In response to an interview he gave to the Jamaica Observer Published in the Sunday Observer, I called my friend Dadrick Henry before I wrote a follow up to what was published in that Jamaican paper :

Dadrick Henry
Dadrick Henry


I wanted to hear from the horses mouth, what exactly was going on, without the filter of Editorial cutting and dicing. I also called his brother, a friend of mine, to learn from him what he knew. Having listened to Dadrick explain what occurred, I was left with the impression that he feels let down by the very people with whom he served at the Constant Spring CIB office, Some of those people are now in senior positions within the JCF.  I concluded our conversation feeling that my entreaties  over the years to him, to  save some of himself for himself went unheeded.

He spoke long, emotionally and nostalgically about what he and I accomplished. I listened as he vented, he spoke at length about individual cases we worked on , from house breaking to recovery of stolen property, recovering guns, to murder cases. My friend seemed stuck in the emotional exploits of our youthful exhuberance.  Totally oblivious to the risks we took, unable to reconcile the Constabulary force we served then with the  JCF two decades later. Ironically he believes some of the very people who were window dressings at that CIB office of the mid 80’s to the early 1990’s are now some of the people who are twisting the dagger in his back.

Tony Hewitt
Tony Hewitt


Dadrick Henry the crime fighter, was no different than Altamoth (Parra) Campbell the crime fighter, whose house was ransacked by members of the JCF on false information that he was involved with a certain suspect. Dadrick Henry reminisced about the night I was shot yet managed to recover a .357 Magnum bleeding profusely, my shoes filled with blood. He spoke about the Detective Corporal and a member of the Auxiliary, who were with me that night. They ran away, we laughed about that.

Cornwall (bigga) Ford
Cornwall (bigga) Ford


That Detective Corporal later rose to the rank Of Senior Superintendent. I saw the new JCF coming two decades ago. Not a JCF which was more informed, better equipped, smarter, more efficient. No, I saw a JCF where it would be each man for himself, where esprit de corps would be a dirty Latin term. Some of the people now in leadership were second rate Police Officers, they were people who were on a mission of self, and they would do anything to get to where they thought they needed to be.

Altamoth (parro) Campbell
Altamoth (parro) Campbell



Dadrick Henry and a few others did not receive that memo, they are paying the price. He had his demons but he loved his country, he swore never to live anywhere else but Jamaica, he loved the Force. I wonder whether the force ever loved him. Some of my friends point to a new JCF, they say when this force takes shape it will be better.  Others speak of the courtesy of officers today, I always believed officers should be courteous, I was courteous. I believed that officers should be tough, I was tough, the two are not mutually exclusive. The JCF is not getting more courteous as my friends insists, the force is getting less effective, less competent, less worthy of mention. The crime stats speaks volumes.

Until the JCF presents crime statistics which are better than the statistics of the 1980’s, Officers like Dadrick Henry, Parra Campbell, Bigga Ford and others will continue to be larger than life, unfortunately for these men and others like them the JCF rewards lethargy and incompetence not meritorious service. Merely being better able to compile crime data more efficiently, does not a more competent force make.


  1. Mike, I am sure Dadrick was aware of the nature of his superiors in the Force and I am not being speculative about this at all. He has expressed, in the past, that all they wanted was the work done, and if in the execution of such work ,if one gets into problems, often times he is left on his own, so in light of this position he should not have been surprised at the present situation . We must be candid too about Dadrick’s situation , despite the fact that he is a decorated cop it doesn’t mean certain proclivities that he has that might put him into trouble ,he should engage in such activities then expects to be exonerated because of his past achievements . Perhaps I am reading too much into what he is saying ,but some how there is some validity to this perspective . He has to take responsibility for his actions, the Force has changed , perhaps for the better , but it seems Dadrick had loose site of this fact ,still living in the nostalgic years , the reign of the name brand cops and the execution of force on suspects to acquire information, which is an anachronism . Don’t get me wrong , I am not and will never suggest that Dadrick was not an excellent cop , it would have been disingenuous of me to suggest otherwise . I think he was an excellent cop , but he might have messed up his legacy by his own action . Hope all goes well in his favour .

