How ironic, Mit Romney is now whining that the President and his surrogates are telling lies on him, this in reference to an Ad by Bill Burton’s Priorities USA  which features a steel-worker ,Joe Soptic talking about his wife dying from cancer after the steel plant where he worked was closed by Romney and Bain Capital. Bain Capital is the company Romney owned and operated  which took over businesses loaded them up with debt then filed for bankruptcy. This practise saw workers thrown out of their jobs, loosing their homes, and health insurance, usually resulting in dire hardship for former employees, while Bain Capital, Romney and their share-holders reaped huge cash wind-falls.

As is usual when liberals fight back the morality police comes out of the wood-work gnashing their teeth that the Ad has gone too far. The brain-dead Morning Joe program on MSNBC spent an entire segment moaning about the Ad, with the dim-witted Mika Bresinski putting on a full display of why she is an intellectual light-weight, with very little to associate her with her established father. Scarborough and the other talking-heads were more than happy to spend that entire segment lamenting the Priorities Ad , but are totally incapable of getting either Romney or any of his campaign surrogates on their show to defend his two-year long campaign of lies and distortions against president Obama.

Mitt Romney is a pathological liar, ask Newt Gingrich who now conveniently supports him .http://

                                 Romney Care

Mitt Romney’s entire campaign is built on lies. The very notion that his signature health care law, Romney care  in Massachusetts, is somehow different from the Affordable Care Act, Obama-care is a farce and a terrific stretch of the truth, and Romney knows it. Romney was once proud of this piece of legislation and he has trumpeted its success before this election cycle. Interestingly Romney is now unable to talk about this positive piece of legislation he crafted because of the fear he has for the far-right nut jobs that have now taken over the republican party.


Mitt Romney

The argument that his plan was crafted for his state, and not for the whole country is the biggest piece of baloney this side of the Mississippi, there is no credibility to that incredulous assertion , at least none that makes sense to anyone except the fools on the right. The inference inherent in that idiocy is , the fact that his plan works and is loved  by the people of Massachusetts is a success makes it a non-starter for the entire country.

                         Apologising for America

Mitt Romney never misses a oppurtunity to paint the president as an apologiser-in-chief , he stridently asserts that President Obama has apologised to foreign leaders for America’s transgressions.

Despite the fact that this lie has been debunked over and over again by independent fact-checkers, who themselves assert that this president has never apologised for America , Romney refuses to allow facts to get in the way of his appeasement-lies, designed to assuage the lunatic hate mongers on the right.

I cringe at playing the devils advocate for even a second but let’s just assume that President Obama had apologised to , let’s say the Iraqi people for the invasion of their country which killed arguably hundreds of thousands of their country-men, how would that be a bad thing?

What if president Obama had apologised to the nations which had their Nationals water-boarded as per the orders of  Bush/ Chaney ,contrary to the Geneva Conventions which outlawed torture, how would that be a bad thing?

What if the president had apologised to Cuba for over fifty years of blockade, how would that be bad? I could go on and on but I stop here.

Mitt Romney is a member of the Mormon Faith, the Church of Latter Day Saints, I am not conversant with their teachings , yet I would wager that they preach forgiveness, I would also wager that they teach that redemption comes through confessions and asking for forgiveness. Maybe Mitt Romney has not been attending church, maybe Romney believes that sending a large check will get him into Heaven.

It behoves Mitt Romney to acquaint himself with the principles of honest, fidelity to the truth, confessions of the heart and asking for forgiveness.

Maybe Romney should acquaint himself to the principle of doing onto others as he would have them do onto him.

The truth is Mitt Romney more than likely had zero to do with that poor lady’s death , yet he is simply getting a taste of the snake-oil he has been peddling for the last five years he has been running for president.

You spit in the sky it falls in your face, karma is a… you know what I mean? Why not run a decent campaign? Why not outline a policy -strategy that you honestly feel will be better than the one being pursued by the present Administration? How about truth and honesty mister Romney ?

You see whatever you do tend to have a boomerang effect, you lie , lies comes back to haunt you, is power worth your credibility and honor? You have money and lots of it , how about standing for something bigger than yourself? How about telling the racists on FOX and all over hate radio that you want to be different, that you do not hate president Obama, you simply don’t agree with his policies?

Naaah that would be way beyond what could be asked of you, after all it does not matter how you win , it’s just that you win, right?

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what would my father George Romney do?  I’ll tell you he sure would stand for something, can you?




George Romney