Norman Manley
Norman Manley

There has been a subtle indoctrination of the Jamaican public which I believe began in the 70’s when I was a boy. Folks older than I am who agree with me, may actually have evidence that it started earlier. I am not opposed to the name of leaders being given prominence, particularly if they are deceased. I just don’t believe in overkill for psychological , tribal reasons.

So you enter the country by way of the Nation’s Capital and you arrive at the Norman Manley International Airport. Leaving the Airport you drive on the ,(you guessed it)the Norman Manley Highway which links the Airport to the Harbour View round-about. Drive up to the University and you have the Norman Manley Law school, oh there is The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts operates from a single campus, in Kingston, Jamaica_w. There is the Edna Manley clinic in Grants Pen Kingston 8. There is the Edna Manley gallery a special Gallery dedicated to her life within the National Gallery of Jamaica. There is the Norman Manley High School in Kingston. the National Housing Trust (NHT) head office building in New Kingston was renamed in honour of Michael Manley. The list goes on and on in fairness to the Manleys other Politicians have had their names attached to notable sites throughout our country, none however to the extent that the Manley name have been plastered throughout Jamaica’s national life. Many other sites bear the names of notable Jamaicans, Nethesole place is the area around the bank of Jamaica bearing the name of another People’s National Party functionaries .

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Michael Manley

Yet when the suggestion was made to rename Ocean Boulevard in honor of Edward Seaga for his contribution to our country, PNP Councillors objected. Mister Seaga  said then, he was not interested in having the boulevard renamed in his honor because of the controversy surrounding the proposal. In light of the aforementioned it seems there is ample evidence of a systematic campaign to name and rename every single monument street and building in Jamaica after the Manley’s or some other PNP member past and present. Just recently Paul Burke made the absurd suggestion that the Donald Sangster’s Airport in Montego Bay should be renamed in honor of another deceased PNP member of parliament Allan George Coombs who died in 1969.


Edna Manley

In a country smaller than the state of Connecticut it is a bit cloying and downright stupid to have so many places and things named after one family. Which brings us to my first contention that this was never an innocent happening but a systematic attempt to tribalize the entire country by naming everything after People’s National Party Functionaries. Literally every garrison under PNP control is named after PNP past and present . With this kind of tribal political mental and psychological bombardment is it any wonder our people are unable to extricate themselves from the Liberal socialist politics/policies of the Manleys through Patterson now to Miller? There are those who will ask Huh? How do you make that kind of connection? psychologist understand the importance of that kind of bombardment, the visual, the audio, they do impact the way we behave. Not so long ago the Jamaican Police embarked on a mission of removing murals of criminal Dons from buildings and other places within certain inner-city communities in our country. They are finally starting to understand the impact those murals have on people , particularly the young and impressionable. The People’s National Party understands this, that’s why they keep winning national elections, to the detriment of the country of course.

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  1. Interesting and instructive piece re Manleyism and Manleyization of Jamaica !!

    1. This happens as the other party fights among itself over trivila matters. This kept Edward Seaga out of Jamaica House for 18 1/2 .

  2. I see you see the things i always write about the socalist PNP party in the 21st century Jamaicans are blinded by gi mi that the PNP been using to win elections you mention the terrible Paul Burke his wife is the Mayor for Kingston and St Andrew so i guess more naming of these sites will go on

  3. The PNP has been pretending for years that they are a party for the poor. In reality they don’t even care about the poor, their job is to creates more poor people.

    Illiteracy is golden in Jamaica. Keep fooling them by controlling their psychic and thinking by telling them you are for them, then you turn around and tax the handcart man. I am happy for the education and opportunities I’d received when Edward Seaga was Jamaica’s Prime Minister.

    Most illiterate Jamaicans hate the man due to his hue. Jamaicans are racist people. I am from a predominantly PNP community and from my experience the best thing ever happened to Jamaica was the leadership of Mr. Edward Seaga.

    1. To the credit of the PNP they have mastered the art of poverty as a business, they have masterfully painted the labor party as the party of the rich and labor, to it’s detriment, have not fought back. the entire decade of the 70’s saw a massive and sustained propoganda-campaign by the PNP, tax-payer funded, which changed the political landscape. Jamaica has not recovered.
      Poverty is now big business in Jamaica. Illiteracy is the accelerant which fuels that fire. Most Jamaicans living overseas are people of Convservative values, JLP supporters.

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