One of the most distressing issues plaguing Jamaica within the broader crime epidemic, is the sexual abuse and murder of little girls, young girls, and women overall.
The sexual abuse of women has always been a problem in our country, like in other countries.
Nevertheless, Jamaica has not kept pace as it relates to the behavior of far too many Jamaican men.
Grabbing, ogling, unwanted-touching, harassment, and general disrespect of women in public spaces is rampant. Some men seem to believe that women are theirs to own and abuse.

Over the years, despite the massive advancement women have made through education, which has propelled them to the highest offices in the country, the average woman on the street, and in our communities, are forced to endure demeaning behavior and sexual harassment and assault from men.
This writer has consistently spoken to what I saw as an inevitable backlash against women for their tacit and conspiratorial support for our criminal male.
Not just that, but I have argued that in many cases the women have been the catalyst in the illegal actions of their men.
I argued repeatedly, that the bloodlust of the men would eventually turn around on our women.
I take no pleasure today, in seeing those predictions become manifest on our women and girls.

Notwithstanding the foregone, the disappearance of our women and girls, and in some cases little babies, is indeed a tragedy.
From the police reporting, in many cases, before these young women are mercilessly slaughtered, they are mercilessly raped.
And so today I merely wanted to draw your attention to [the fraudulence of those who say they stand for Human Rights].
Day after day the news is the same, young girls disappear, found dead.
Sometimes we learn that these girls are not really killed but are reported missing by mothers and fathers who send them away from the so-called [DONS] who would sexually abuse them. Even so, the very instances where the disappearance is [concocted] for the protection of young ladies, it speaks to the very danger in which they find themselves, victims of men who are supposed to protect them.
Nevertheless, the incidents of sexual abuse and murder of our women and girls are astonishing, to say the least.

The body of eight-year-old Shantae Skyers was discovered in the Sterling Castle Heights area of Red Hills, St Andrew, yesterday.
This precious little girl was killed and discarded as if she was thrash, as if she was nothing.
This eight-year-old child is not by any stretch an isolated case. If we wish to be honest we have an epidemic on our hands.
The killing of women and children is in no way any less egregious than the killing of men and boys, but we are conditioned to believe that under no conditions would women and children become victims of war.
Yes, we are at war, if you believe we are not at war you are not paying attention.
The tragedy today is that women and children are no longer immune or protected from these marauding animals who take life. They care nothing about who they kill, life to them is disposable. Yet the Government and opposition Party goes overboard to design laws which protect, rather than punish these monsters.
There is no honor among thieves.

And so, as the society continues to degrade, the very same principles which set up that fraudulent system, continue on the path of those same principles.
Like a lone voice in the wilderness, I have tried to warn the nation that the most important right a person has is the right to life.
It follows, therefore, that if we present ourselves in defense of the rights of our fellow man, yet remain silent on the instances of the most egregious assaults on the life of our most vulnerable citizens, we are wolves in sheep clothing, charlatans, liars and most of all frauds.

Where is Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)? Where is Jamaica Council for Human Rights (JCHR))? Where are Families Against State Terrorism(FAST)? Where is Horace Levy? Where is the litany of other Parasitical Crustaceans which attach themselves to the body politic, pretending to be guardians of the people’s rights?
The sad reality is that they do not care about the death of our people.
They do not care about the killing of our children. What they care about is to carve out a place for themselves, where they can continue to build resentment against the rule of law for their own relevance, and for their foreign handlers.
But the Jamaican people are too far into the deception of idolatry, decadence, and depravity to realize that the foreign powers which fund these groups are only concerned with their continued mental and economic enslavement.