There are two diametrically opposing view-points in America. Conservatism and Liberalism. These two defining characteristics have divided the country straight down the middle., About a  45 to 47% on either side with a sliver of voters in the middle who decide national elections.

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Democratic♦ Republican.

A map of the US depicting how Americans voted in the last National Elections.

There are also a number of issues which separates the two Political ideologies.

Gun Rights>The Economy>Foreign Policy>Energy>Entitlements>The Environment>Social Issues>Immigration> Taxes.>

On issue after issue the Republican Party have legitimate policy proposals. Yet the party has buried it’s head in the sand, totally oblivious to consequences of it’s racist and destructive behavior. Enacting laws which makes it harder for certain Americans to vote has the opposite effect of preventing people from voting. It makes them angry, it makes them vote. Even after the last national election was  called for the Democrats, Florida voters remained in line so they could deliver the state to Barack Obama. What part of that does Republican Governors and Legislators not get.

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Current Data shows that less than one hundredth of one percent of all votes cast in America are fraudulent. The issue of Voter ID is a manufactured solution to a phantom problem. As I write this Article today, the Governor of North Carolina  just signed into law sweeping new voter suppression measures.

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 Republican NC Governor Gov. Pat McCrory“I am proud to sign this legislation into law, “Common practices like boarding an airplane and purchasing Sudafed require photo ID and we should expect nothing less for the protection of our right to vote.”

But is that the reason Republican Legislators and Governors are moving to enact regressive and restrictive voter ID laws before the upcoming 2014 and 2016 Elections?

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Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done,” he said to applause at a Republican State Committee meting

Americans , irrespective of party affiliation should be extremely afraid of these guys. This idea of rigging the system to ensure a particular result is not Democracy.Those on the right and the left who value and talk about democracy should be extremely scared of this blatantly-overt, anti-American practice.

The ideas of low taxes. Small government. Strong national defense. Free-market capitalism. Belief in God and country, through a strong family, encapsulated in a marriage between a man and a woman were once Republican ideas. Those were the belief of Colin Powell and the likes of Jack Kemp.

The problem with the republican message is, there is no message any longer. The message has been hijacked by racists zealots from the far fringe of the party. In fact the far fringe is now the Republican Party.

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Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity of Fox Television Network:

The message of the Republican Party is now being delivered by Fox-news,  Sarah PalinReince PriebusDonald TrumpTed Nugent: Rush LimbaughSean Hannity –and other racists from the far fringe.

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Donal Trump and Sarah Palin:

The racist messengers of the Republican Right has literally killed any validity the right may have had on the issues. Immigration Marriage. Entitlements. Homosexuality. The message is lost in the racist intolerant rants of the messengers. That is a tragedy for the Country. Since President Obama took Office what was once known and accepted as marriage, one man, one woman has now been turned on it’s head. The fundamental philosophy that Marriage is a sacrosanct Covenant between a male and a female, which was created by God is done. The President’s support for it was wrong I believe. Obama did not support Homosexual unions because he is a black man. He did so because he is the president. The Political Right gave away the issue and many more by attacking the president’s genealogy. That strategy chased away more than it attracted. I am one of those opposed to homosexual marriages, yet vehemently opposed to Republican racist attitudes toward the President.

Message to Republicans. Denying the vote, is not a legitimate strategy. Intolerance of others , despicable racist rhetoric is not going to change current demographic trends. Unless you engage, understand, and cooperate with others , your party will be relegated to the regions below the Mason-Dixon line. And that is not a good thing for neither you nor America.




  1. Mike, Interesting views . I guess the GOP has not been learning from its mistakes . Engaging tactics to suppress minority votes will have damning effect . Perhaps they might be mistaking the present era for that of the period where minorities had little or no voice and were ignorant to the process . If the GOP have not realised it as yet , perhaps someone should remind them that minorities played a tremendous role in the last presidential elections , indications are it will get much worst as the growing population of Latino seek relevance in a society that is vastly dominated by whites .

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