squabble over small stuff criminals simply show their disdain by shooting out the cameras placed there in down-town Kingston.

it's important to have eyes in major cities today

it’s important to have eyes in major cities today

The distrust that citizens have of Government and it’s Agents that they will do the right thing with footage harvested from CCTV cameras, is a legitimate concern. Government Agents, the world over have never failed to abuse the trust placed in them. Even in the United States some politicians introduce Bills that if passed into law would seriously limit the role of Government in people’s lives. Irrespective of other sinister motives they may harbor, they understand as well as anyone else the need to hold Government accountable. So for interest groups in Jamaica who are opposed to CCTV cameras, I suggest you call your elected representative and let them know you want legislation which protects the innocent from predators , even as we ensure that Government does not tamper with our freedoms and privacy.

Weasly Democrats/Disgusting Republicans

A major thrust of republicans under the presidency of President Barack Obama is to oppose everything he proposes, period!! It makes no difference that the president’s policies are for the good of the country , including the very same racist hypocrites who wear the republican label, the strategy is the same oppose, oppose, oppose. Not one republican is willing to step outside that narrative and be different, they act unilaterally as a caucus in  objection to the president of the United States.

Not so long ago I recall democrats lining up to sign on to controversial legislations that literally shreds the constitution hypocritical republicans swear to believe they believe in.  Legislations like the Patriot Act  literally takes away significant portions of the rights of Americans ,, yet it received support from democrats some of whom admitted they did not even bother to read the voluminous bill, a bill which stripped away the rights of the very people they represent.

Bush knew exactly what he was doing after the September 11th terror attacks, he made sure that the attacks were kept fresh in the minds of Americans as he systematically stripped away more and more of their rights,. No one bothered to remember the old adage ” never give up your rights for security as you will end up with neither”.

The point though is the solid wall of opposition to this president on the sole basis of race, exasperated by the shameful and the silent acquiescence of democrats who sit on their hands and asses as this president is pilloried from all quarters with lies, smear insults and racial caricatures.

It does seem that the economy is getting better, republicans are talking about social issues, wedge issues as they are refered to, gay rights, marriage equality, prayer in schools, contraception, this issues they like to talk about.  As I stated in recent blogs, republicans are now desperately searching for an issues  that will stick or have some resonance going into the general elections,there are scared stiff they are losing the economic argument.

Fleisher              Rove

It’s not unusual to see hacks like Ari Fleisher, and Karl Rove old hand from the Bush Administration on television disrespecting the president, and distorting his record. I am particularly offended by Fleisher a political who never saw anything wrong with anything Bush did, but now make a living as a contributor on MSNBC which he and others like him castigated as left-wing media, because people like Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow told the truth and set the record straight. I will refrain from assessing Rove he is simply not worth it, to relate to him is to elevate him.

Fleisher would be well reminded to remember his own lies in what is now common knowledge as it relates to the Valerie Plame outing by operatives within the Bush Administration. Had a democrat done what they did that administration would have been brought to its knees and all involved, would have been thrown  in prison.


But of course I digress, this morning the lily livered cowards that pass for democrats were out joining with republicans in pushing against the president against the recent directive given to catholic institutions to provide Contraception coverage in health insurance for women in their employ.

This is an issue which is about women’s health, of course Catholic bishops are contending that this forces them to pay for something which is against their teachings and conscience. Mark you this is not a directive to the church about something which happens in the church , it is about businesses operated by the catholic church. In essence the catholic church wants to be exempt from providing women in it’s employ who may not even be catholics from getting contraception in their health care package , a move which forces them to pay for something which they would be afforded by other employers.


Bob Casey
Joe Lieberman
Joe Manchin
Ben Nelson
Bill Nelson

Reps, John Larson, Dan Lipinsky, Gerry Connolly, and former governor Tim Kaine.

Bob Casey of PA , Joe Leiberman of CT, Joe Manchin WV , Ben Nelson NB, Bill Nelson FL. These are your US Senators whom have quickly joined with republicans and the catholic church to fight against women’s rights.

Even as these so-called democrats try to protect their sorry hides , republican senator Jim Demint of south Carolina had this to say at their c -pac gathering in Washington DC. Listen to Demint here, outside the :

JON MEACHAM: Senator, you’ve been in Washington now for 12 years. Actually more, sorry. Have things changed in a palpable, tactile way in terms of getting things done from when you came in?

DEMINT: Yeah, I think they are more polarized. And it’s a contrast I try to make in the book because we really no longer have a shared vision. I mean, I know from business that you have people coming from different directions, they can work together if they have shared goals and a shared vision. But now we have the tension between those who want centralized power, government control of education, health care, transportation, energy, and Republicans, who are I think finding their footing around their core principles of we need to devolve power out of Washington, we need to decentralize, because that’s what makes America work, is the bottom-up approach.

