The Implosion Of Herman Caine:

 My comments are not scientific ,and should be viewed within the simple prism of an ordinary person with a plethora of opinions and nothing more. My comments are supported by data where practicable , but should not be confused with anything scientific or sophisticated. I am not a trained Journalist and as such my statements must be assimilated in the organic context in which they were intended.

On  October 12th 2011 I  posted a blog about black conservatism in America as I saw it from my lay perspective.

The post was titled Black Republicanism in America, I made the bold statement then that Herman Caine Former God father piazza CEO  would not be the Republican Nominee for president. My  statements were bold ,because other than the narrative I laid out in that post I had no inside information that would otherwise cause me to come to that conclusion.

                        Herman Caine                                                  Rick Perry                                      Mitt Romney

For those who are not regular readers of my blogs this would be a good time to go back to that blog and acquaint yourselves with the comments in that post. I was really angry at Caine for running around the country disrespecting hard-working Americans who are finding it hard to find work or make ends meet. Caine stated without equivocation that it was no one’s fault but their own,referring to out of work Americans. This represented ,at least to me the most arrogant ,egomaniacal disrespect that could be heaped on the middle class in this country. This represented what has become common-place behavior  for those on the extreme right in their rapacious disdain for the middle class.

Herman Caine strutted around making grand statements  about things he did not take time to acquaint himself with.   He stoutly declared  he would not be the flavor of the month when his poll numbers started heading north,and those of Michelle Bachman were rapidly heading toward the south pole.   It would have served mister Caine well had he availed himself to the fact that China tested their first nuclear device from as far back as the 1960’s . It would have been useful if Caine knew that China’s economy is intrinsically tied to ours and it is in their interest to have us as a trading partner, rather than an enemy. Caine would have been well served had he known that the Chinese have made no move despite their humongous army and military might ,to extend their geographical borders militarily. Mister Caine would have been well served had he understood that sending warships to the Persian gulf to agitate a war with Iran is a bad idea for world peace , and serves no useful purpose but to further the financial interest of the super rich and the military industrial complex. MisterCaine would have been well served had he not demonstrated contempt for his race and the travails we have endured,  simply because he has accomplished some financial stability.

It is no surprise then that as I predicted that Caine was destined for failure, that the inevitable implosion of Herman Caine has began.I have heard a lot of adjectives used to describe Caine usually flowery ones from the patronizing  whack jobs on the right . They mostly refer to him as a smart likeable guy,ok ,I am not about to say whether he is likeable or not, I have never met the guy, I have read that he attended college and did pretty well for himself as a business man, but smart?

How smart could Caine be if as head of God fathers piazza he was accused of sexually harassing  female subordinates ,the case was settled,he’s running for president of the United States and (1) did not expect the story to come out , and (2) did not have a prepared response? Did someone say he was a smart guy? I beg to differ!

                               Newt Gingrich                                   Charles   Krauthammer

Come on Herman which is it ?you went from not knowing about any sexual harassment,to having a vague recollection of an incident,to there was one instant where  you were standing next to a woman and you said to her “you are about the same height as my wife” to you know of  no pay out, to knowing that a payout was made , but you hoped it wasn’t much , to it was just the equivalent of a few months salary, which is it? Sexual harassment claims are a common occurrence in the work-place some are true , some are fabricated for monetary reasons.It is understandable that under all circumstances if an allegation was made that in the interest of the company the matter would have been settled, whether Caine was guilty or not, there is no winning when one gets accused of these kinds of charges. I have no knowledge of mister Caine’s guilt or innocence,but I understand his desire to keep the incident out of the public’s domain,in the interest of his family and his campaign.

But here is a novel idea , how about when asked about the issue, Caine had looked into the camera and said to the reporter, “Yes as head of the restaurant association of America there were allegations of sexual harassment made against me by lower level staff members of the company ,these kinds of things happen ever day and companies have devised ways to deal with them, one such way to deal with them is to offer the accusers some money to make the matter go away,one may argue it is extortion , but when you have a reputation to uphold you do not want to get bogged down in a messy court case to clear your name, it’s the nature of the beast”.

Mister Caine the smart business-man/politician did not do this, he proceeded to  deny and obfuscate. Charles Krauthhammer noted conservative icon stated that Caine seemed to be winging it, in reference to nonsensical answers Caine has been  giving on the stump to simple questions. And of course faced with the bubbling cauldron of a scandal that this matter has now inevitably morphed into, Krauthammer could not resist asking the bonanza question of Caine on (Fox misinformation) quote ” Do you believe that race has anything to do with this seeing you are a black conservative)? Caine’s  response floored me, Quote “Yes I  think so but I have no evidence to support my belief”. Really ?……Ok, so how does race plays into this as far as Caine is concerned ? First one would have to assume that the information was leaked by someone white, who has an interest in  seeing  Caine destroyed, surely Democrats would surely like to see Herman Caine matched up against Barack Obama, so that rules out the democrats.This brings us back to the present class of republican clowns , Caine’s friends. Caine has now blamed a staffer in Rick Perry’s campaign who worked on a previous campaign of his , Caine  stated emphatically that it had to be that staffer who leaked the information as he had confided that information to him when he was in his employ. Needless to say that former staffer appeared on   national television  and debunked the notion that Caine ever told him any such thing ,which made it impossible for him to be the source of the leak, Perry also denied that he had any knowledge of the allegations of sexual harassment in Herman Caine’s past.

These developments have revealed Caine to be either petty , a liar or both. If as he claims, Caine told that former staffer of the allegations against him when he was in his employ, how could he tell reporters he had no knowledge of any allegations of sexual harrasment against him? This has led me to say something I take no pleasure in saying, Herman Caine has proven himself to be a liar. Herman Caine has fallen on his own sword faster that even I had imagined, this is karma personified.  I believed he would fizzle, and trust me fizzle he will, I just never thought it would be as a result of anything in his past, I truly believed he would be forgotten soon, as a result of the fact that the present version of what obtains for the republican party, beholden hook line and sinker to the ultra right, and mired in a ideological purity search, are unhappy with the standard-bearer Mitt Romney, and are as a result searching for an alternative. Hence their brief romance with Bachman , Perry and now Caine. I’m not opposed to Herman Caine solely because of his politics . I am opposed by his politics, but I am more revolted by his crass elitist disregard and disrespect for the middle class. He has demonstrated a brand of craven disdain, attributable only to  the present day republican party, and their fellow supporters on the fringe right, who believe, “I made it, damn everybody else”.

One would have thought someone like Herman Caine, a product of middle America of African American Ancestry, who witnessed his parents toil to send him and his brother to good schools so that they can experience the American dream, would have a greater appreciation for the working class . Caine has artfully removed the lynchings , Jim crow, Bull O’Connor dogs and cops, segregated water fountains restaurants and other amenities, separate but equal,and all of the travesty and shame visited on black Americans, effectively erasing those atrocities from African-American history as if they never happened  or continue to happen. Yet he has the temerity and gall to attribute his present troubles to racism. This is the same Caine who said he saw no racism at tea party rallies, some of which were little more that glorified Klan rallies.

Herman Caine cannot be allowed to have it both ways, he has disrespected the black community, but wants to claim racism where none exists. Herman Caine the novelty, has no more use for the black community than Clarence Thomas does. A president Caine would  be a disaster for the black community, As such our community should not allow him to hide behind us, using us as cover to accomplish the goals of the far right, goals that do not line up with our aspirations. As a matter of fact his goals and aspirations do not line up with the 99% of working people in this country.