The Execution Of Troy Anthony Davis:

I have held the belief that criminals should be put to death, once and for all after they have expeditiously exhausted all of their legal appeals, until today September 21st 2011.

                                    HERE’S THE REASON


Troy Davis

I have no evidence whether Troy Davis is innocent or guilty, this case has however awakened a sensitivity in me I did not know existed.

I have been a proponent of the death penalty, or at best I sat on the fence leaning toward the side of execution.

As more information about this case emerged , my family and I sat at our dinner table and watched Democracy now do blanket coverage of the vigil outside the Georgia correctional facility, we actually watched on a laptop computer.

As tears flowed from my eyes uncontrollably , my 17-year-old son who just entered college, and who is very privy to my views on the death penalty , turned to me and asked ” Dad can you tell me how killing a person is justice for a killing another person”?

I tried as best I could to explain to my son that my position was shaped by my  law enforcement experience, I tried to tell him that I had been to too many murder scenes, seen too many bodies.

My son looked at me, shook his head, and muttered “uuumph”

As I sat and watched at 10 :21 the reporter looked at her blackberry and reported that the Supreme Court of the United States has refused to block the execution of Troy Davis.

As this news came down deathly silent gripped the crowd , persons in the crowd just clutched each other and stood there frozen in deathly shock.

Democracy now reported there were vigils all over the world for the sparing of Troy Davis’ life, pleas had come in from Bishop Desmond Tutu Nobel peace prize winner, Former President Jimmy Carter , Nobel peace prize winner, Pope Benedict , and a host of prominent Americans some of whom are supporters of the death penalty.

If Troy Davis is Guilty , what is the reason why the Courts are so intent on killing him , whats the rush? A defendant has no burden of proof , it is up to the prosecution to prove its case , what is the state afraid will happen if they stayed the execution of Troy Davis?

The argument that one is innocent untill proven guilty in America is a downright lie and a farce.

The notion that a defendant has no burden to prove his innocence is a lie and a fraud.

The  rigid unrelenting posture of the state of Georgia, and finally the United States Supreme Court to grant Troy Davis a stay, and the possibility  of a new trail is an affront to all free people the world over.

If citizens cannot lok to the United States Supreme Court as a final arbiter of facts to protect them who can they look to ?

As we watched Renee Phelps a human rights advocate read a  moving 2008 letter Davis wrote detailing his feelings regarding his plight and the death penalty.

It was an odd feeling sitting, watching the telecast as this news came down, imagining that inside  the prison a person was being killed, imagining that Troy Anthony Davis was being injected with a lethal cocktail of life ending drugs for one purpose, and one purpose only, to kill him.


A human rights activist on the scene commenced reading the names of those executed in the state of Georgia, a practice she said her group engaged in whenever the state snuff out the life of a citizen. My wife walked back into the kitchen after a brief respite  and asked “any word” ?  I looked up at her and muttered “they are killing him”

A gentleman from Al Sharpton’s action network sang “when we all get together” he spoke as a veteran of the US armed forces he agonized at the temerity of America in telling the rest of the world how to live, when America executes a man when there is doubt about his innocence.

Ben Jealous echoed the refrain of an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

As My kids went to bed, my wife and I sat at our kitchen table and watched the interviews, and the statements, hoping for word that somehow , there would be a miracle, somehow we would hear that Troy Davis would not be killed tonight.

As word came down that somehow Supreme court Justice Clarence Thomas was the jurist responsible for the decision I told my wife “TROY DAVIS IS A DEAD MAN”


                                                                     Supreme Court Assc. Justice Clarence Thomas

As we awaited word ,the reporter announced that CNN had  just confirmed that Troy Anthony Davis is being executed this was at 11:14 pm. I told my wife he was probably already dead. As we sat there a macabre feeling came over me, it felt  almost  un-earthly, that while  I lived,  a human being was being murdered in the name of justice.

Conformation came that the time of death was 11:08 pm eastern time. Troy Anthony Davis was dead.

A young black woman was sent out from the prison to give the official word , detailing the time of death,……………..yes they sent a black woman.

Is there a connection of sorts between the decision coming from Clarence Thomas,who has black skin, and the black prison official sent out to make the announcement? Or is it just plain coincidence? You decide.

A member of the press reported that Troy told members of the victim’s family  that he had not killed their son, he implored his family to dig  deeper to find out the truth,  reportedly  told the guards that he pray that God help their souls, and have mercy on their souls.

As the story wound down the female reporter from Democracy now, Amy Goodman  spoke in low tones, she had done yeoman’s work non-stop on air broadcasting, she sounded drained and tired, behind her the crowd began to disperse , my wife looked at me and said ‘business as usual” I looked at her with impotent resignation, no words came to my lips.

For those who weren’t following the case a female witness reportedly overheard a man under the influence of alcohol at a party confess to killing the police officer.

He allegedly told the woman he has kids so Troy Davis will have to take the rap for the killing That young woman had to flee her community in fear for her life, as the alleged killer reportedly threatened to kill her. The state of Georgia reportedly knew this , why would this man threaten to kill her if she told her story if he did not know something about the killing of that off duty police officer? Troy Davis is now dead so this man can walk up to the police slap his chest and brag  about killing that officer and there is nothing they can do about it . They already got their pint of blood.

mike beckles