    1. You and I know him well, as such, my comments have been measured. I disagree that the force is changing for the better, with each passing day there are more accusations of impropriety on the part of members, some crime cops commit nowadays are jaw dropping.
      One may argue there are better mechanisms in place to catch crooked cops, I would say maybe. If you argue that more people with degrees mean the force is getting better , I invite you to look at the image of the force, I also say to you and everyone else , look at the crime statistics, do these numbers reflects a force that is getting better. The people in the force with degrees are there largely because they cannot get the jobs they are looking for. They are ;largely parked there looking out for el numero uno, themselves, are they arresting criminals? Are they gaining convictions? The constabulary you surmise may be getting better ,may actually be better at presenting dismal numbers(crime stats.I ask you again does this make a better force? The image of the force is a shambles, I have listened to the complaints of people in Jamaica ,and here in the United States. They claim 30% clear up of serious crimes, what company could exist , I ask you with 30% success rate? And even if we were to be satisfied with arresting only 3 of every 10 murderers, do you know what percentage of them are actually convicted in a court of law? Try 7% of those arrested, “SEVEN”, Even then, some of that 7% convicted are overturned on appeal.
      No that is not getting better sir that is getting worse.

  2. this force has changed for the worse n thats a fact the good good jcf is no more

  3. Mike , Concerning Dadrick ,I am hoping that he was not the one who had initiated the interview with the Observer . Personally , I think he should quietly seek a resolution through the courts than publicize his situation. If the matter was being tried before a jury of his pears ,perhaps this would have been an excellent strategic position to utilize the media to humanize him in the hope the court of public opinion , of which the jury is a part ,would have been sympathetic to is cause . The matter is being heard by judges only on appeal , who are far removed from inconsequential influence as that of the observers interview .

    1. “The matter is being heard by judges only on appeal , who are far removed from inconsequential influence as that of the observers interview” .
      Come on Mac, Jamaica is 4’411 square miles, how far are they removed really? There is not that much in the way of information medium that it would be out of the realms of possibilities that these clowns on the Appeals courts are removed from the Observer.Anyway I asked the very same question, he seemed at peace with his decision.
      For the record, I have zero respect for Jamaica’s criminal coddling courts, I know this won’t sit well with you but … oh well my friend.

  4. Mike , The improvements of what I speak in the Force is not restricted to education but extends to logistics and administrative engagements as also resources . I have never suggested that with an improved educated Force that crime and corruption would have ceased ,that would have been a foolish position to take . The reality is as you have mentioned , that for many of the new inclusions the Force is not an ideal option, but a means to an end . The improvement means, that I no longer have to cringe when our commanding officers publicly articulates their perspective in public . As to the quality of policing , many of the experienced detectives have left the force , this has left a void and have translated into inept investigations and can be attributed to the immense unsolved cases and non conviction of criminals .If one were to make comparison with our era , I would disagree that investigation was of the highest quality , especially with solving crime . I need not remind you how our astute detectives solved crimes then , I need not remind you too of the manipulation of crime statistics for expediency . I will not go any further ,but you should by now get the picture There are now more watch dog groups then than now making it virtually impossible for inappropriate behavior to be swept under the table and a vigilant press that has been doing an excellent job at uncovering dirt , juxtapose that to present time and this has serious implications .

  5. Mike , if my memory serves me , did he not say that the matter was being appealed to the British based Privy Council . If that is the case it would seem to indicate and qualify as being ” far removed ” . I just think the interview was ill advised and an exercise in futility . I suppose everyone has his means of dealing with their issues and I will not be critical on this position .

  6. Mac you make me laugh, I am the first to agree with you that in some instances the senior officers are able to articulate their points more effectively and with greater clarity. Lord knows I can relate to the cringe factor.However I believe you think I am 1) removed from what is happening in the JCF, because of geography, 2)I am opposed to the JCF, the JCF has no greater friend.With that out of the way, I will simply say this. If you believe simply just be able to speak with a little better grasp of the queen’s English means a better or a force getting better , God help Jamaica.These guys have access to computers, face/book is a wealth of information, they have better vehicles, they have bullet proof vests. What they do not have without question is local knowledge, dedication,they cannot cultivate informants, they take no risks and they have no commitment to the cause. I am dumbfounded that you believe corrupt force which is unable to solve a case of predial larceny is better. Am I saying that there weren’t methods used back then which are scoffed at today? No! Am I saying that data cannot be manipulated ? No!In fact I alluded to these vices in my Article. However I know what people like Dadrick Henry , myself and others did the right way, I say that without equivocation.I also say that against the backdrop of accolades from Judges and Defense lawyers alike. This force is inept, corrupt , and ineffective. If you believe a questionable 30 % clear up rate is progress, if you believe 7 % of those case going to court is ok, and if you believe an even more dismal conviction rate , and even less on appeals is progress, I am dumbfounded. Never mind though the cops have degrees and they speak better, you make me laugh friend.

  7. I am unaware of any mention of the privy council, I stand to be corrected , he may have, I was responding to your comment based on what I believed to be the Jamaica court of appeals, I could be wrong on that.

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