In no other country would the right of anyone supersede the rights of innocent minor children.
Except in Jamaica where a Rastafarian wannabe star’s lies, and assaults the police, destroys public property yet his position is supported by many in the public sphere.
In this cesspool of anti-police malignancy, despite the credible statements of the children’s aunt, the police hating trolls still berate the police for doing exactly what they are sworn to do.

Sean McDonald

The incident which occurred recently in which the aunt of two little boys asked the Gordon Town Police to accompany her to a residence to remove two boys she believed were not being taken care of, have once again highlighted some old fissures within the Jamaican society.
According to local reporting, Melesha Welsh aunt of the two boys and sister-in-law of Rastafarian Sean McDonald,  who goes by the moniker (JahDore) asked the police to accompany her to the house to attend and investigate reports the children were not being well cared for.
In synopsis, the children were removed from the residence by Ms. Welsh and taken to the Gordon Town Police station upon which Sean McDonald showed up and all hell broke out.

“I regret nothing. The kids are not Rastafarian, and they are not even his (biological) kids. I trimmed them, and fed them, not the police. This is a big publicity stunt by JahDore, my father is a rasta, I respect their traditions, I would not violate that. I made the complaint to the police because I love my nephews and they have not been going to school since October last year, and now is May, and it couldn’t continue, I don’t want them to grow up dunce and can’t contribute to society.”  Ms. Welsh told a local reporter.

It was a simple matter and we all were at the police station to discuss it when I saw JahDore kick the officer in his belly and the officer grabbed his foot and thump him in the face. When I saw Jahdore dip to his waist, I grabbed the children and ran out of the police station because I feared what would happen next. While outside, I saw a barber across the road. The kids had a fungus in their head, especially the younger one, so I took the opportunity to do it, I had to beg the barber to trim him,” said Welsh, who is the sister of JahDore’s spouse, Semela. According to Loopnews.


Since the incident occurred, every Tom, Harry, and police-hating Dick have crawled out of the woodwork to seek relevance by piling on the police for doing exactly what they are sworn to do.
If for instance, Ms. Welsh had gone to the Gordon Town Police and asked for help to secure the wellbeing of two minor children she believed to be in danger, and the police failed to assist her and harm came to the children, what would be the position of the anti-police village lawyers?
Literally every day, minor children face grave danger in Jamaica at the hands of relatives and others, who are supposed to give care and security to them. That fact is separate from the stark reality of the nation’s atrocious crime epidemic, which places innocent children smackdab in the crosshairs of the human vultures who prey on the defenseless.


The stepfather of the children a wannabe star is considered among the never-ending list of untouchables in the country which prides itself on its high crime statistics.
This low-life actually went to the police station and assaulted a police officer.
There is an old Jamaican saying (ashes cold dawg sleep in de).
From the mouth of the credible witness and aunt to the alleged abused children Ms. Welsh, quote” It was a simple matter and we all were at the police station to discuss it when I saw JahDore kick the officer in his belly.”
This police force has certainly gone soft and has become a pussy. I make no apology for making this observation. This illiterate fool should not be heading to the Half-Way-Tree courthouse this morning, he should be lying somewhere chilling.
This is the kind of atmosphere that the PNP and JLP have created in Jamaica. Not just in the sense that a law-breaker would attack and try to harm a police officer, that comes with the territory.
Nevertheless, the general across the board disrespect for the rule of law, from the lack of understanding that the police is duty bound to protect minors, to the condemnation and lies by the village lawyers in the society and the physical attack on the police officers in the station house is a searing indictment on the state of affairs in the country.


In most countries, securing the interest of children who may be in danger one way or the other, is of paramount interest.
This is true not just of all state agencies, but it is an unwritten understanding among the general population that we look after our most vulnerable.
The shocking reality is that counterintuitively, in JAMAICA, the greatest concern to the people who are supposed to care most about these very vulnerable children is for a fucking Rastafarian who was allegedly not taking care of the children in his care, and psychically attacked police officers.
God forbid that the hair of the children be cut and they are fed a meal.
Because for this country, having dirty dreadlocks with fungus in their head is far more important than personal hygiene and a good meal.
It is a sick and nonsensical Orwellian mentality which makes the wrong right, and right wrong which is feeding this massive murder rate on this once lovely Island.
It is a place where Convicted dope dealers are celebrated and given God-like reverence, where murdering scumbag community thugs are elevated and referred to as “DONS’.
A place where Rastafarians who with their colleagues destroyed personal property and murdered responding police officers are given apologies and tax-payers money to boot.
It is a country in which an entire community thumbed its collective nose at the rule of law for decades, opting instead for the leadership of a common murderer. When the security forces finally annexed that community to the country, those who survived were compensated for their decades-long support and indulgence in illegal activities against the country.
This is what JAMAICA has become……