The Crime Situation Is Not Getting Better.


In these blogs I am particularly critical, in my comments directed at people I perceive to be supportive of criminal behavior. Whether they do so expressly or implicitly. What I’ve found, having been away from law-enforcement for over 2 decades, is that our country’s security has not improved over that period. Conversely the crime situation has gotten worse, studies have confirmed that in the last 10 years the amount of Jamaicans returning home to live has dropped by fifty percent, we have commented here about this as we seek to heighten awareness to the problems that have beset Jamaica.


Dorian Dixon:                                                          Ronald Thwaites    :

There is a mindset that is a part of the problem, we Jamaicans simply worship politicians and others we believe “the big man“. In an ongoing dispute between the Jamaica Teachers Association and the Minister of Education Ronald Thawaites, over study leave ,Dorian Dixon  principal lecturer and head of Mico’s Social Sciences Department compared the association’s dispute with the Ministry of Education to a fight between “a mongrel dog” and “a lion-hearted cat”.

There are calls coming from many quarters for mister Dixon to be canned. I mean are you kidding me? He didn’t even call Thwaites a mongrel dog, the term mongrel dog characterization was inherently designed to drive home his point and to make a statement, but it was a metaphor people.  Ronald Thawaites, as a radio talk show host for many years, was certainly not hesitant about calling people names and using metaphors, as he fooled many into believing he was an independent voice and not just another PNP shill. I’m vindicated on that one!

  Father Richard Holung:

The irony of the brouhaha surrounding mister Dixon’s comment is even more laughable when we think of what is happening in our country. When we think of the things which comes out of the mouths of literally everyone from the Prime Minister on down. The moral rot in Jamaica is palpable. Well know Roman Catholic Priest father Richard Holung spoke to the moral decay in the country in an article recently.Jamaica: Conversion From Christianity To Paganism.

One of the reason the Constabulary Force have not been taken seriously throughout the years is that the agency was divided into miniature groups. Each with different goals and objectives. The Police Officers Association, made up of members of the gazetted ranks are civil servants, they are governed by different rules than rank and file members who are represented by the Federation, but which is still beholden to the gazetted ranks whose strings are pulled by the politicians the chief purveyors of crime in Jamaica.  The ISCF and District Constables Association also have their own representative bodies and subsequently different aspirations.

The problem is to get these groups to adhere to a common principle which would mean that all involved would be better off. Many members chose the safe way, which was to lay low, not stand for anything. They saw opportunities in being perceived  as  company guys, who doesn’t ruffle feathers. The police hierarchy is filled with these men and women who are there because of boot-licking.

Even more laughable are some who are out of the department but are quite content with things as they are today. They join groups which calls themselves Ex-Police-Associations, but  when the thin veneer is peeled back, they are nothing more than glorified rum-drinking-reminiscing-fraternities, which are powerless to do anything to effect change.

I know I will be excoriated for saying this but I  was never particularly worried about what police thought about me. I don’t care about politics or their leanings, many are unable, even after they have left, to untangle themselves from the corrosive tentacles of JLPNP.

I believe there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of former Jamaican Police officers, who could potentially form a powerful lobby which would have a significant positive impact on Jamaica going forward. Yet even when we meet on social sites like Face/Book all we are capable of doing is tearing down each other, not much has changed.