Gregory Alan Bush reportedly has a violent past

It took them a while to do it and one has to wonder why? Even, when the evidence is glaring, there are hesitations to treat attacks on Black Americans as hate crimes?
That “it“, is recognizing that the brazen murder of two elderly black people in a Kentucky supermarket was a hate crime.
As the Nation grieves the deadliest attack on Jews in America’s history,  a case in which a right-wing hate monger massacred people solely on the basis of their faith, the murder of two innocent African-Americans in a Kentucky Kroger gets shoved to the side.

‘Whites Don’t Shoot Whites,’ Said Alleged Kroger Shooter  Gregory Alan Bush when confronted by an armed white man. The man did not shoot at him and so he hustled away before being taken alive by police.
You ever noticed how literally all of these murderous losers always have three names, think about it?  

Now the evidence was always there that this was a racially motivated shooting, he killed two black people and no one else. He tried entering an African-American church before opting for the Kroger supermarket. And then he told a white man who might have nailed his sorry ass, that “whites do not kill whites.” Obviously, his theory had some resonance with his white contemporary as well as with the police, he was not killed by that man and he was certainly taken alive by the police.

Bush reportedly has a black ex-wife who said in court records that he called her a “nigger bitch.” [Lie with Dogs you rise with flees](sorry Bud).
The larger takeaway which generally gets lost in the shuffle is the skillset of police departments across the country.
They have the incredible ability to take the most despicable white murderers into custody without harming them.
I’m actually surprised they did not take him to Burger King and got him a supersized whopper with extra fries and a large Frosty.

Yet two cowards wearing police uniforms in the state of Florida couldn’t restrain a 14-year-old black girl without pummelling her kidneys in order to arrest her for the very serious crime of talking back at police.
These are the Gestapo tactics playing out across the country, yet violent white right-wing extremist kill who they hate and are almost always taken into custody alive.

As for African-American men whose only crimes is that they are occupying their black skins, it is quite common to receive multiple gunshots to the back for simply existing.
In a very brief moment of time since Donald Trump has escalated his war of words on the media and has declared publicly that he is a white Nationalist much has happened.
Here are a few of the events which have occurred.