So saying to compromise now, and I use this analogy a lot, is just like a coach telling his team to go out and work with the other guys and cooperate with them. The Democrats are there to beat us. Every policy that they introduce is to centralize power. They are completely incapable of cutting spending because their constituency is based on dependency on government and those who want more from

Here ladies and gentleman is the reason nothing gets done, these people do not represent your interest.

Game Change?

Rick Santorum pulled a hat trick in Colorado, Minnesota. and Missouri, obliterating his rivals last night. losing is never painless, but “ouch” this has got be be most painful for Mitt Romney. Mister Romney’s campaign has everything going for it.  So the talking heads in the main stream media tell us. Romney has  lots of money,,organization, and establishment support, he also has super pac support which pours even more money into massive advertising campaigns aimed at any and everyone in the path of their candidate. There is just one teeny-weeny problem the campaign needs a good candidate.


There seem to be a core dis-satisfaction at the heart of the republican party with Mitt Romney. We were told Romney was the inevitable candidate for his party’s nomination, the next in line, the one who waited his turn, now the republican party want to play by a different set of rules. This is not fair to mister Romney after all he has changed his views to fit his party, he has changed from a pro-choice, pro-civil union, pro-gun control, pro-health care mandates in order to be called a “conservative”.

How could this happen to a good man like Governor Romney? This man ought to be the Bain of envy of all 99%s . He is rich, married to the same woman for decades, has wonderful children, a (christian,) actually not a christian, a mormon, but you know what I mean!!!  right? In so many ways Romney is the all American guy, the guy you want to emulate, so what is the problem? How can his party pull the rug out from under him when he seemed destined for a coronation? Why is the republican party still searching for a different suitor even as the wedding day draws nearer and nearer? Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich. Sarah Palin, Herman Caine, Donald Trump, Tim Pawlenty,Ron Paul, Chris Christie, Daniels, Jeb Bush et al, Conservatives continue to date even though the wedding of convenience between itself and Mitt Romney draws closer. What is the reason why conservatives continue with this cheating, Romney for all intents and purposes has done all that is required of him, lets stop with the cheating and get the wedding underway.

The truth is, Ronald Reagan the holy grail republicans hitch their electoral waggon to, arguably could not get nominated for president in this republican party. Reagan raised taxes, maintained  budget deficits, added trillions to the national debt and granted amnesty to illegal aliens. You tell me where would Ronald Reagan be in this party of Eric Cantor, Michelle Bachman, and Jim Demint?

Romney despite his wealth, would be a good fit for the democratic party, he is at heart, pro-choice, deep down he is for common sense gun control, he deep down believes whether we agree with gays or not, they have a right to protections under the law, and his mormon faith is actually not scoffed at in the democratic party. The  Democratic party has come around to being the inclusive party that believes in tolerance, there is only one problem with Romney and the democratic party, he doesn’t seem to care about the poor enough, he feels they should be allowed to languish in their state, he also believes the very poor should be aided to remain in poverty. Romney said he wasn’t concerned about them they have  a safety net , and if it was broken he would fix it. “WOW“.

Romney in his honesty stated categorically that he did not care about the poor, then when he realized how horrible that sounded he attempted to establish some degree of balance ,he went on to say “I don’t care about the rich , what I care about is the middle, the heart and soul of America”. Maybe if Romney understood that some of the poor were once in the middle class, and with a good job they could climb back to where they were,he would care, but Romney a man estimated to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars cannot understand that and as such he is content to let the poor remain where they are.

So now the republican party has dated everyone, now it’s Santorum turn, one gets the feeling that the party is holding it’s nose on this date with this  latest suitor. It seem to me the republican party knows and understands the inevitability of this arranged loveless marriage between herself and Willard Mitt Romney , and as the pre-arranged August wedding approaches she is determined to have as many illicit affairs she can before succumbing to the hoe-hum boredom of a life with a man she does not love.

It is a long way untill the November elections, republicans will throw any and everything at president Obama, they will launch a scorched earth attack the likes of which we have never seen, those who thought the elections of 2008 that saw the elcction of Barack Obama was turbulent and divisive will be in for a surprise, this election will be a lot like some third world countries, divisive cantankerous, and downright dangerous.

Republicans simply do not believe democrats should govern America, they have demeaned and demagogued the last three democratic presidents in a way that seem completely removed from the way the last three republican presidents have been  treated. One is seriously left to wonder where America is going with this level of polorization? The country has already gone through one civil war.


