This was in front the White House yesterday.

America enters week (3) three of a federal shut-down orchestrated by a minority of the minority party in one of the three branches of the Government. So much for best model of Government when a minority segment can hold the majority of the Federal Bureaucracy hostage. So much for a system which allows one ego-maniacal Senator to grind the country to a halt.

Over the last few blogs  I have systematical referred to the Republican Part as the Confederate/ Republican Party. Some of you have asked why I believe the Republican Party is to be seen in the same light as the old Confederacy?  I point you to the policies which obtained after the Civil War .

Jim Crow Laws enacted then . Stand your ground laws now. Chain Gangs then. Prison Industrial complex now. Poll Tax and massive voter suppression then. Voter Id Laws,poll-tax) obstacles to voting now. Talks of nullification and secession then. Talks of nullification and secession now. Talks of States Rights then. Talks of states Rights now. Lynchings then. Increased police and vigilante killings now.

There is ample evidence which, if not ignored shows that the Republican Party now represents the Southern Confederacy. Does anyone believe this fuss in the Nation’s Capitol is about (Obama-Care), The Affordable Care Act? If you do you are woefully mis-informed . The people who dreamed up this conundrum do not think so , they have since dropped that talking point after closing the Government down and now blame Obama for the shut-down. Many in the Lame-stream-Media laments that Republicans had no strategy to get out of the impasse they created, I disagree. Ted Cruz the present day Joe McCarthy, is a lot of things , stupid not being one of them.  As I wrote before, House and Senate Republicans may have been blind victims to Pied-Piper Ted Cruz’ strategy , but Cruz knew exactly what he wanted to do.

TedCruz-Gage Ted Cruz.

Once Cruz had the country grind to a halt he went on the road.  He gathered the usual rabble, Sarah Palin and others surrounded by the most vile bigots and proceeded to blame Obama for the shut-down he initiated. What that says is, Cruz has zero respect for the intelligence of the people he wants to leads as  president. Cruz believes you are too stupid to see through his strategy which is as clear as day if you open your eyes. The Confederate/Republican Party is unable to reconcile that a black man is sitting atop the Federal Bureaucracy. They are unable to accept a black man at the zenith of power created by over 400 years of racial privileged. What we are witnessing is actions of a spurned lover. If I can’t have you, no one else will, I will take you down with me in a heap of ashes”.

That is what the calls of “we want our country back” and “impeach Obama” are all about.



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