Thank You Minister Montague, Your Statement Re Budhoo Reflects Personal Growth..

On the sudden passing of Assistant Commissioner of Police Winchroy Budhoo ,National Security Minister Robert Montague expressed condolence on behalf of the Government and his ministry to Assistant Commissioner Budhoo’s family, colleagues, and friends.

Said Minister Montague…

My thoughts and prayers are with them during this very difficult time,” the minister said.

“The Ministry of National Security wants to once again underscore the important role that our police play in our country.” “As Jamaicans we must not forget that the freedom and the sense of security we enjoy are sometimes achieved through our law enforcement officers making enormous sacrifices – often without much regard for self.
“We wish to assure ACP Budhoo’s immediate family of our support as they go through this difficult period of grief and mourning. We also ask that you take heart in knowing that he lived well in service to this nation.” 
“On behalf of the entire law enforcement community the ministry thanks him for his service to the nation. We will work closely with the family in the days ahead to honor his memory and maintain his legacy.”


This medium has been critical at times of this Minister when we feel it is warranted.
At the same time we also want to be fair in how we critique the Minister as we always try to be when we critique everyone else.
The Minister’s statement is one of the best I have personally seen anywhere issued by a politician at the passing of a police officer .
Though ACP Budhoo did not die violently thankfully , the Minister’s response has been thoughtful, reasoned yet inclusive of the contribution police officers make to society.
Thank you Minister Montague,