America’s Continued Shame:

 There is a common thread that  runs throughout all players in the Republican party which has at its core a concerted attempt to pretend that President Barack Obama is not  president of the United States. Republicans have long attempted to sow scorn and disdain on the intelligent left, in an  attempt to paint them as Elitists, out of touch and far removed  from the American reality, “other”. 

They have sought to develop a narrative that is “aw shucks” arguing  that a president should be a laid back person in the mold of say Ronald Reagan or George Bush the 43rd president. They sell the merits of a president who one would want to have a beer with. They have been successful in demonizing and labeling  Democratic candidates like John Kerry, and Michael Dukakis as Massachuset liberals, making the word liberal  a nasty stain and a negative caricature. Of course two of the architects of that demagoguery  Newt Gingrich and  Bush’s brain, Karl Rove, are still a part of the political landscape. Gingrich is  involved in a faltering political campaign against chief nemesis Mitt Romney,while Rove heads up a powerful super pac that collects tens of millions of dollars from wealthy donors like the Koch brothers and casino mogul Sheldon Alderson to fund right-wing candidates in their quest to destroy Obama. Incredibly Gingrich is now whining shamefully, his complaints?  Negative campaign  ads from Mitt Romney’s campaign and super pac. Spit in the sky it falls in your face.

The narrative somehow  places conventional wisdom on its head, it convinces large parts of the country particularly the southern states  that educated people are somehow un-American. By this reasoning they have managed to convince large swaths of the population that people who play by the rules, gets an education, raise  a family, and live a decent drama-free life, are somehow not American. Throw a black guy in there with a Muslim sounding name and the aforementioned attributes and this guy must be from Mars.

These are the same intellectually challenged folks who argue that (Global warming is a hoax), This is the (drill baby drill) crowd which argues for unrestrained drilling for oil and natural gas without a single thought for the environment. Anyone who dare mention the need for clean drinking water, clean air, and the need to protect the eco system is castigated as the enemy and an example of what is wrong with America.

There are those who pretend that what we are seeing happening in this country is just the common nastiness of American politics playing out. They are quick to point out that president Bush was treated rather badly by the left.


I just refered to the former leader of the free world as “president Bush”.  When was the last time a republican refered to our president as president Obama?  The lunatic fringe of the republican party has convinced some of the most intellectually challenged among their base that this president is not really the  president.

As we have seen from the  moronic failed attempts of the birther movement led by egomaniac Donald Trump and others, to that woman in Florida who told  Rick Santorum she does not refer to the Obama as president Obama, because he is not really the president. She went on to tell him she wonders why someone doesn’t get him (reffering to the president) out of there.  To which  the equally moronic Santorum responded “I am trying to get him out of there myself”.

The mindset of the lunatic right imagines,  if they are able to convince their equally lunatic supporters that Barack Obama is not the president of the United States, somehow he will not be seen to be. Their strategy is tantamount to removing the number 44 from the Hindu-Arabic numeral system and hope we will not notice we missed a number.

Throughout history only 44 men has been so honored to be called president of the United States, many has sought that office, many have failed , to date we have only had 44 men attain that lofty position, 43 white men, 1 black man. That historical fact will never be eliminated from the annals of history.

That there are people in this country who possess  such blatant mental retardation to somehow want to suppress the fact that a black man has attained what they said we couldn’t do is testament to our fortitude.  After 300 years of slavery, lynching, rape, , jim crow ,and everything that they could throw at us, the indomitable spirt of our people has shone through all the adversity to accomplish what some can only dream about.


Sarah Palin                                                                                                                            Newt Gingrich

The disrespect that has been shown to this president has been astounding, and has been nothing like we have seen before. MSNBC Martin Bashir commented that republicans never fail to refer to Sarah Palin as Governor , even though she was unable to complete a single term as governor of Alaska, they  also never fail to refer to Gingrich as Speaker, even though he was ran out of congress on ethics violation charges. Yet they are adamant in calling the president Barack Obama, a man who won by a large plurality of the votes and the electoral college to become the 44th president of the United States.

This nastiness is nothing new, we saw elements of it in the race between Hillary Clinton and Obama in the primaries , we saw the signs , we saw the despicable racial caricatures, we heard the neanderthal remarks, and they were coming from Democrats.

The more it seemed Barack Obama was going to be the nominee the nastier the attacks became. Thanks to the intervention of Senator Dianne Feinstein of California after Obama secured the nomination it appeared that the hatchet was buried between Clinton and Obama. I am still not convinced that either Hillary or Bill Clinton voted for Obama.

