The Disillusioned Black Americans:


 I have concluded that some black Americans, were of the belief, before and after the US elections, that saw Barack Obama being elected President, that all their needs would have been taken care of, a perception no doubt, which slowly eroded and evaporated when Obama came into office and their expectations were not realized. This has been substantiated the very voice of some ignorant black US citizens themselves and extended families here in Jamaica.

Unfortunately, in their quest to establish reason to dispel Obama as a credible president for all American people and not just for a particular ethnic group, the deluded have blamed an increasingly depressed global economic situation, exacerbated by the remnants of the Bush domestic initiative and his Middle East exploration, as the cause for their stagnant economic situation.

So, the disillusioned , it seems, have  decided that they will not be voting for Obama and in some instances high profile blacks have jumped ship and gone to the Republican camp, believing the mendacious , flip flopper  Mitt Romney’s plan for economic development , a paln which he has no credibility .

I would advise them to step backwards and look at the bigger picture, and see what Romney has been offering or should I say selling, which is quite obvious from his very pronouncement that his intention is to make the rich richer, by reinstating the very failed policies of the Bush administration and a deregulated management of the country’s economy which favours the rich, indeed, an unbridled capitalism.

 Obama’s policy’s have not been effective enough to make serious inroads in addressing the US’ socio-economic woes which are indeed many, and   from where I stand, neither does the Grand Old Party (GOP) have a solution to address the economic and foreign concerns of the US, the flip flopper Romney has demonstrated that he is clueless, and has no vision to revive the country’s economy.

 If one is faced with one of two choices to decide the way forward to progress, wouldn’t  it  be prudent to choose the one whose course is plausible, realistic and can make your circumstances a little better. The problem is, with predominantly white  America and weary disillusioned blacks not looking at the issues and being objective I will not be at all surprised if a Mitt Romney becomes president , I hope I will be  proven wrong come the November election .

Errol McLeish