An act of Parliament !


How many times have you heard that line?
It is a statement used to impress upon others the validity of the action being discussed, if the action came out of that legislative body.
It’s also used by certain interests to bludgeon others into accepting actions of the Parliament even though those actions may be demonstrably flawed.


In the tortured 7 year history since the INDECOM Act became  law we have heard that term used almost daily, “it is an act of parliament”, giving God like sacrocance to the parliament, as if that fundamentally flawed body cannot produce something inherently flawed.
And therein lies the problem , “it is an act of parliament” has become the buffer being used by supporters of the flawed and dangerous law , none more so than Terrence Williams the Commissioner of that body, and the little mongrel dogs who populate the airwaves seeking to make a name for themselves.
The very fact that Terrence Williams is opposed to oversight or review, is enough to cause Jamaicans to wonder why is he so reluctant to have the very body which authorized the law review it .


The law was not made for Terrence Williams!
Or was it ?
Terrence Williams work for the Jamaican tax-payers and as such must be subject to the dictates and scrutiny of those elected to act on behalf of the people.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness a few days ago issued a statement stating that the INDECOM Act needs review in light of recent complaints from law enforcement.
However I believe that Holness couldn’t care less what the security forces think , he sees the dead bodies piling up,(sometimes seven in a single day) on  his watch and he is starting to panic.



There was never a problem with the creation of a professional  oversight body to oversee the actions of the security forces.
That is an absolutely necessary requirement ,  even with law enforcement engaging in best practices , much less the level of corruption and criminal  activities in which members of the security forces engage.

With that said we must be clear-eyed that INDECOM was cobbled together without input from the security forces , and as such the law ended up becoming a huge Albatross around the necks of law abiding Jamaicans  and having a  resultant  degenerative effect on crime.
Despite our most base  instincts to default to anti-police hatred , it behoove the society to acknowledge that without the police there is no society.
Flawed though the Jamaican security forces are, there is no Jamaica without them.

From the beginning the INDECOM  Commissioner adopted a stance that he was not going to do what the law empowered him to do he would take on a more activist role a-la JFJ ,FAST , PMI etc.
Instead of investigating and charging or absolving , Williams joined anti-police ,anti law -enforcement lobby groups and engaged in a systematic pattern of misinformation and demagoguery against the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

Since being given the job as head of INDECOM Williams has engaged in (1)A scorched earth policy which is evidenced in his rapacious and insatiable appetite for more power.
(2) A litigious path seeking that power. (3) defamation and demagoguery of those with whom he disagrees, including the Director Of Public Prosecution, the police Military and Corrections departments (4) a visceral rallying of Elitist forces in the print and electronic media to wage campaigns against those  who chooses not to bow to him.


It is important that as a society, [what’s left of it] , the decision makers understand that despite their continued subversive behavior they have a country to live in because of the Police and Military.
That country is not in existence because empty headed mouthpieces like Nationwide Radio’s Cliff Hughes one of Williams’ media ally  bloviate about the virtues of INDECOM .

It is not unusual that little “grung gads”[sic] like Hughes get to sit in air conditioned studios and make grand pronouncements about INDECOM’s significance.
No one is arguing against oversight for the agencies INDECOM  provides oversight, . In fact the police are vindicated in the vast majority of times INDECOM investigates.
The problem is Terrence Williams , Hamish Campbell and the crime enhancement tool the INDECOM Act has become.
Much more needs to be done about Hughes and others who offer support and succor to criminals, using their perches in the society.
In 2013 Cliff Hughes found himself answering to charges he defamed former PM Percival James Patterson.
Obviously the M$12.5 Cliff Hughes was ordered to pay former Prime Minister  PJ Patterson has not served as a  deterrent to  his lying defamatory lips.

Under Examination from Counsel KD Knight Hughes was asked about his knowledge of Mr. Patterson’s character and whether the former Prime Minister would have done something illegal.
The flaming liar Cliff Hughes replied “No! Emphatically, no!”

The claim was related to a new item aired on NNN in 2009, concerning an incident at the Norman Manley International Airport involving a Digicel charter flight which arrived from Cuba with Patterson.



♦On that basis the Police , military and Corrections Departments must use the power of their dollar, and whatever leverage they have to ensure that they do not support advertisers who place ads on Nationwide Radio , given the level of demagoguery which comes from that entity.

♦ They should answer no 119 call in real time,  which comes from Cliff Hughes, any member of his family ,or any person with  whom he is associated.
Sure they have a duty to respond, but as police officers  they must know how to arrive  late do the  paperwork and go home.
Let them call INDECOM  for help.

Until The Prime Minister Fires Terrence Williams He Is Responsible For Every Innocent Life Lost To Marauding Criminals ..

The Jamaican people have a choice to make . Do they allow a few bloviating fools to sit and grandstand while their loved ones are being slaughtered, or do they take action and remove from the equation those who place themselves squarely in defense of criminals?

The police will have to stand up for themselves ,like police across the globe do stand up for themselves.
The time has passed when little runts like Hughes are allowed to defame entire entities.
Tarring the entire police force  , using the defamatory lies of  illegal planting of guns illegal killings without the benefit of evidence must not be allowed to continue.

The Prime Minister was finally forced to acknowledge that the INDECOM Act needs review. Whether he was forced to acknowledge what most intelligent people already knew, or the increasing number of dead bodies forced that statement we may never know.
What we do know is that the first order of business must be to fire Terence Willams and get rid of the rancor, narcissism and bad blood .

Neither  Jamaicans For Justice nor their protegee Terrence Williams gets to decide whether INDECOM gets reviewed.
If Williams does not like it he is free to go join a law firm, start one of his own or mow someone’s lawn for all I care.
If the Administration refuses to do what it must  we will militate for the removal of the Government…

The dirty cops who continue to drag the name of the JCF in the mud must also be on notice .
This medium will support every effort to weed you out from among the good men and women who want to do a good job.
Not only will we support your removal, we will support your prosecution and imprisonment.
One way or another we will bring this monster under control.

One thought on “Terrence Williams Has Dedicated Elitist Cabal In The Media Spreading Disinformation On INDECOM’s Behalf

  1. Men like Cliff Hughes is a criminal apologist, and now he is beating drums against the murderers in Jamaica.

    Cliff Hughes is the same man every year who read out the names of the gunmen the police killed the year before and never the names of those who are killed by the gunmen.

    To the illiterate, criminal minded, supporters, and benefactors of criminality in Jamaica. If you don’t think that “INDECOM” is not a contributing factor to an escalation in the criminals unleashing their wrath on the Jamaican people by displaying a “Hollywood Style murder” last week in Montego Bay, St. James.
    These guys used two-car to block the path of the other car with the known gangster in broad daylight.

    My question to those who are mystified, surprised, and in disbelief about the new level of depravity, and brazenness by the criminals. Before “Indecom” came into the operation of law enforcement and their primary jobs are to protect the criminals and persecute the police. In the history of Jamaica, have this killing ever happen in Jamaica until last week?

    Jamaica is a criminal’s paradise in the Caribbean Sea!

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