What we saw happen between Clinton and Obama was indeed small potatoes when Sarah Palin was injected into the conversation. She came with a brand of nastiness that we have seen metastasized  into what is now a despicable scorched earth brand of politics, that seem hell-bent on total destruction of the opponent and win at all cost.  I personally thought that the inflammatory nature of the vitriol surprised even the man at the top of the then republican ticket, John McCain.
Sarah Palin it appeared, did not receive the memo that black people were emancipated, her entire demeanor and tone suggested she felt this black man belonged on the plantation, many argue it was her intellect or lack thereof which was at play here. Having seen and heard her during the campaign influenced me to lean toward the latter argument.

Most Americans who love their country and respect her institutions  including the presidency, find it offensive the way this president is characterized and treated in general. If you ask the president he will most likely parse and brush it aside as insignificant, that is what is to be expected from him he is not expected to speak about it, Obama, in order to be elected president of his own country had to pretend he was not a black man, in essence he had to pretend for the consumption and benefit of the illiterate to be water, colourless!!

Neither Jessie Jackson nor Al Sharpton adopted this posture , there is no evidence that either gentlemen were even capable or desirous of adopting that posture, and as such we will never talk about presidents Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton. This fact is not necessarily an indictment on Mister Obama , he sought to use a different path-way to get to where he wanted to get to, we may argue with the path taken but I seriously doubt that anyone would argue with the results.

I think where mister Obama may have been a little naive’, to borrow a term from his former democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, is where I presume he felt that after winning the presidency America would have been transformed into a post racial society. This naiveté’ may have emanated from Mister Obama’s ethnicity, being the offspring of a white mother and a black father. The president is all to willing to point to his white family members, republicans are equally as quick to say we don’t care. President Obama being from Hawaii probably never heard about the one drop of black blood rule which has long been part of jim crow laws and institutionalized racism in America.

The unfortunate truth about mister Obama’s post racial society is that for the most part, it is a figment of his imagination. As Dr Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned a country where little black kids and little white kids played together over 40 years ago, we have seen the kids playing  together but the racial hatred persists. We have to face the sad truths that we cannot legislate morality, we cannot legislate humanity, we cannot legislate respect, we cannot legislate Godliness. As the world witnessed those black students walk through a gauntlet  of hateful , jeering people in little Rock Arkansas, despite the presence of federal troops, we must come to grips with the realities that neither federal troops nor federal legislation will change the reprobate minds of those whom are predisposed to hate.

                                                     ap obama jan brewer nt 120126 wblog Exclusive   Obama Says Encounter With Arizona Gov. Blown Out of Proportion

                                                                                         THIS WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN


No other president and his wife has been more circumspect and dignified in the way they have comported themselves whilst in the White House, than Barack and Michelle Obama. In fairness, President George Bush and his wife Laura were wonderful ambassadors in that regard. I personally liked president Bush and his wife Laura, even though I disagreed with most if not all of mister Bush’s policies, Laura Bush was a smiling level-headed human being of impeccable character. Thank you Laura Bush for standing up for Michelle Obama when the wolves were out to devour her.

There is a definite strategy to this disrespectful demonizing of president Obama, not only is it geared toward an attempted de-ligitimization of this president but there is a more sinister message inherent in the strategy. One has to ask what prompted that man to open fire at the White House with an AK47 rifle recently? What is the reason for the rise in hate groups, including neo-nazis, skinheads, and anti-government militias  in the United States as reported by the FBI.

Let me be clear, the palpable disrespect is not only confined to president Obama, it may have been amplified under his administration but it sure isn’t confined to him . There are a long line of self hating  Uncle Tom  Negroes who seem all of a sudden to have crawled out of the wood-work to speak negative disparaging things about the president, I don’t have to name them they know themselves. These uncle toms were silent during the Bush years, too scared to open their mouths about anything for fear they would be sent to Gitmo.  Now they are out in full force criticizing this president. None is more painful to listen to than Florida congressman Allen West.

Here’s what he had to say recently  over the weekend.

  “We need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and my dear friend the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, we need to let them know that Florida ain’t on the table.” He added, “Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere else. You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.”est said at a Lincoln Day Dinner for the Palm Beach County GOP,

Allen West.Florida congressman:

Then on Tuesday January 31st. Allen West attempted to walk back his Uncle Tom moment of idiocy, telling Soledad Obrien of CNN that what he was pointing to, was that he was somehow in awe of a nation that allowed a poor boy from Atlanta Georgia to reach the heights he has reached.

 Clearly Congressman Allen West is incapable of containing his glee of becoming a Colonel in the United States Army and now a US congressman, so he kicks the ladder away that he climbed to the top on, so no one else could climb up as he has.

