Is there a reason that the Government of Jamaica cannot step forward and say unequivocally to criminals,” there will be no sanctuary or respite we will hunt you down and we will find you,” outside the mealy-mouthed platitudes we hear of course?

Is there a reason the Opposition Party cannot do the same?
Is it purely because the Government does not want to push too hard considering that the country is such a criminal loving sanctuary?
Is it that the Opposition party knows there is always traction to be gained by parroting the worn out line about their concern for human rights?
Is this all there is to it or is there something else at play here in Jamaica as it relates to the crime wave which makes it impossible for the political leaders to come out with one voice against the incessant bloodshed?

Prime Minister Dr.Keith Rowley


A friend recently called my attention to the statement of the Prime Minister of Trinidad who told his nation that his administration would not allow for lawlessness in Trinidad and Tobago, instructed the police and the security forces to take “any and all resources’ to ensure law and order.
Responding to a specific incident of lawlessness in his country and in a thinly veiled swipe at Jamaica, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley warned  he would not allow Trinidad and Tobago to go down the road that exists in some Caribbean countries where certain people believe that they must be in control of areas and even try to prevent members of the law enforcement agencies from entering those areas.

The incident in question saw residents blocking the roads and the highway leading in and out of the capital Port of Spain following the arrest of two “community leaders” who were released hours later. But the action by the residents led to bumper to bumper traffic for hours as motorists fled the capital in droves to escape being trapped during the afternoon rush hour.
Some car owners reported that their vehicles were hit by stray bullets and police said they received reports that motorists were robbed as they remained stuck in traffic. Some reported that their windows were damaged while some delivery trucks were reportedly looted.

Dr. Rowley told reporters that his administration’s support for law enforcement is “unwavering” and that all national security agencies “have the full support of the state to enforce the law in Trinidad and Tobago regardless of who you are, where you are and what your status is in this country”.
“I am hereby letting the citizenry know that this is the time when all good men, all good women, should stand on the line of law enforcement and let all those who have criminal intent in this country know that they stand alone where these matters are concerned.

That statement from the Trinidadian Prime Minister is f****** leadership! That’s the kind of leadership which is missing from our discourse.
It is certainly not the first time our CARICOM neighbors have swiped at us on the issue of crime and lawlessness.
Unfortunately for the section of the Jamaican society which is the most vocal on topical issues whenever others criticize us for our stupidity on crime rather than fix our problem we double down on stupid.

Errol Alexander

In 2015 Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander of Saint Lucia told criminals who chose to attack Police officers quote: “I am sending a message out there that if the criminals think that we are in Jamaica, we are not in Jamaica, we are in Saint Lucia, and we will take whatever measures necessary to protect the safety of our police officers.”

That’s f****** leadership, not equivocating, not mealy-mouthed criminal coddling bullshit.
Every day the newspapers and online publications are flooded with the stories of the wanton bloodshed.
Will that kind of talk end criminality?
No, but it sends a  strong message to the force of anarchy and mayhem that we the people are coming after them.
That there are more of us than there are of them, well in Jamaica’s case that may be hard to reconcile.

I am sick to my stomach at the killing in the country, the pretentious bullshit nature of many in the society who talk about human rights as if dead people can enjoy rights, and a  government which pretends that it’s supposed good intentions will solve this problem.
Let’s be clear-eyed about this killing spree, it is not about to get better until the Government and opposition party gets their heads out of their collective asses and recognize that this is not merely crime anymore.
We have a serious problem here which will not be solved by trying to bring these blood-thirsty scums to justice, they will have to be terminated and terminated with dispatch.
It is only then that they will get the message that the nation is not fucking around anymore and think long and hard about their own mortality when they decide to terminate someone.

Much of what is happening in Jamaica has happened before, in Colombia.
In the process of the shameful bloodletting in that nation, no one was blameless, politicians, parsons, police, judiciary too many had bloody hands, they dirtied themselves as they dived into the cauldron of blood grasping for the dirty dollars, the by-product of anguish and pain.

In the end, it took citizens who decided that they did not want their country to be a narco-state (methods aside) and they took action.
That time is here that time is now for decent  law-abiding Jamaicans (whatever is left if any) to band together and take action.
To hell with the mealy-mothed pretentious parasites who bray about human rigts.
The most important right a person has is the right to life.