The Immense Global Impact Of The Gay Lobby:


Contributor Errol McLeish


Gay rights have for some time now ,  been a hot topic item in the United  States it has generated much political debate  on the issue  .  This scenario is not unique to the US, as similar discourse has been raised in other developed jurisdiction and gaining much traction in the developing regions, in particular Jamaica.

The reality is , Gay issues are and will be a potent  political strong point  in the US , because of the highly influential lobby groups and political clout  by well placed supporters in  position of control in congress. They have used their privileged position to  assert  their influence for political mileage  .  Their tentacles of influence  have  caused  even the staunch moralist , who have used the Bible as a  support base  to substantiate their  stance of its immoral standings , to be changing tunes , virtually watering down their faith to accommodate its overwhelming influence .

Indeed , this  paradigm shift  in perspective , have  seen  in recent time the President of the United States , Barack Obama and former secretary of State Hilary Clinton endorsing same sex marriages.  Recently Republican Senator Rob Portman a conservative from  the State  of Ohio, surprised his fellow conservatives with his recent switch to support Gay marriage , influenced in part by his son’ s disclosure that  he was Gay .  There has even been suggestion that the newly ordained Pope is considering softening his view on homosexual engagements. Perhaps the cynics and skeptics might suggest that the Catholic churches’ dwindling converts have caused it to take a radical stance to attract and maintain its stance in the society and its pocket book.

Jamaica ,  known for its belligerent view on homosexuality  , despite  having many embedded deeply in political and other influential places , have been feeling the influence and impact of the political manipulation of  the issue  by the developed countries .  In a recent  presentation in the UK Parliament , the Prime Minister of  the  United Kingdom ,  issued  not so veiled threats to countries like Jamaica in the developed world who depend  on their grants,   that they should soften their stance on homosexuality or else the grants  and assistance  given them would dry up . The European Union too , have  openly  adapted this view  .  So it comes as no surprise that our own PM, Portia Simpson Miller, in the national debate, stated openly she would be willing to reconsider looking at aspects of the act which deals with issues of that nature.  Indeed , perhaps  Someone should have warned Bruce Golding ,when he was interviewed on the  British television talk show “Hard talk “ of the changing times and advise him to be more  politically correct in articulating his point.


British PM David Cameron :      Former Jamaican PM Bruce Golding:

Let me state categorically,  I have never embraced  homosexual practices  or its  concept  as being normal  and I  guess I never will . I however recognized that as a liberal thinker and a pragmatist who embraces objective thinking, within reason of course, agree with the view that what a man or a woman does in his or her bedroom is their business.  I believe  and hold fervently to the belief, that these liberties and privileges should come with some qualification, perhaps for starters , open demonstration  of  affection . Well at least that’s my view, but by the looks of things, proponents are seeking much more than just an open kiss in public places.

It is by now clear that there is global paradigm shift with respect to Gay rights, those who hold true to old fashion religious values will by now have learned that the deck is stacked against them. Its either they join in arriving at a consensus on the way forward to address equality of space in this regard or suffer the detriment of an avalanche of overwhelming force by proponents who wield immense power. Indeed, tolerance does not mean acceptance, but could be a solution to mending fences.

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