I wonder what congressman Allen West would have done if he was born to a white mother and a black father who was a student from a different continent, then his parents divorced  and he was made to move to live in another country on another continent , with  his mom and a new husband , then brought back to live with his grand parents, struggling to define who he was, but ultimately attending Occidental college in California, Columbia University, and Harvard Law school and be the Editor of the Harvard law Review. Then spend time working to improve the lives of others in community organizations, then becoming a State Senator, then a US Senator, and finally becoming the president of the United States of America . And did I mention receiving a Nobel Peace Prize? All accomplished in under 50 years.

If Allen West a congressman, is willing to banish the most powerful man on the planet, the most powerful man in the United States Senate  the most powerful woman in the US House of Representative, an  established congresswoman and DCC chair from America, what would he do to us ordinary nobodys had  he accomplished what Barack Obama has accomplished?

During slavery slave owners used divisive tactics to keep slaves in check, some were told they were different than others, usually those who worked in the big house were made to believe they had some kind of leg up over those in the fields. This strategy worked in ensuring that a free flow of information was forthcoming to “Massa” in the big house . That tactic helped to keep slavery in place for over 300 years.

Today we see that divide and conquer still works with many who share the same skin color with us, if nothing else. This is evident in black folks whom are more than happy to disrespect his own brother in order to please his masters. The  more things change the more they remain the same. It’s in every aspect of black America, Allen west is  so overjoyed that white Floridians voted him into office he cannot contain his glee, in his hurry to shuck , jive and please massa, he disrespect others and kicks the ladder away, not willing to allow another poor person climb up .




Did you watch the Florida Republican debates? well too bad if you didn’t because this was one of the best comedy shows I have seen in a long time.

There are only four men left in the running, and by the way they are all white, not that it’s crucially important to you but considering that the country has become so diverse I would have thought that the Republican Party would field a better non-white candidate than Herman Caine, but that’s just my opinion , you may have a different view.


(1) Ron Paul:

This lively older gentleman seem like a lovable grandfather who speaks in circles, he is witty, funny and really has a great platform that resonates with well with younger more idealistic voters, his challenge is, is the support he has enough to convince the Republican establishment to adopt parts of his platform into the republican general election platform?  Dr. Paul a medical Doctor and congressman  from Texas really is a libertarian, he favors small government and argues stridently for individual rights, republicans for the record favors states rights not individual rights. The largest handicap to Paul’s breaking through the glass ceiling in his party, is his belief that America’s military should not be used in foreign interventions, he wants all wars ended and all of Americas service members abroad brought home. This does not resonate well with The neo-cons in the republican party.

(2) Rick Santorum:

Rick Santorum two-time United States Senator from Pennsylvania is an ultra conservative who believes strongly in the protection of the state of Israel,he argues for a super powerful military and stated unabashedly that he would not cut a penny from the pentagon’s budget, even has he argues vociferously for cuts in sectors that impacts the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us. Santorum a devout Catholic is bullish on Immigration , he seem to talk himself into rages of anger as he addresses the causes he believe in, one wonders if Santorum’s  totalitarian all or nothing views, are not his greatest impediment to being taken seriously, and by the way even though he claims he is a devout christian Santorum is a liar, he categorically claimed he did not say black people while addressing the topic of food stamps in Iowa, when there is ample video evidence that he did just what he says he did not do, I can understand a thief, I can always protect my valuables from a thief , I absolutely cannot stand a liar.

(3)Newt Gingrich:

Newt Gingrich former Republican congressman from Georgia and speaker of the House of Representatives for four years of the Clinton Presidency, a man widely believed to be a gringe, and a sour-puss. Republican establishment operatives believe Gingrich if nominated by the Republican Party would be a train wreck for Republicans come November. Many believe if Gingrich is nominated , not only will President Obama be returned to the White House, but it would be a disaster for down ticket candidates on the ballot all the way down to municipalities. Gingrich throughout his political carrear has been bedeviled with accusations of infidelity and has even been accused to have served his wife with divorce papers whilst she was in a hospital recuperating from an illness. Gingrich has vehemently denied these accusations, Gingrich has been married three times. In fairness to Newt  it is not out of the ordinary for someone to be married multiple times, the disconnect is not with the amount of times he was married but with the reasons for the three Marriages. There are other baggage in Gingrich’s background including his  threats to lock down the Federal Government over budget talks with the Clinton White House, many argue that it was a egomaniacal temperamental outburst from Gingrich because he was not invited by then President Clinton to the front of Air Force One neither on the way to, or back from Israel where they attended the funeral of slain Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Gingrich had all but agreed that he was peeved at the President and as such decided to punish the whole country because he was slighted. Gingrish was harshly criticized bu many even in his own party for being childish and petty.


