In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. This was a momentous occasion when viewed against the racial tumult which had characterized the American existence for over two hundred years.

The country had evolved through slavery, a civil war, reconstruction, Jim Crowe, a prolonged and elongated civil rights struggle which continues to this very day and will continue into the foreseeable future.

Many people thought that Obama’s election to the nation’s highest executive office ushered in a new wave of post racial vibe,

Gone were the days, they thought, when race was not a determinant in how people were judged, but going forward all people would be judged based on the content of their character.

Naïve, idealistic, silly ?Maybe but being a little silly, idealistic, or naïve is sometimes ok. What many Americans and admirers of America, around the world did not bargain for was the backlash from the Republican Right to the election of the first president that was not a white Anglo-Saxon male.

The Republican Party were terrified, white men decided what they saw did not happen, the black family in the White House were not really there, he wasn’t really the president.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, quote; He’s not a real president.

Former Bush 42nd aide and New Hampshire Governor John Sununu , I wish he would learn how to be a real America.

That maddening disbelief created a parallel universe for the right-wing within the grand outdated party, the GOP.

The nation saw the rise of the T-Party, a group disguised as a genuine grass-roots organization, concerned about deficits, and taxes, but when the thin veneer is peeled away was revealed to be a front group funded by filthy rich Industrialists hell-bent on buying this democracy.

We saw a crass and boorish brand of disrespect directed at the president of the United States, never before seen in the history of this republic, if American history is anything to go by.

We saw a newly minted Supreme Court Justice mouth “not true” while shaking his head to a 100 percent factual statement given by the president at a state of the Union address.

We saw an uncouth, uncultured, impertinent congress-man from South Carolina yell “you lie” at the president in the very same body.

We saw a bigoted border state Governor wag her scraggly grubby fingers in the face of the president on a tarmac in the show me your paper state of Arizona.

We saw an entire Television network dedicated exclusively to distorting  facts and demagoguery of the president. These were just a few, never mind the other low-lives, like that reporter from that right-wing website, the daily caller, who interrupted the president in the rose garden while he was still speaking, a  180 degree turn from established protocol.

Every right-wing troll crawled out from under their rock to attack Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Dick Morris, Carl Rove, Sarah Palin, John Sununu, and every narcissistic delinquent who had a voice, made their bigoted fears known.

Last night after the president was re-elected, with frightening accuracy, FOX news commentator Bill O’riely had a come to Jesus moment, he accepted what I have been saying for some time now, of course he added some 1950 ‘s relish.

O’Reilly finally asserted quote: “So white people are now the minority, so Hispanics are going to vote for the president, African-Americans are going to vote for the president, women probably are going to vote for him, there are always going to be people who believe they are entitled to things”  

This was a rehash of Romney’s 47 percent tirade, look how well that’s served him, I can’t recall ever hearing of a Mrs Bill O’Reilly , but if she does exist I wonder how entitled she feel right now with such a Neanderthal relic for a spouse?

The danger with the parallel Universe of the Right , caused them to lose sight of reality, that they did not see the colossal defeat staring them in the face.  For the last 4 years they told themselves Barack Obama was not the president.

The unemployment numbers were legitimate when they looked bad, they used those to pommel the president, as soon as they started turning around, started to look  better, they claimed the Bureau of Labor manipulated the numbers to help Obama.

Never mind that if the president was going to manipulate the unemployment numbers, why not make them 2 percent unemployment, why not go for broke?

When it seemed that job growth was going to be a constant phenomenon under Obama they went to splitting hairs, arguing all kinds of metrics which made the unemployment numbers much more that what the monthly BOL aggregate suggested. There was never any question of the numbers from the right when Bush was bleeding jobs at a rate of 400 thousand per month.

Every metric which favored the president was rubbished; every indicator which showed him in a bad light was canonized. Every moderate republican who even showed an inkling of reverence or deference to the president was run out of the party, Dick Lugar, Olympia Snowe, Charlie Crist, and of late the circular firing squad around Chris Christie.

The poll numbers which indicated the president was leading by a slim margin of 1-2 percentage points were all demonized, and every single pollster labeled a tool of the liberal left. The lunatic Right placed themselves in an echo chamber this prevented them from hearing what the rest of the country was hearing, the warning signs were clear, the country was not going to fire the president. Conversely what seemed clear was that their candidate’s six-year double run lifelong lust was about to end in a pile of ashes.

I must say the pile of ashes characterization was my own personal wish for Romney, I deserve this little bit of decadence, I wished and hoped and prayed that the results we had would be the result we have.

The retarded right,  missed the entirety of what was happening in the country, they blasted the media for reporting facts and pointing to distortions, they cocooned themselves into the echo chamber of FOX, the media arm that spews the garbage they believe, and right-wing talk-radio, run pretty much by trailer trash red neck ignoramuses, this prevented them from ever breathing or assimilating any real facts. They were however content to breathe the stale putrid air of right-wing Obama derangement, that proved to be their undoing.

Even though defeat was facing them in the face, they had turn-coat, Dick Morris on live television telling them that from his professional analysis, Mitt Romney was going to win in a land slide. They had Carl Rove insisting that Romney would indeed win, even when defeat was imminent, they insisted they had data that showed they were ahead.

After other networks had called the election for te president, FOX  the republican flat earth, climate change deniers, insisted they had data showing something no one else was seeing.

When the state of Colorado was called after Ohio was already called for the president, Mitt Romney was not allowed to concede, because somehow, delusional republicans thought what was happening in front of their own eyes, was not happening , or simply had not happened. At that stage even if Romney was given the state of Ohio and every other state yet undeclared he would still have fallen short of the required 270 electoral vote he  needed , which would have made him  the 45th president of the United States.

So we are at the point where rational people have to ask themselves at this point in our history, “where will the republican party go? There are simply not enough old white guys left to win national elections. The Civil war has been over for a while now ,yet the republican party seem hell-bent  to take the country back, (back, meaning taking it away from the black guy). But back also have a deeper meaning, a deeper back to a period in the 50’s and 60’s when white men ruled everything.

Obama on the other hand, has  said simply ” we have come too far and we are not going back” so “Forward”>>>>>>>

On November 6th 2012, hate was repudiated roundly in America, after the prognosticators were done doing what they do, the electorate spoke and spoke it did.

The electorate said, “we want Barack Obama to be our president, we will not allow you to take away our right to vote and we will not allow women to be treated as state property.

There seem to be a sense of tone-deafness on the part of many within that outdated party, staring with the old curmudgeon Mitch McConnell, the senator from Kentucky,.

The voters who now make up the majority of the voting coalition Obama has put together over the last few years, has finally exacted a backlash, against the white backlash, against Obama the black president.

People over money.