INDECOM came into existence because of the bad behavior of some police officers that cannot be ignored or denied.Since it’s creation under the Bruce Golding Administration however this writer has consistently made the point that it was a necessary law , poorly thought out and implemented  in a knee-jerk fashion with  devastating consequences so far for law abiding Jamaicans.


I warned that INDECOM would  increase crime understanding Jamaican culture of course, crime increased as I predicted. I said it would  embolden criminals, it has. I said it would do precious little to root out criminal cops, it hasn’t..
Simply put, the resources placed into the creation and operation of INDECOM should have been placed into improving the capabilities of the police department, paying officers better, having better supervision and accountability , better background checks, better training and a COMPSTAT type policing model.
Instead the Golding Administration allowed Elitist Jamaicans like the Bar Association the group of criminal lawyers who make a living from crime, the phalanx of human rights lobby groups which gained relevance as a function of the Island’s inordinately high murder rate and others who benefit from crime to dictate the agenda..


Williams who came to the job after been rejected in his bid to get the job as Director of public prosecution, once served as a Judge in a neighboring Island. Since then he has picked fights with the DPP Paula Llewelyn , the person who got the job he craved , Greg Christie the former Contractor General , and the police high Command . It now appears that the reason Williams wanted the job of DPP was to persecute Police officers, not to go after criminals of all stripes.
Since then Terrence Williams’ mission may be best characterized as a crusade against the police , while stating he has no vendetta against the police.
If you have to say you have no vendetta , you have a vendetta . This medium is once again calling for the removal of Terrence Williams as head of INDECOM.
His tenure has been acrimonious, unduly confrontational and in effect by his own words the vast majority of investigations his agency has undertaken has resulted in no evidence of impropriety against police officers.

Terrence Williams (right) commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Hamish Campbell, (centre) IDECOM's assistant commissioner and Dave Lewis, INDECOM's director of complaints central region at a Gleaner Editors' Forum last Friday. (Source: jamaicagleaner.com)
Terrence Williams (right) commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Hamish Campbell, (centre) IDECOM’s assistant commissioner and Dave Lewis, INDECOM’s .

Nevertheless despite those protestations Williams continue to use the agency as a position to grandstand and make frivolous arguments not borne out by facts . Terrence Williams does not allow the truth to get in the way of his grandstanding and posturing even as crime goes through the roof as a result  of the chilling demagoguery and witch-hunt he has waged  on the ability of police to do their jobs.
Jamaica is now a place many view as a paradise for criminals , this guy must go.