 Gingrich is also accused of hypocrisy for persecuting President Clinton for a sexual dalliance with White House Intern Monica Lewinsky while he was also cheating on his wife. According to Marianne Gingrich Newt’s  second wife when she brought up Gingrich’s hypocrisy to him, he reportedly told her,” people should do as I says not as I do”. That air of superiority has been a part of Gingrich’s persona to the point Santorum accused him of always being grandiose. In the end Gingrich was literally ran out of the House of Representative by his own caucus over ethics violations. His arch nemesis Mitt Romney likes to remind everyone of the latter on the campaign trail.

(4)Willard Mitt Romney

 Then  there is former venture capitalist and ex Massachuset Governor Mitt Romney. Mister Romney did very well for himself  in the business world, as a result he has pegged his presidential campaign on his experience and successes  in business, he brags that as a venture capitalist he has created over a hundred Thousand Jobs. The problem with Mitt’s strategy is that experts are coming out of the wood-work explaining that what Romney did at Bain Capital, as a venture capitalist had everything to do with gutting businesses, taking all Bain could get then forcing the company into bankruptcy,and nothing to do with job creation.Texas Governor and former republican candidate characterized what Romney did as quote ” vulture capitalism“end quote. interestingly enough Romney does not talk about his record as governor of Massachuset one of the nation’s most liberal states.One wonders whether Governor Romney feels the nation will simply ignore that he is running as a conservative after being the Governor of one of America’s most liberal states. President Obama has repeatedly said his Federally mandated health-care plan was crafted from Governor  Romney’s health plan in  Massachuset. Romney has vehemently argued that he would not have imposed his plan on the entire country, whether this will gain traction in a general election I don’t know, what I do know is that it makes it increasingly difficult for Romney to draw a sharp enough contrast between himself and president Obama in an election year when the country is deeply polarized and the republican party has been pushed far to the right by the tea party. Romney’s republican rivals for the nomination are not making it any easier for him, Santorum in particular , has made it the cornerstone of his attack on Romney. Santorum feels that sooner or later Newt Gingrich will implode and he will be seen as the conservative alternative to Gingrich, hence he continues to plug away at the connection between president Obama’s health planned dubbed Obama-care and Mitt Romney’s plan in Massachuset dubbed Romney-care.


While the president was crisscrossing the country talking to workers about income inequality, and highlighting the inherrent injustice  in the tax code which has Warren Buffett paying a lower tax rate than his secretary, republican mega millionaire Mitt Romney Newt Gingrich and the rest of the republicans were arguing about who had millions invested in Fannie May and Freddie Mac, or who would have a colony of Americans living on the moon by 2020 ,never mind we are broke and borrowing money from the Chinese to pay our bills.

President Obama has positioned himself as a champion and a fighter for the 99%, whether his freshly populist message will resonate with a public weary from a sluggish economy, lay-offs, and forclousures is yet to be decided,there are many events  which may beat Obama in the fall of 2012 , Europe melting down, Israel attacking Iran, a terror attack on the homeland, a major blunder on Obama’s part and  a plethora of other events. If none of the aforementioned happen, President Obama will be guaranteed another term in the white house  if this is the best the republican party can do.

Race To The Bottom:

What is it that makes  so may republicans such racist repugnant liars ? I am not saying that all people who vote for that party are racists or indeed liars, but damn have you heard the things they say about President Obama? How do they feel that this path advances the history or the integrity of America? The fact is this is exactly what they did to Dr. King in this country, now every lying republican gets up on stage and invokes the name of Dr. the reverend Martin Luther King. In fact some of them voted against a federal holiday in honor of Dr. King.

It does seem to me that republicans are engaged in a race to the bottom, many Americans white and others readily agree and attest to the fact that slavery was an ugly blight on America, many readily agree that Jim Crowe was a shameful scar. People not stuck in the past who have the benefit of education are ashamed of people like Bull O’Connor, George Wallace, and a plethora of other faces of the shame of America. I almost feel ashamed as a member of the human race for people like that woman in Florida who had this to say to Rick Santorum:

I never refer to Obama as ‘President Obama’ because legally he is not,” the unidentified woman told Santorum. “He constantly says that our Constitution is passe and he totally ignores it, as you know. He does what he darn well pleases. He is an avowed Muslim. And my question is, why isn’t something being done to get him out of our government? He has no legal right to be calling himself President.”

Rick Santorum is  irrelevant and desperately looking for some traction  so when  asked by Journalists why he did not correct the woman he responded thus.

Why do you guys ask these ‘gotcha’ questions, like it’s my job to go out and correct everybody who says something I don’t agree with?” Santorum said to reporters after the event. “I don’t think it’s my responsibility. Why don’t you go out and correct her? It’s not my responsibility as a candidate to correct everybody who makes a statement that I disagree with.”(

Here’s a fact for Santorum and that woman in Florida who claim the president is a muslim, Article 6 of the constitution says that there shall be no religious test for public office, and yes that includes the Presidency, and while we are at it , it is fundamentally un-American for anyone to be discriminated against because of their religion.

Prehistoric ignorant relics of the past and their candidates who take dead babies home and plays with the corpse, some support priests who molest little boys and think it is ok as long as the Pope blesses it. They must be stopped and the filthy rancid rhetoric they peddle shoved into their faces. They have the nerve to suggest that this president is dividing the country with the politics of envy, some nerve. When Barack Obama was elected to the presidency he took with him a torrent of good will , as a result of the good will people felt towards Obama, they also gave the House and Senate to democrats. Not since Bill Clinton’s first term did democrats have such power in Washington. if Barack Obama was a European style president as the talking points of the republican party suggest, would he not ram through his agenda? For over a year Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and the Executive Branch, this president made repeated overtures to republicans to work with him to move the county forward. He did so to the extent that many in his own party thought his level of benevolence and commitment to bi-partisanship was antithetical to their objectives. Many in the president’s base was mad as hell at him for what they construed to be weakness for his continued overtures to republicans. Time and again The president tried to work with house republicans only to have his overtures rebuffed and his hand slapped away. I for one thought that his  continued attempts to work with republicans was weakness, and the president lost some of the belief I had in him. This I might add is the feeling of a lot of people I talk with.


President Obama delivering the state of the Union Address/Raleigh Telegraph photo:

One may not like the politics of former president George Bush, but he was decidedly focused on what he wanted accomplished , and democrats were not going to obstruct his agenda. Americans like their president decisive , they attribute decisiveness with strength, it may not necessarily be correct but that is how we judge strength. In the end president Obama have been forced to use executive orders to get anything done. This is exactly what the racist lunatic right wanted from the beginning, they begun to label Obama as “other” from the start, as they engaged on a campaign of obstruction, probably never before seen in this country. Many, probably including the president would like to cover their eyes to the stark realities of the reason behind this assault.


What would compel chief Republican curmudgeon Mitch McConnell to say that his number one priority is to make the president a one term president?

What compels lunatic fringe nut wind-bag  Rush Limbaugh to say he hopes the president fail?

I could go on and on detailing the rancid,vile and vitriolic language that is a staple of literally all republicans whenever they disagree with the president, but you get the picture. These are people who claim to love their country, they wrap themselves in the flag and berate others with faux accusations of not loving America, yet they say they want the president to fail, these people are traitors , they are quite willing to see their country destroyed because there is a black guy at the helm of the Executive branch of Government. There are other curmudgeons , it is instructive that the only black member of the supreme court, associate justice Clarence Thomas does not see  fit to attend a joint sitting of congress for the state of the nation address from the president of the United States.

Bush appointee Samuel Alito has aligned himself squarely on the side of the neo-cons on that body , a body where all Americans once felt they had a chance to get final and impartial justice. This group now consist of Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas. To his credit Chief Justice Roberts irrespective of his politics have chosen not to play those games. One would have thought that Someone like Mitch McConnell’s job would have been to serve the people of the state of Kentucky and the nation and not to settle private hatred or to indulge in spiteful tit for tat initiated by the right-wing fringe.

I can understand Tim Thomas goalie of the NHL’s Boston Bruins, or NASCAR’S Greg Biffle and Tony Stewart crassness in not turning up to the white House to be congratulated by President Obama. This is to be expected from those two sports, anyone surprised by that is divorced from reality in America. The tradition of sports stars getting invited to the White House to be congratulated by the sitting president is a time-honored tradition, members of sports teams are usually thrilled to get invited to the white House to be congratulated by the president, irrespective of their politics. It’s respect for the presidency, its respect for the president. Opting out demonstrates a gutter coarseness that is reminiscent of what would have been expected  of the period between slavery and the 1960’s.

What I cannot understand is the disrespect and lack of civility of the likes of Colorado Republican representative  Doug Lamborn who did not show up for the state of the Nation address by president Obama. As I point to these republican hacks who will inevitably be mere ignoble footnotes in history, I  must pivot and use this oppurtunity to segue and pay my respects to Arizona Democratic  congress-woman  Gabrielle Gifford,  a truly patriotic America who turned up to listen to the country’s chief executive tell the country about the state of affairs and where he intends to take the country.

See more here: (


 The brave and indomitable Gabrielle Gifford.

Congress-woman Gifford was critically wounded when an assailant shot her as she attend a meet and greet in her district.Several people were killed and injured in that assault and even though critically wounded from a bullet to her head Mrs Gifford fought her way back and valiantly showed that she would not be defeated by terror. A true American hero if ever there was one.


Pompous self-aggrandizing Newt Gingrich and flip-flopping liar Mitt Romney trot from state telling republican primary voters that when the president talks about fairness in the income tax structure in this country he is actually engaging in class warfare. This is irony of the worst kind, because republicans are the party that is locked in a struggle with the White House over not raising taxes on average middle class and working Americans,but refuses even to approach the table to discuss repealing Bush-era  tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. If ever there was class warfare in this country this is it, the arrogance of republicans and those who pay to put them in power to take care of their interests and the insulting notion that if we continue to make the super rich even more rich we will all be better from the crumbs that fall off their tables. The fact is it has been tried since Nixon to Reagan to Bush and still we have not seen where that works, the truth is the reverse is true the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer. Experts declare there are over two trillion dollars in the hands of rich business people, yet we do not see them rushing to hire, so that people’s lives can be better in this country. conversely when we put money into the hands of average people they go out and spend that money , it creates jobs, brings more money into the treasury, and invariably finds its way back to the top as it always does. That’s the way to empower people not to make them beggars waiting for crumbs from the tables of the rich.

While the republican machine was gearing up to disrespect where they should disagree if warranted, the president of the United States was issuing orders to US Navy seal team 6 to go rescue two Americans held for ransom in Somalia by pirates. Navy seal team 6 is reportedly the same elite team of seals who eliminated Osama Bin Laden. We give the Seals the greatest respect they deserve and as president Obama says his detractors should learn from these heroes on how to work together to build America. Republican candidates running for president and the surrogates who appear on cable television parroting the lies they adopt as talking points doesn’t even have the integrity to give credit where credit is due, do they think that all Americans are totally stupid/ Do they not know that despite a struggling economy people are cognizant of the fact that Osama Bin Laden is dead: most of Al Qaeda’s top operatives are dead: Libya is liberated without one American life lost: three million jobs created and the economy pulled back from the brink of the precipice: General motors and Chrysler saved from bankruptcy and returned to profitability after just 3 years , contrary to what Mitt Romney Vulture Capitalist said should be done: Romney said they should be allowed to go into bankruptcy. Never mind the total destruction that would have been wrought on state economies. The list of accomplishments of this president is astonishingly incredible considering that he is working with a racially obstructionist congress.

                                                      WHERE IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY GOING?

It’s impossible to see what the strategy is for the republican party going forward,they have repeatedly disrespected black people and as a consequence they have literally given up on winning any significant portion of the black vote. To his credit Former President Bush our 44th President made overtures to the African-American community as well as the Hispanic community, this was not followed upon or encouraged by his party after he demitted office. With the exception of a few uncle tom self hating blacks there really is no black support for republican candidates that would make much of a difference.  Newt Gingrich famously stated that Spanish is the language of the ghetto, he is now trying to woo latino voters in the state of Florida, he should find it an uphill battle with Puerto Ricans living in that state, but it will probably be a wash taking into consideration the Cuban-American population in Florida that gnerally align itself with Republicans. Recent indications however indicate that there are significant shifts in the latino vote in Florida as there is a sizeable influx of more democratic leaning Puerto Ricans and other latino immigrants from other countries. see story here: (

Mitt Romney has stated stridently he would veto the dream act if he is elected president. The dream act if passed would have allowed children of immigrants who entered the country illegally with them as babies to go to school and become assimilated into American society. Despite the fact that these children could not seriously be punished by anyone with an iota of brain-cell in their cranium, republicans call it amnesty and has steadfastly refused to support this piece of common sense legislation. As common sense as this bit of legislation is, there is an even bigger issue which will develope into a serious and untenable problem as time progresses. Children who are not able to go school to get the education they need,so that they may  live out their God given talents will be angry. they will be angry because the only country they have ever known has distinctly said to them we do not want you here , we do not want you in our schools, and we do not care about you. these will be some very angry people who will invariably feel that their lives have been severely hampered, America will have a problem with these people and  better be prepared for the consequences. Dogma and ideology cannot be that important that  it eliminates intelligent discourse, or limits common sense decisions. If America has learned anything it should be that America got great because of it’s immigrant community, it’s diversity, and it’s constant stream of fresh energetic crop of hard working immigrants entering it’s shores, not despite it. President Obama made that absoloutely clear in his recent state of the union speech. As a River becomes a raging  inferno from the multutide of tributaries and streams that dumps into it, so does America continue to grow from the constant infusion of talent , intellect, and energy. Given a chance republicans would build a wall around America close her ports to all but white people and take America back to the dark ages of slavery. they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Where are the Colin Powel’s and the Chuck Hagels , where is even John Mc Cain who told that woman “no maam, no maam he is a decent family man, citizen we just have disagreements ?(